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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


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1 minute ago, kye said:

Gosh now I wish I have never asked ?. The hunt begins 

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
Just now, xzobinx said:

Gosh now I wish I have never asked ?. The hunt begins 

LOL.  yeah, I know!

Seriously, read that thread on reduser, it's got heaps of info all the way through.  IIRC there were at least three companies (or brands?) involved, Helios, Tair, and Jupiter.  I believe they were made across multiple factories over the time, so it's more complicated than just the three.  That guy made a set with all three, but they have a lot of lenses that overlap, for example there are  both Helios 44 (58mm f2) and Helios 77 (50mm f1.8), as well as Tair-11A (135mm F2.8) and Jupiter-11A (135mm F4), so there are many options.  

The USSR was an entire other isolated economy during that time.

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4 minutes ago, Anaconda_ said:

That’s awesome @leslie - when did you order? Are the lists getting shorter yet?

early october from lemac australia  i rang about two or more weeks ago and was told they had 20-30 pre orders and i was somewhere in the the Que

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P4K updates:

Added Blackmagic RAW codec support.

Added Constant Bitrate 3:1, 5:1, 8:1, 12:1 recording for Blackmagic RAW.

Added Constant Quality Q0 and Q5 recording for Blackmagic RAW.

Added support for double tap on touchscreen zoom.

Changed tap to focus behavior to tap and hold to focus.

Removed CinemaDNG formats.


Will be updating as soon as I get home. Super pumped.

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Yes, Filippo has become the "name" of this sensor class LOL : )


Because BRAW will join Resolve to mainstream name as much as DaVinci was before to be bought ten years ago by their own hand.



CinemaDNG is also ten years old now but looks like pretty clear they didn't feel the need to buy it from Adobe then.

Seems to become outdated now.


Blackmagic is what RED declined to be... a proprietary system has the right timing in order to be introduced.

Without mention a mandatory rule they've decided to comply, that is, to let it open.


E : -)

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6 minutes ago, kye said:

With IBIS it would be! ???

LOL I have the first gimbal designed for P4K under 1 kg and a half for you! ; -)


5 minutes ago, wyrlyn said:

but we also lost the uncompressed RAW ability of these cameras.

I thought about that. That's not good indeed, even though, if Peter Jackson didn't need it, will we?

In any case, they should keep it there. You can always install it backwards as you wish and need, I guess, isn't it?

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1 hour ago, Anaconda_ said:

With no DNG though, I wonder how they’ll handle the still frame  function. Will check that once I update. 

Stills are still DNG, just tried it out. Attached it below! 

And for those interested and don't wanna calculate;

With my T5 1TB I get 153min on both CB 3:1 and CQ0. (4K DCI, 24fps).

CB 5:1 gives me 256min and Q5 is a whopping 611min.



Also, this made me giggle;



This is 1080p 24fps BRAW Q5 (Prores Proxy is almost 4000min lol)

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