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  1. Are there any Canon engineers with dignity? Why not tell the public (anonymously) like it is?
  2. Back to the assembly line I guess?
  3. If it's deliberately implemented, it won't get a recall. Instead, they'll throw a bone (e.g. extra record time), and allocate more resources for marketing.
  4. Are these temperatures from the image sensor? If so, opening up the device and measuring the CPU temp. yourself would probably be the quickest way to conclude the testing. This might help you or others with putting up a legal case against Canon.
  5. A Canon press release about the shutdown mechanism and its necessity to avoid harm wouldn't suprise me at all.
  6. https://mazenews.top/canon-usa-inc-5-published-xpbze
  7. If you're going to test for a possible timer, try focusing on the shutdown, not the recovery.
  8. How much did Canon pay for this FUD campaign?
  9. Although I'm not particularly interested in phones, I somewhat liked the iPhone 5c for some picture taking.
  10. It's a $4000 product for crying out loud. Problems like these get addressed during the initial stages of electrical design, and if they don't testing does.
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