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  1. They could do a whole movie about this subject. An analog man lost in an increasingly digitized world. And I would definitely watch it. Not this nonsense.
  2. It looks absolutely terrible. But it was totally to be expected.
  3. Might as well read a book...
  4. What were they thinking? Is this a parody? What's your take on it?
  5. I know of no service that has 'nailed it'. I don't think any service will anytime soon. What's really missing is situational awareness. These services make no distinction between the word "look" directed to multiple people from a distance, or "look" in a one-to-one story in a living room.
  6. I'd say that a new decent CCD-based RAW-shooting camera with the size of an FX3 shouldn't have to cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  7. Even the 13 year old Panasonic HDC-SD9 has global shutter.
  8. ~$4,000 for a camera without global shutter? Wow.
  9. Manual focus. Then there's the build quality, the rolling shutter, the unfixable red dots/focus pixels or stripes using certain settings. I wouldn't say those are deal-breakers compared to its secondhand price. There's also the fact that it's 2021. It is not a discreet camera.
  10. I wasn't pleased with the camera so I got rid of it.
  11. Contrary to Ebay's main platform, Marktplaats is safe for sellers; not so much for buyers. Insured shipping through PostNL usually takes one working day. Online payement in less than a minute. Costly products are usually physically inspected by the buyers first. If you happen to know someone in the Netherlands than this could be an alternative. Personally, I've been screwed twice as a buyer. Last month I made a bargain deal over a $1200 product, only to receive a middle of the night message − a couple of hours before I was about to pick it up − saying: "I've changed my mind and and want to sell my product for way more. Sorry for the hassle!"
  12. Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern.
  13. Unfortunately, the low and mid-tier camera market is stuck in the mud. Quality wise, Sony is the McDonald's of the camera industry.
  14. I'm pretty sure Sony is able to mass-produce a cheap CCD-based consumer camera that can record 16-bit RAW internally, but it would screw their entire camera business.
  15. Too many people having too much time on their hands to look for the best and cheapest camera.
  16. The Sony IMX800 is rumoured to be a 1-inch sensor designed for phones. It is expected to make its debute soon. What does the future hold for dedicated consumer cameras if this rumour is true? https://gsmarena.com/rumor_the_huawei_p50_phones_will_be_the_first_to_use_sonys_1_imx800_sensor-news-47938.php https://twitter.com/RODENT950/status/1364507707907178496
  17. I suspect that the two primary reasons the image sensor market is dominated by Sony is because of: (1) shady business deals between Japanese tech companies and (2) a lack of competition from outsiders.
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