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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

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My dear erstwhile member can you please stop attacking John Brawley now. I have long since given up on camera forum arguments so might not be completely up on who is right and who is wrong-evil /

I like the pictures. A lot.  This camera will probably replace the micro cinema camera for me as it’s not much bigger and is much easier to work with.  I didn’t feel as strongly about the 4K

What a shame. Who are these "deep state" BMD insiders that are here pushing an agenda ? Myself and Hook.  Who else ?  What do you guys think, there's a plot and conspiracy ?  You guys don't wat t

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On 5/4/2019 at 2:23 PM, Anaconda_ said:

This seems to be the best rig I've seen so far. I have pretty much all the components, or variations of them, so I'm going to try it out pretty soon..


The rig is nice.  what I liked best is that he made a video that had great editing, showing the important things but not wasting any more time on long-winded tangents like most reviewers :) 

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26 minutes ago, androidlad said:

Flip screen on p4k, non-destructive mod:

But how is it displaying an image? There's no HDMI cable.

1 hour ago, webrunner5 said:

Hmm PK4 ends up being pretty heavy handed with Red. A known problem on here, not addressed by BMD. Camera, or it doesn't like Resolve?

@CaptainHook addressed it when the first load of cameras were sent out and someone noticed it. You can change the colour profile in Resolve to fix the issue.


On 10/14/2018 at 2:19 AM, CaptainHook said:

The overexposed super saturated LEDs are clipping the gamut. This will happen with Gen 4 on 4.6K too. You can reduce the issue by soft clipping the gamut using the colour space transform Resolve FX plugin. Here I am using the Broadcast gamut because the Pocket 4K option isn't in the colour space transform plugin at this time but they are actually the same gamut/primaries anyway.


Without soft clipping the gamut:



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@androidlad C'mon, let's spill the beans! Where did you find it? Source? : )

Here are more two colorful samples to prove both the high bitrate acquisition capability + raw properties and nicely highlights roll-off put and nothing harsh as videoish tradition and many others out there gave us for so long since electronic capture popped up -- what times we live today...



Now add anamorphic glass...

...and you'll be able to reach this with hands for ; -)

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7 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:


@CaptainHook addressed it when the first load of cameras were sent out and someone noticed it. You can change the colour profile in Resolve to fix the issue.



That just addresses Clipping, mostly bright lights at night, LEDs in particular. And that in reality is just a Bandage. They need to change the camera, not change a setting in the NLE. That has nothing to do with Reds that are Suppose to be Orange. So instead of the right color, it just makes the Wrong color less over the top. Hardly a fix.

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