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  1. For now there are no information about it, but maybe there is still a chance.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I'd like to know more.
  3. Hello and congrats! How is the autofocus performance on the S1H? I suppose they have released with the camera the final firmware, so is it better than S1?
  4. I'm quite disappointed that there are no official press or info about FX6, I've watched the live event and they didn't mention it. Hope we must not wait till Spring 2020 according to recent rumors.
  5. Can you give me the press link about the camera? I can't find nothing...it's a shoulder camera?
  6. According to last informations, today will be announced new codec and new sony camera in China. Does anyone know more?
  7. I've already asked if "EF-S 24mm f2.8 STM" and "EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS NANO USM" could vignette with P6K, in another forum someone told me that EF-S means they are meant for APS-C sensors which are smaller and you might have some vignetting. So can I have more confirmations about them?
  8. Hello Emanuel, hope you're fine 🙂 I'm interested again about Blackmagic Pocket 6k because I've some lenses in EF mount, four lenses in total (probably I will add one more soon) . I have not decided yet what camera to buy, I'm waiting also for Sony, Canon and Panasonic will offer.
  9. Does someone know if the "EF-S 24mm f2.8 STM" and "EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS NANO USM" lenses are compatible with BMPCC6k? or Just EF mount? Thanks! 🙂
  10. Emanuel, I'm interested about this camera, but I will wait till NAB to take decision. I'm not sure but I'd like this combo: AG-CX350 and Lumix S1, it's my own strategy based on my needs, but I admire what Blackmagic is doing, I'm curious about the new codec Blackmagic RAW, but I use barely DA VINCI RESOLVE and for now, ya know, compatibility issues, I'm more confident with Premiere.
  11. Dear Emanuel, thanks for suggestions. I think RAW exceeds my needs as Canon RAW format. I've tested Prores from Blackmagic and it's very good, very fluid on my iMac Pro and you can make some good CC without problems. I wish that Panasonic would have included Prores also in S1 but the next firmware with 4:2:2 would be sufficient for me. However I'll take some decision after NAB in April! Un saluto al Portogallo, spero avrai modo di ritornare qui, nel prossimo futuro. 🙂 This forum is very interesting! 🙂
  12. Emanuel, some days ago, I've watched this video too, I was re-considering the Blackmagic Pocket, but Panasonic S1 seems more appealing. I'm waiting for NAB to make more clear considerations about all cameras. C200 has a great image but with zoom lens is about 3,5kg, it's unusable for run and gun scenarios. Blackmagic pocket has many flaws (battery, lcd is not orientable) etc...this is the reason I'm looking for a Panasonic S1.
  13. It's a nice camera, probably better than Canon XF705 and JVC because it's very light weigh (1.9 kg to 2.3Kg full operative), JVC starts from 3.0 Kg, Canon 2.70 Kg. So it' no brainer for the specs and weight, hope the autofocus works well.
  14. Where did you read this information?
  15. Thanks for the compliments about my short video. I've tried a lot of combination in colors and LUTs, having hard time to determinate which was better. At the end I've tweaked with MB and Lumetri, using also HDR option in Premiere to have more room to color. What annoys me about this camera is the weight and it's very difficult to have stabilized shot handled. I've planned to use just the tripod for a short movie that I've wrote some months ago, but I still need to finish the storyboard and buy (next months) other necessary things. If I have some time I will try to shoot some other locations, following your advices, this video was very improvised without any plans. The C200 has Nd filters, but I've read that they can block the dynamic range of the camera, someone told me that with 6 ND filters I will have just the latitude of 11 stops, with that Sunlight I should try to combine ND filters and small aperture. Still I can't have all this very clear in my mind, when I shot into this improvised way. I need to make more tests before I will be satisfied. Thanks for your advices, I've the camera just recently and still having issues with Cfast card: this test was made to see if the 248GB Cfast card works instead of my 512GB that quite often is not recognized in camera, and I must return the Cfast card to original dealer soon. This test was totally improvised without know the location, so it was very hard with people asking if they will be in tv soon and something more like that. Don't worry about to be hard on me, I'm testing the camera to make better things but it's necessary a lot of time to accomplish this task. Thanks again for your support, very appreciated. :-)
  16. Thanks for suggestions and advices, very appreciated. The event was not organized, so I've tried to shot the best I can do. Lens aperture was very close because the sunlight was very strong, and I din't use any ND filters to make a different test from previous ones. I've planned to buy also a tiny little camera and use a gimbal, but I don't wanna buy a gimbal for C200 because it's too difficult to use with this large camera. Hope to make new test more enjoyable than this one, but they will probably still shaky and handled. I've just a tripod but there was no chance to use in similar context, I will use it for my future shorts with screenplay, not improvised ones. Thanks again, and have a nice day! :-)
  17. Hello there! This is my new test with C200. It's handled without any tripod so it's a bit shaky, I've made Color Correction in Adobe Premiere CC 2018 with Magic Bullet and some tweaks in lumetri, with HDR on - shot in Rawlight. Please let me know what do you think about it, in particular in color correction that I've made. Just remember it's just my fourth test in Rawlight and I'm still trying to figure out what to do to make better images. If you have suggestions, tricks etc, let me know them in comments below. Thanks! :-)
  18. I'm not sure that Pocket has tap-to-focus, what I've understood is that it has just a square at the center of the image pressing the autofocus button.
  19. New LUT by a friend of mine. Better skin tones from my previous attempt - Canon C200 - codec Rawlight - lens canon 50mm 1.4 - ISO 800 - ND 6 Picture from my previous attempt: My previous attempt :
  20. How do you capture the footage, I miss something about it.
  21. Thanks for support and suggestions. I need to wait some months to buy other necessary things to make a more properly shoot. As I've stated before, I'm coming from an HPX170, an old Panasonic camera, that was more easy to use. Actually I'm finishing the drawings necessary for a storyboard for a short movie that I've wrote, the project is still a long term in time needed to accomplish, I think for September I will have all the things needed. Thanks again!
  22. Sorry for that, this was my third test with Rawlight, colors look more nice than my previous tests. I've used Magic Bullet looks and it added some sharpening, but I believe it still looks natural. Believe me, without this MB preset it looked more ugly, it was necessary I think. Did you see my first and second tests too, they are overexposed than this one.
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