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    This film was posted on the P4k FB group earlier. WOW. By DAVE HILL https://vimeo.com/304999893?fbclid=IwAR2eii51lO2jPHV0mQj1JmhplQRhKhp0YYaO_FHc2jEpYXe8KicJKm53PYo
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Thanks for sharing that, what a wonderful piece. Lots of great things to say about it, the thing I liked most about it is that it really had a strong and coherent style, fun and whimsical but also tender and genuine too. But perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay it is that despite it being shot on a significant camera, and being shared in the thread discussing that camera, when I watched it I stopped thinking about the camera and just enjoyed it as a creative work and all thoughts of equipment dropped away. This is the point of art, to take us to another place, right?
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    I had a nice used bargain from them this week, when I picked up a Fuji X100F for £700. The description said it had heavy marks on the screen. When it arrived, I just rubbed the screen with my thumb and the marks vanished Let's keep it this way. If word gets out that their testing team should use an occasional spit and polish, the bargains won't look quite so compelling! They are aiming at 1D X II and D5 users with the pricing. "Buy Olympus... we're cheaper and lighter" I'll be very surprised if the tactic works. And for the enthusiasts, they are not going to pony up $3k for something with worse specs than a G9
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    Terrible issue with my X-T3

    Considering my early experiences of dealing with RED could be summed up as "Hassle" and "Bad" they were arguably getting their customer service approach from the name of that particular camera as well.
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    .braw will be invaluable because it gives RAW flexibility at prores file sizes. It also seems to create more organic detail than RAW, perhaps close to prores? I "want" it. Same guy shot this one. I'd seen this and really enjoyed it. I think the newer one has a more Kodak grade which I love. They're both great. I'm also a massive fan of the Southwest and desert. I'd shoot every single frame there if I had my way.
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    That's definitely the plan; at present, I've had some breakthroughs in figuring out the server code that I needed to tackle, so I'm getting close there. Then I can return to developing the site, and subsequently the cameras. I'm also simultaneously shooting a film, which is consuming all of my free time (for the next month). I used the actual Alexa on some shots, GH5 on the rest. I want to have everything ready by May. That's the goal.
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    Thanks for sharing this. And yeah, this is amazing! The filmmaker really made great choices in that film. And I cannot believe he shot that in ProRes LT onto SD cards. He may have just single handedly restored my faith in this camera.
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    Terrible issue with my X-T3

    Its about time we saw a new Hasselblad vlogging camera though as their last one was released 50 years ago. And people criticise Canon for slow product refreshes. Their solution to getting fluid stabilised shots by making the operator and the camera float was out of this world.
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    For those who are on a tight budget and would like de-noise, de-clip, de-hum, de-click, BH Photo has IZOTOPE RX Elements Audio Restoration and Enhancement Software (Download) on sale for $10 (regularly $130) in the deal zone for 9 more hours. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1356812-REG/izotope_10_rxe_rx_elements_audio.html
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    Just a continuous gimbal shot where the focus had to change a lot. Probably did the shot 6 times before switching to multi and it nailed it right away.
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    Olympus EM1-X Rumor

    There are examples of the Hi Res in the video I posted above.
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    Fair play to them for defending their patents and it does make me curious about where BRAW sits in relation to this. Glad to see it settled though as it would have been a major bummer for people motivated buying into the Nikon Z system by the ProRes RAW option to have it then taken away. You never know, it might have been the prospect of this lawsuit that had been holding other manufacturers from getting involved with co-developments with Atomos and ProRes RAW and we will see a few more stepping forward now its settled.
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    Terrible issue with my X-T3

    Amen brother.
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    Olympus E-M1X - is it worth $3000?

    It's not a E-M1 II with a grip. In terms of the body it is greatly updated. The weather-sealing is top notch. It no doubt is a much tougher camera. Granted, it shares much of its electronics with the E-M1 II, but the body is a huge upgrade. That said, you would have to be a bit insane to want to plop down $3000 for this camera. From all accounts this camera is robust, but it is outdated in many important ways. While the image stabilization is amazing, the warping effect that it sometimes produces will be the gremlin that ruins the important must get shot for you. It's not hard to make the decision to pass on this one. I think this camera may be further proof that M43 is dying. They could have done something epic at this price point.... built in ND, Global shutter, Dual ISO, 120 fps 4k.... the body is certainly large enough; but all they did was to toughen the body and rehash some old tech. Pity.
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    Very nice! Makes me want to rewatch Breaking Bad haha!
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    Well it looks like Atomos and RED have settled the differences that I mentioned a few weeks ago with a royalty deal. It still doesn't specifically mention what IP of RED's that Atomos had been violating but it does seem widely accepted to have been to do with compressed RAW. Whether this means that prices of the Ninja V etc will increase or that Atomos absorbs the royalty figure from their profit remains to be seen. No word yet on whether RED have insisted on any alignment re-branding so that it would now have to become the Atomos DELTA FORCE OBLITERATOR MOTHERFUCKA to denote it using some of RED's technology. https://www.atomos.com/press-releases/atomos-and-red-are-pleased-to-announce-a-royalty-based-licence-agreement
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    Such a flop. I was really anticipating that live ND, thinking it'll work like in the FS5 but in such a smaller body. I was hoping that maybe they figured it out and now Lumix or Sony will start adopting it. What a disappointment
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    Boxer | Anamorphic 1.33x

    I've thought about it. Even looked around for a bit to see if there were any available (Ha!). The spec on paper is incredible. And once BM release their BRAW codec for the little cam (which they eventually will) it'll be pretty much game over for the rest of the competition. And a no brainer for anyone looking to buy/upgrade. BUT... For me, I'll more than likely pass. I have one issue that I can't seem to get over --> Image Aesthetics. That is to say, image quality. To my eye the P4K has a digital edge I liken to something like a GH5. It doesn't have the organic film look of the original pocket, the texture, the "special sauce" if you will. I put this down to the new sensor. I personally haven't seen anything out there that has made me think otherwise. Though I have seen plenty of comments from users who are absolutely in love with their P4K, even with early production quality faults. Rightly so too -- B
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    And to think, .braw is still to come.
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    Just an observation while recording today. I got the best results using auto focus by setting it to multi. Worked better than using area or touch focus. Custom settings were -2 speed and +3 tracking. Touch works well but when operating a gimbal its pretty hard to touch the screen while concentrating on getting your movements right and keeping the gimbal steady.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    I have a great deal of fun in Davinci grading F-log footage. The 10 bit files are really flexible. And most of all, since it's a 6k sensor downsizing the image to a 4k size, THE DETAILS... Just Jaw dropping. So until now it's been a great weapon. Technology moves so fast. It's kinda ridiculous to be working with such a small body. But whatever. I just need to slap a mattebox and a cage, a mic and VOILA! It's client friendly!
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I'd go 1 stop over for Caucasian and closer to middle grey for darker skin!
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    Davide Roveri

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    A very interesting video about how to optimise exposure on the BMPCC4K from one of the best channels about filmmaking and cameras on YT (IMHO), hope you guys will find it useful! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8hHFt3ChZ8
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I am still astonished with this camera, a game changer not only but also because of the ease of use for sure. Let alone IQ. Impossible to ignore : ) Is there 50x of price difference?
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    - and Alex Delfont's incredibly good Siam Rehab (HLG and Cine-D with Linear 33x): (be sure to watch in anything but Firefox, ideally Chrome with the dev fix)
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    Item relisted again... Buyer cancelled the order, claiming that his child order it by mistaken. (wut?!)
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