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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

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8 minutes ago, Rinad Amir said:

Id love to see some mft mouts 

this is such exiting time ? As for 4k its just a bonus am quet happy with 1080p raw to be honest

longer battery life and bigger grip would be bonus?? 

I agree. Also average or usable preamps would be nice ?. My friend used the ProRes LT and I thought it would be pretty lousy till he used it. For the bitrate, it is pretty good. 

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My dear erstwhile member can you please stop attacking John Brawley now. I have long since given up on camera forum arguments so might not be completely up on who is right and who is wrong-evil /

I like the pictures. A lot.  This camera will probably replace the micro cinema camera for me as it’s not much bigger and is much easier to work with.  I didn’t feel as strongly about the 4K

What a shame. Who are these "deep state" BMD insiders that are here pushing an agenda ? Myself and Hook.  Who else ?  What do you guys think, there's a plot and conspiracy ?  You guys don't wat t

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25 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

Jon your not the Moderator anymore, and I can see why, so I don't think your reply's that belittle people on here ought to continue. Maybe You need to go to DPR. If you have a problem keep it to yourself. You Used to be able to respond in a civilized manner, hell if I know what has happened, but I am not fond of it.  I consider a lot of people on here as friends. Maybe it's time you took a break, a long one.

What, so you can continue to invent stories about how the Pocket hasn’t been popular among pros because of the lens mount; how I haven’t been writing positive things about the GH5 for nearly a year now; how 16mm is just for porn?

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2 minutes ago, jonpais said:

What, so you can invent stories about how the Pocket hasn’t been popular among pros because of the lens mount; how I haven’t been writing positive things about the GH5 for nearly a year now; how 16mm is just for porn?

Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi... :)

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There is nothing pocket about this. It's almost the size of the GH5.  It seems to me BMD is trying to go after the same market the GH5 has and use that as a gateway into their ecosystem. I guess in someways they have to do that if they want to maintain a camera business. Otherwise with Sony, soon Canon, Panasonic all of them offering an entry-level 4K system that can work as a gateway-drug into brand's platform, Blackmagic will get squeezed out eventually, if they're unable to bring in new users.  

That said, I think this product might be a mistake. I'm saying that purely on form factor. There would have been something charming about the same small form factor as the older model but with high quality cinematic abilities in 4K. Before you talk about heat issues, etc. I would just say look at DJI phantom 4 pro. Somehow they managed to put a 1" sensor with gimbal and everything in a small package. So I'm sure if you wanted to design a camera around heat dissipation and keep it small, you could do that.  

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1 hour ago, jonpais said:

Not this @RedWineMogul asshole again?

In my country I could charge you for this defamation about 1000 €, but when you point a finger on me, there are pointing 3 fingers on you. So this "asshole" is telling more about you than about me.

I will downvote every post  from you, where you invade a thread about any camera with your  fanboyish love for the GH5!

For all the others: I have just been drinking a bottle of best Bordeaux! :grin:


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Let's put all this on rest, OK? Let's focus strictly on the topics please. This is Andrew's house.

His good efforts simply don't deserve it. Nor your past contributions and fellowship, Jon! I'd still appreciate to follow your posts and juicy insights over these boards (your readers need you! : ) so refrain yourself to write any personal attacks addressed to others, I guess we all beg you.

We are all human beings. Opposite POVs can be written without offending the other side. No one likes to be publicly attacked, isn't it? As much as it is really unpleasant to see you or anyone else to be attacked here too.

Only goodwill may able to be considered welcome.


Regards to everyone,

E :-)

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