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    • Have you tried any of the Olympus lenses with clutch manual focus?
    • Thanks for the thoughtful comments OliKMIA. I didn't see the emails, were they sent recently? I was in a similar position to you. I've written for DPReview, had some friends there, but their main editor was a constant road block and the main driving force behind the new click bait led-approach there. I just never saw eye to eye with him. I actually started off writing a bit for DigitalRev before that, but you see - these places are actually making a shit ton of money and they pay writers peanuts. The best thing you can do is to use them as a step on the ladder towards starting your own blog or YouTube channel. The exposure they give you is more valuable than the peanuts they feed you. But eventually you will starve and have to eat something. When I look at NoFilmSchool, PetaPixel and yes FStoppers I usually find that 90% of the content isn't original. Certainly not in terms of camera reviews. The reviews section reads like a top 10 of YouTube videos. It is outsourced to writers like yourself who aren't paid enough and aren't part of a core team in a building. This is against my principals because I think it's bad business and bad for the internet. There should be more investment in talent like yourself and more campuses in all major cities where these sites invest in space for writers, reviewers and filmmakers. Perhaps the money required just isn't there, but if Patreon can raise $60m in funding for their site from investors, I am sure a site as high profile as Amazon can invest a little more in what they own - aka DPReview - and give something back to the photography community. FStoppers I am sure is a multi-million dollar business and instead of maintaining a high traffic volume through the current model of curating content, should be writing it in-house from scratch, and Google should be the ones who are curating the content, showing more of an editorial hand by moving good stuff up the rankings by hand rather than relying on clicks and popularity matrixes. The danger for DPR now is that their front page click-bait is drowning out the hard work of the core team such as Richard Butler and his original articles, reviews, technical pieces and opinion. It will attract a different audience and kill their core audience stone dead. The clicks will all be heading towards the reposts and sensational gimmickry, and away from what made them such a respected authority on cameras. As creators we are also users. I am a consumer. I'm a visitor of several other blogs and sites. The general feeling whenever I surf the net these days for camera news is sheer disappointment in the standard of content and I actually often come back to the EOSHD forum instead and ask a question or reply to topics, because you often learn more from your own community than you do from the broader industry one.
    • Or copy & paste the 'posted ... ago' link.
    • I just bought a Kowa 8z and I'm trying to decided if I should do the Speed Booster Route or not for my GH5. The two option I thinking are: a) Sigma 30mm F1.8 and Sigma 60mm F2.8 with the Kowa 8z b)Speedboster XL 0.64 + Nikon 50mm F1.4 and Nikon 85mm F1.4 with Kowa 8z   Do you think there is a Huge different in the DOP and Quality of the Final footage?   The only thing I own is the Kowa and the GH5. so I need to buy the rest
    • I just started to write for Fstoppers as a "staff writer" in July and here is my modest and humble opinion about the situation. 1. Business model: You get what you pay for. DPR, Petapixel, Fstoppers and many other websites are free so the money must come from somewhere. Unfortunately it seems that adding more articles is the way to maintain of visits, views, thus revenues in a depressed ads market. The money problem is general and affects the entire media/press industry. People got use to free news and it's very hard to transition to the payed premium model. If someone has the solution, I'm listening. Many blogger or Instagramers have more followers than the Washington Post and DPR. There is a big revolution going on whether we like it or not and traditional media are loosing grounds. I agree with the dumbing down spiral of internet but this is also a consequence of the society we live in were the average level of education if going down the toilet and we have a generation of narcissist kids subjugated by their selfies and likes. For having experience in the food industry, food writers used to be kings, then they got beaten up by bloggers and now it's all about Instagram. I guess people are too lazy to read a short review now. Cute low resolution images with Fujifilm like filters is what sells. Up to the point were even chefs now design their menu and dishes based on "how good it looks on IG".... And the list of fucked up thing could go on such as the NDA tactics where some brands (mostly in electronic world) slice the disclosure announcement of a product overtime with various release date to maintain the public attention for more than 24 hours until another news killed the previous one. 2. My motivation to become a writer at Fstoppers: I started to write at Fstoppers because I'm very active on many forums and FB groups. When I saw the "job offer" I decided to apply because I though it would be nice to spend some of my forum/facebook groups time on writing actual articles for "real" media. For your information, the money is not my main motivation and it's very little by the way. I'm also tired of endless sterile debate on FB or Forums. I don't have the ambition to change the world, I'm just a small guy and I try to stick to my area of expertise. So far I haven't had any issue with the editors and they always accepted my articles. Actually one of my first article was questioning the Canon conservatism. I'm not sure how long I will do this but for now it's interesting. For instance this "position" allowed me to interview Tom Lowe about Awaken and he gave me a lot of technical info. 3. Type of photo website: To be honest I'm a little bit disappointed by the DPR move because they are known for their depth reviews. But like anybody else, it's a corporation with a bottom line, staff on payroll, server fees, etc. It's own by amazon and the guys at the accounting department probably asked for some change. Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with DPR and Petapixel or even the rumors blogs. I usually check them all and do my due diligence. They all fall in a specific range of information. Petapixel and Fstoppers publish some interesting tutorial and short news (and yes, some clickbait, no one does it right, not even here?). Most of the time the rumors stuff is crap but sometime I find interesting info. Everyone bitch about them but many of us check them out anyway.  Let's no be hypocrite here... many threads and article here were started via rumors dot com links. 4. Repost: after two month at Fstoppers I try to publish original content but sometime I got busy (and yes, lazy) and I decide to do a quick repost. A repost at Fstoppers is not a shameless copy/paste steal, just a short introduction of an article/video to invite the reader to visit the original content. I don't see anything wrong about it. We actually receive a shitload of emails everyday from people asking to repost their work/tutorial/guest article. When I spot something interesting, I do a small repost article. 5. The future of Internet and note to Andrew: Unfortunately I don't think that Facebook or Google care much about what we think. Andrew can demand what they "should do" or how internet should be but nobody care... They are huge international cash machine with advanced corporate tax and legal optimization systems. They are not cool and don't care about values and moral despite some green-washing and PR campaigns to look nice. We can create a 10, 100 or 1000 forum threads about it but nothing will happen beyond our tiny and confidential community. They'll start to something the day it make the headline of USA todays and see some impact on their stock (before that they'll probably spend millions in lobbying to bend the law making process) Andrew, I sent you a couple of emails with request for interview on Fstoppers. Not that I want to steal your content to get views (I could do quick clickbait repost for that) but because I appreciate your work ethic and deep technical knowledge. You make a lot of valid comments and I 'd like to give you more exposure. Not that you need me anyway but I thought I could help at my modest level. Regards