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  1. My error, these lenses are not power zoomed...
  2. Does the FE 24-240mm F3,5-6,3 OSS zoom lens working as power zoom on FX6 with zoom rocker like Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS zoom lens? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Emanuel! Hope someone will firm the petition to give to Mr.Brian Yuzna freedom to make his movie! Please help me and Brian, thanks!
  4. Hello my friends of EOSHD, I've decided to start a petition to convince LionsGate Entertainment to give the film rights to the director Brian Yuzna, to make a new movie, the sequel of "The Dentist 2", titled "The Dentist 3 - New Legacy". Scriptment and Treatment are already done by myself and approved by Yuzna, so please partecipate! Thanks! Here there is the link to the petition: http://chng.it/RqXSkzJB85 I'm directly in contact with director Mr. Brian Yuzna! Everyone loved some movies made by this man! From "Society" to "Re-animator 2" or "Return of the Living Dead III". The great director has approved my scriptment/ treatment for a sequel of "The Dentist" movie series, titled "The Dentist 3 - New Legacy", but there's a problem, LionsGate Entertainment owns the film rights! So let's start a petition about convincing LionsGate Entertainment to give the film rights to Brian Yuzna, for start filming his new movie. Every person in the world that loves Brian Yuzna movies, firm this petition, thanks! We'll send this petition directly to Lions Gate Entertainment, to solve the problem! join in everybody! All welcome! Thanks for support!
  5. I do speak Italian, the review is hilarious but a little confusing, not very professional.
  6. Yes, Emanuel. I've tried both Resolve and Premiere on my iMac Pro and simple R5 RAW files don't work. The problem is for everyone, I'm not interested to transcoding the files, my only hope is Sony A7Siii, after investing almost 15.000 euros in a workstation 2 years ago, you just desire that it works for years...
  7. I'm following this problem from the beginning of the introduction of the new Canon cameras. Overheating on R5/R6 is a serious problem as I've always supposed, we are receiving too many reports from the professionals. I'm sure that professional people will not use them to capture video as Canon claims, I suppose the only solution is the A7Siii, I will consider Sony if it doesn't overheat for one hour of continuous shooting, if S1H had a good autofocus it would be no brainer to choice over Canon, but it's also not lightweight camera. After comparing all the cameras on the paper, based only about rumors, Sony could win for sure. On my iMac Pro it's impossibile to check 8k RAW footage from R5, only via Resolve, dropping frames. It's a workstation that costly me rough 15.000 euros and frankly I will never use proxies with such power. So my advice is waiting for Sony and leaving the idea to consider Canon to shoot professional videos. Next firmware on Canon can't change problems with overheating, maybe 1/2 minutes of better dissipation but forget to use the camera for casual shooting...
  8. I will suggest you to wait A7SIII, that has a XLR module like GH5 and S1H.
  9. On SonyAlpha universe there's an official teaser for 28 July: https://alphauniverse.com
  10. Two things: IBIS and autofocus and I'm sold.
  11. Nope, IPB is more manageable on my iMac Pro. All-I 60p from 1Dx Mark III is not workable, and I'm talking about almost full specs iMac Pro. So welcome IPB
  12. There are still just few videos shot with R5, this is the more long video I've found shot with R5:
  13. I've tested on my iMac Pro, CRM files from 1Dx Mark III, and they struggle and fans of the iMac come to kick in. It's still not optimized well.
  14. Emanuel, that's great! Very beautiful cinematography delivering warm and harmonious mood and sets the ambience. Good luck, and keep up the good work.
  15. Hi Emanuel, pretty interesting. It seems that mobile phones are becoming more useful and interesting during time. I've sent to you also a message, maybe some problems about the forum? I hope you've read it. See ya.
  16. Panasonic could have learned the lesson, the only thing that disappoints everyone is the autofocus, so I suppose they will try to address this feature. Probably they will try first to enhance the S1H's autofocus, I hope. If they don't provide a good autofocus I won't buy it.
  17. New enhanced DFD autofocus, if it works it will be great.
  18. Dear Emanuel, all Italians are at home, me too. Hope we'll have some good news about it soon, I hope you're at home too, safe. I'm ok for now, I'm trying to be informed about new cameras despite COVID-19, but I know everyone having hard times in the world. In Naples there are no so many cases, instead North Italy has a more dangerous situation...
  19. According to L-Rumors' website it will be a new camera from Panasonic this year, a new cinema camera called "S1V". The camera will have the same form factor of S1H, but finally enhanced DFD autofocus, and other interesting features. I dunno if it could happen, but I think it's possible, this is the link of the rumor: https://www.l-rumors.com/very-wild-rumors-about-a-new-panasonic-s1v-l-mount-cinema-camera/#disqus_thread What do you think about it, guys? Have you heard something about it too?
  20. Thanks Emanuel, I was reading the manual and there's no mention about it, so I feel a bit confused. I hope someone else can also confirm this! Tanti saluti dall'Italia! ?
  21. I'm still tryin' to acquire more information about this camera, and I've a question for you, can't find in the online manual: Does the touch focus works while recording, so you can change the focus point when you want? Or the focus can be only set before start recording?
  22. For now there are no information about it, but maybe there is still a chance.
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