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    • In terms of using it for video, I agree its basically impossible to use on moving subjects. I use it with the focus transition feature of the GH5 which makes it usable for B-Roll. I found a copy for $120 on my local kijiji.

      I have some but not much hope of Panasonic fixing it by firmware update as they did update it to add Dual IS support.
    • I signed the petition about a year ago. I am happy to hear they got a response from Samsung. My question is would you guys be willing to trust Samsung again after leaving us hanging like this? and if not what kind of commitment would be needed from Samsung for you to trust them.   For me, I would need to see a 2-3 year lens release roadmap schedule similar to what Sony did. It's not that I need a lot of lenses I just need to know they are committed to developing the line and that an NX3 would follow after the NX2.   Actually, who am I kidding I like my NX1 so much I would probably buy an NX2 no matter what lol. I can only imagine if they made the NX2 today it would probably have some ridiculous specs like 4k 120p and 1080 @ 480
    • Since this is for broadcast (I think?), that means probably a C300 or FS7... And the colors definitely seem more Sony than Canon so... FS7. I'll message you the address to send my prize money. Thanks.   BTW great job on the sound!
    • I think on paper the F3 beats it in about every way. Canon just might have the slightest edge in low light, not 100% certain on this.

      It all comes down to your preferences in image and Canon fanboys might tell you "Sony's color science is crap", but have in mind:

      You can do a whole lot more to a 10-bit 4:4:4 image than Canon's 8-bit 4:2:2.

      BTW This is coming from a Canon fanboy, that shoots 14-bit raw  Just to cause some confusion.