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Sony A7S III

Andrew Reid

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58 minutes ago, Coiii said:

I don't want 16bit raw. Just put 10 bit raw, 4K60 and VENICE COLOR / CINETONE! Thats all I need.

Yes, I don't even care about raw or 4K60 to be honest. The most important for me is pristine 4K, Cinetone, low rolling shutter and the ability to record for at least one hour in hot conditions without overheating issues.

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4 hours ago, Django said:

Depends on your shooting style also. I mostly shoot stills with a 35mm 1.4 on FF. I like the convenience of switching to an APS-C crop for more telephoto 50mm reach.

With a 12MP sensor that would mean 8MP cropped images which is really pushing it for pro use.

In comparison R5’s 45MP translates to 30MP APS-C shots.

Thats not to say the 12MP A7S series don’t have their purpose, for dim situations like concerts / nocturnal events, where a flash isn’t desired, they rule. But that remains niche purposes imo.

A7s APSC mode is only 5.1mp.

I hardly ever use it but that is still more than enough for web use and even a good 8x10.

I would rather use clearzoom and turn that 35mm 1.4 into a 35-70 zoom  at 12mp with little loss of image quality (jpegs and video).     If shooting RAW I would just have another lens.

I can see that the A7siii  would need amazing continuous auto focus to get people to think about  it as a hybrid rather than video only camera.

This is one of my entries in a photo contest and I had to downsize it to enter.


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1 hour ago, Beritar said:

I hope the IBIS will be better on the new A7SIII ...

Canon R5 :

Sony A7RIV:


The R5 seems to have this weird noise pattern in this video, could be uploaders mistake though. The stills side from this camera is seriously impressive though. 

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@noone like I said it depends on your style and requirements. I shot quite a few weddings back in the day with a 5D3 during the day and would switch to A7S/A7S2 for video/stills during the evening, again with just a fast prime.

Cropping & large prints were often a challenge with just 12/5MP. Yeah it’s always doable but 24-30MP and above is simply the new norm.

I will still purchase the A7S3 for specific low light use and the video specs but with 12MP it is ruled out of my book for serious pro hybrid run & gun shoots.

Looks like my combo will be like the good old days with a 5 series Canon all-rounder and a A7S for backup in low light (or when R5 overheats!).

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On 7/14/2020 at 1:55 PM, Beritar said:

I hope the IBIS will be better on the new A7SIII ...

Canon R5 :



You can't beat accurate color from Canon.  That sucks for everyone else.

1 hour ago, Nezza said:

The event is expected to last more than 20 mins. Just a heads up for any R5 shooters at the event.

Haha.  Sony will have the same record limits as the R5.  Wait and watch.

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