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  1. I say shoot in whatever format your camera allows that doesn't line-skip or pixel bin. That's rarely 1080.
  2. Seems Canon have done just enough to get Sony and Panasonic to step up their game and for that I applaud the release of their new space heater.
  3. You're putting words in my mouth. Sorry I offended you. All I did was downvote a post that had faulty math in it, that wasn't even yours, and you're calling me brainless, Napoleon, wrong... Chill out and have a cup of tea, please. Sorry to everyone else reading all this, too - didn't mean to start a war on here
  4. I honestly have no Idea what you're talking about
  5. I asked for the general consensus of how well Laowas perform since I've never used one and was thinking about buying one... in other words the whole point of this site. Can we all stop for a second and think about the fact that you're saying I was wrong to say that it's ok to have different opinions? 😂 You're a funny person
  6. I'd say brainless is finding my last post in a completely unrelated topic and downvoting it just because I reacted with an opinion opposite of yours. You literally downvoted a question I had about a lens back in October 🤣 It's ok for people to disagree on things - that's the whole point of having a brain in the first place.
  7. It sounds like you may have answered your own question. If it's only working when you manually tell the camera what focal length, it sounds like the adapters aren't communicating properly
  8. Jonathan422

    RED Komodo

    It's user interchangeable - E mount and PL is coming and if you really wanted you could put MFT on it even
  9. cheap storage is big one for me. ssds and sd cards are really coming down. even c fast is starting to kinda
  10. The thing about skin resolution sounds like a lot of marketing BS but it does seem like there's more detail in the blue shirt but less in the skin... are they somehow making the red channel less sharp through the lens? Is that even possible?
  11. If you use any EOSHD color settings you should always use the luts that are included and/or follow the instructions. If you're planning to use filmconvert it's best to shoot in unmodified profiles that are supported. Take a look at the different combinations for the A73 like "S Log 2 + Pro" or whatever they have and stick to those. But for the footage you already have why not download some canon and sony profiles and just see which one works best for you?
  12. How much bigger? a speed booster should have a slightly wider image circle to work with than just S35
  13. Is Laowa a generally good brand? Hard to keep up with all the companies.
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