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  1. Hi everyone, I just bought a Sony A7SII plus a Metabones adapter since I come from the Canon 5D world and I have already invested some money in EF lenses. I work as a videojournalist and I change lenses a lot in the field, which is more problematic with a mirrorless camera than with my old 5D. I am thinking about buying a Fotodiox EF->E adapter with built in ND filter. The ND filter would be useful since I use prime lenses, but I want it more to protect the sensor from dust. The adapter would be permanently on the camera and when I change lenses the filter would stop the dust. Do you think it's a good idea or can you come up with another solution? Any of you has experience with this adapter? Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. I'll mos def buy a 1DXmk2 when it comes out, and I'm trying to figure out which hardware should I buy to set up a RAID 0, which seems way cheaper than SSD drives to work with the 4K MJPEG files. Could you please, Andrew, share what hard drives and RAID are you using? Thanks in advance.
  3. The DXmk2 is a dream camera for a breaking news videojournalist like me. Weather sealed and robust as a tank with 4K, 120fps 2K and Dual Pixel AF, it's perfect for shooting riots, sports or any action scenario where a C300mk2 would be too big and obtrusive. With custom picture profiles I don't think CLOG would be missed. But deciding not to include focus peak, when we've been using it in the 5Dmk2/3 for almost three years thanks to the Magic Lantern team, can only be described as one of the biggest GREEDY and I-don't-give-a-f*ck-about-my-customers movements in the history of the camera industry. The could make the best camera in the market for the same money, but they want you to buy 2 cameras or spend more than twice the money in a C300mk2.
  4. Thanks a lot for all the feedback, I appreciate it very much. Just to clarify a couple of things: I'm a freelance videojournalist, I don't work for the Animalist Party nor I belong to them. I do take some assignments from them from time to time to do journalistic work: go to places where there might be animal abuse and document that. Although this video was my idea. I went there by my own and later offered it to them. If you don't find the event abusive with the horses, that's completely fine. It wasn't my intention to make the audience react negatively towards it. I used a cinematic style but it's still a journalistic piece. I'm limited in the sense that I must be accurate with what I saw in the storytelling, without exaggerated or misleading pictures. I wasn't focusing on the aesthetics, but the event is beauty in itself. I used a dark atmosphere trying to make the audience feel uncomfortable. The video edit is focused on the horses, on the worst things I witnessed. I didn't see any burns in the horses, although I could smell the burned hair. I think the abuse here is more phychologycal than pshysical. Fire is something all animals fear and avoid instinctively and humans here are forcing them to jump through it. Of course this is a very small thing compared to bullfighting or skin an animal alive for fur but it's useful to talk about tradition and the relationship between humans and animals. The result wasn't bad at all. Four newspapers picked the story, El PaĆ­s, the biggest one in Spain among them.
  5. http://vimeo.com/152159680 For all the slow motion parts I used the RX100 mk4. For the 25fps parts I used a Canon 5D mk2 with prime lenses.
  6. I bought it yesterday and returned it today. The image quality doesn't even get closer to a 5Dmk2. The noise in ISO 3200 is terrible and don't even try to use high ISOs when doing 120fps. The Android app is unstable. Some times took me 10 minutes to pair with the camera on my Galaxy Note 4. Unusable for a professional assignment. Couldn't make it work on full 4K because the app would freeze. Battery life is ridiculous, about half an hour. The ventilation holes for the camera are just in the top of it, forget about using it even with gentle rain. And the construction seems weak, doesn't look like it can survive if it fails to the ground. I can't understand the hype. I wouldn't use this piece of crap not even for taking selfies.
  7. What's this camera's maximum ISO? Anybody knows?
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