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  1. Yeah. after you rig it up it's actually great for wedding.
  2. I would be interested in some testing with the FF HD mode. I remember hearing sometimes ago that some EF glasses has a bigger image circle than FF. Maybe in one of @Mattias Burling videos. If this is true you can have dual-pixel autofocus fast medium format glass. A man can dream ?
  3. sirui monopod is pretty much the only thing out there that fits your criteria. I have tried a few other monopod and none came close. what kind of setup do you have on top of your 204? I have a p4k fully rigged on top of my 424 and I can extend the 2 top section fully without issue. You do have to make sure your setup is balance on the head though.
  4. it's like a cheat code. you have a giant diffuser around the room making everything flattering. Especially for the light beam from out side the window like this picture without haze machine it's near impossible to see those
  5. On the cheap side you can get either nanlite forza 60 (micro bowen mount) or came tv boltzen 55w (fresnel). Both are perfect for wedding since they can be powered by npf or vmount. I am using a godox sl60w for wedding atm but I am getting the nanlite for the ease of transport. people have been raving about Kinotehnik Practilite 602 but it's too expensive for me atm. It has bi colour so might come in handy btw I don't recommend the aputure mini. Too week for most wedding setting
  6. HD full frame mostly. I use 4k from time to time for the reach but don't really need the resolution
  7. funny enough IQ is the one thing that I think this camera excel other than AF. Match really well with my p4ks and the file is a joy to grade
  8. It's not really ibis but a post stabilization software using the gyro data from a attachment box. Your image will be cropped like other post stabilization but the result is unbelievably good
  9. verry interesting. I haven't updated any of my cameras yet since we are in the middle of wedding season. But all of our bm (2 p4k and 1 p6k) has been really reliable so far. We use npf plate and t5 ssd on all of them and none has any shut down issue. I have found if the ssd is more than 3/4 full, it takes a lot longer to read. The playback thing is the same with every bm camera so it's not a bug.
  10. I used ef 50mm f1.2 for that shot. oh you want to save some money ? https://www.slrlounge.com/real-lens-flare-right-way/?fbclid=IwAR2XJJb4LosDsxn-_kxXCUnkuTmMEChGSV0bAWr7AjLU8YHcLc4l_vUFGco
  11. Lidar can achieve accuracy of 1mm so depends on the implementation, SDOF should not be an issue. The only draw back I found was specular surfaces but @BTM_Pix seems to be on top of it. Now if @BTM_Pixcan get the gyro information from the p4k chip and use it with steadxp that would be another game changer. IBIS with autofocus, a man can dream
  12. Sun flare is part of lens characteristic. While my zeiss milvus is bloody sharp with a good dose of micro contrast, the coating eliminate any short of sun flare whatsoever. during bridal shot I like to use canon 50mm f1.2 to get that crazy sunflare.
  13. what's the issue actually? rear element hits the glass?
  14. BTW have you experienced any issue with smooth reflective material like metal roof or wet bitumen? That is the one issue with Lidar scanning
  15. damn my day job is land surveyor, I use trimble scanner all the time and never thought of applying it to autofocus system. Great job mate. I'm guessing for manual lens like zeiss milvus or cine lens, focus gears is the way to go. Sign me up for preorder, kickstarter or whatever meant to get this. with this, I can retire my eosr and put a p4k on gimbal.
  16. I don't see the point of getting a used XT3 atm. The current cashback from fujifilm in Australia is just so good that I want to get one just to satisfy my GAS. How good is the AF on fuji? I bought the R since I need a gimbal cam to pair with my p4k but xt3 has always been interesting.
  17. I can't answer that since I have never shot with a 5dmk4. The 50mm f1.2 is softer than most lens and there is no other way around it. As for AF, It used to be a hit or miss when I used with canon 80d and earlier firmware of eosr. After the update to eye AF, all my footage from bridal shot is spot on without exception.
  18. 1080p ALL I upscaled to 4k. I need the SDOF look so HD is the way for me
  19. that's the ef version, you could tell by the distinct lens flare. That lens used to be horrible with continuous autofocus. With the latest update it's brilliant. RF is too rich for my blood
  20. thanks I guess I should have phased it better. What I meant is not everyone has a soviet lens in their kit so some people would need to go out of their way to buy a new lens and that's what put them off.
  21. to be fair he made that film to promote their transition course so it's pretty much on point. I think with the lastest firmware update and the price drop, this camera has arrived at its sweet spot. I feel much more comfortable recommending it to people at this price point. and you gotta love that autofocus with 50mm f1.2
  22. to be honest, as much as I love my soviet collection, I think the requirement of getting a new lens is what put people off. I am for one too lazy to get out and get new lens for a fun challenge. The misty song was filmed with MIR 35 f2 and helios 85 f1.4 this is another one with the same combo
  23. I wholeheartedly agree with your view. I shoot wedding mostly and my main focal is 50 and 100 but I will always have another tele in my kits no matter what. You never know when you have a photographer with 35mm during ceremony or bunch of guest with iphones. My idea of minimalism is the least amount of gear to get the job done, not trying to make it work with whatever because I'm too lazy to bring another 1kg.
  24. Pretty sure I have used two lens for this which broke the single lens rule but I can assure that both are Soviet. I made this a while ago as part of my street music passion project. If anyone can tell me the name of the song, much appreciated
  25. I went the same route and order the focal reducer with EF mount. My only advice is getting the zhongyi lens turbo ii if you only intend to use manual focus lens. The optic sits a bit deeper than viltrox and MB so it's compatible with a few more m42 lens IE. helios 44-2 or MIR-1. A few quick still from a wedding I shot last weekend with Zhongyi and rokinon 85 1.4
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