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  1. I don't know but I prefer the look of the new bmpcc4k in your clip. I used to have a BMPCC and to be honest I would be happy with either of them. But side by side like that, I would take the new bmpcc4k. On a side note, tried some vertical filming the other day.
  2. How did you find colour matching fuji and bm?
  3. you're talking about my post. FYI, I haven't tested it out yet since no one sells it to Australia.
  4. is there anyone use his/her bm for street "photography" ? Since I don't want to carry another camera, I shoot quite a bit at low shutter angle and just grab still frame from it. The resolution works quite well for me since instagram is my main publishing platform https://www.instagram.com/harrykise/
  5. they might add the locking mechanism from cine series since bmp4k is a proper cinema cam.
  6. thanks for the head up. I'm aware of your concerns -the 8v should be able to run the camera but not be able to turn it on. So it requires a battery inside the camera at all time. This is similar to using a Sony NP power sled without step up transformer built in. I do have a sony NP power sled and other battery option like the batbox 4k but I'm looking for a smaller setup with a monitor. -Tom Antos did fired a couple of his monitors. However, he power it through the 8v dc out of the monitor. My plan is actually power form the dc out of the battery. -They used to have an older version of the battery with 12v dc out which would be perfect. Unfortunately they "upgrade" it
  7. any knows which store has this battery and ships to Australia? Thinking about switching to this power option when my shinobi arrives
  8. I used MIR 35mm F2 with a focal reducer. I love your natural grade. Would you mind sharing the process ?
  9. P4k. Braw Q5. Iso 1250. I can’t remember the wb. Would need to check the meta data when I get home
  10. I think I will throw a dark screen to this mix my grade o_1_22.2.tif
  11. Sigma 18-35 f1.8 and rokinon 85 f1.4 for sharp mordern look MIR 35f2, helios 58f2 and helios 85f1.5 for vintage dreamy look. I might add a MIR 20mm f3.5 to complete this set. I blamed @kye for the second set. He’s responsible for a quite a few good things in my life lately. Boys, it came out so wrong😂
  12. Since I have the ringleader's permission
  13. that was my plan but it doesn't seems to work like that. In my perfect world, the external power bank would be completely drained first. The internal battery kicked in and I'd be notified by the AC turning to percentage. Then I'd simply swap the power bank to keep the rig going.
  14. Can I post a film that I made it before this challenge but still fit the rules? and Can I stretch the friendship and have a 1:18 clip? 😂
  15. I have similar issue. From my observation, The BM battery came with my camera (2000mAh) ran fine with my external power rig for 2.5 hours. At this point, the battery bank cannot provide enough power any more and the camera start to drain the power from the battery. And I ran into the same issue of the camera can't turn back on again. The OEM canon battery I have (1800mAh) can't work with the external power rig at all and drain after 1hour. Which is exactly like your case. My work around is having a few 2000mAh LP-E6 in my bag just in case. But I would like to see if there's better solution.
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