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    • My first shoot with the sony a6500 and wouldn’t you know all the files are corrupted. This is how all my 4K footage looks after recording and even some of my still images. I thought it was a sensor issue until I seen the image looks absolutely fine in the live view mode. Any idea what can be causing this ?
    • It's a bellows focusing film camera though. The article is about finding the price sweet spot for digital medium format. If you added a half decent Leaf back to the RZ67 you'd still end up past the £3000 point. Hasselblad H3D and Pentax 645D is where it's at.
    • My guess it s it have to do with how the electronic curtain sync operate , the rolling shutter and the encoding. It s a subjective observation but for example the motion blur on blackmagic camera is much more ...somewhat contrasted and apparent, whereas on sony/panasonic mirrrorless it s less visible.In camera noise reduction also remove some of the motion blur smoothness making it more hard and less pleasing. But the motion perception is affected by your stabilization and your focal as well, I guess hand holding a tele lense on a alexa or a red epic won t look very nice if you compare it to a 35mm on a7r2 on a gimbals.
    • Some thoughts about feature lengths in general. As I see it, the 2-hour, 3-5 act drama of classic cinema is dead (perhaps some day someone will successfully resurrect it).  Short films and ultra short films have proven to be more inventive in ways how to tell stories, influenced of course by all the information and emotion that needs to be packed into a short TV ad. See this as an example. You need longer to describe that in words than the clip runs. And words are thin. Then, there are the epic series. Inspired by classic TV mini series. These need to be long. The suspense is driven by character development and the promise that there will be interesting conflicts between the characters. There almost can't be too many storylines. The usual plotpoint receipts (of the kind that Syd Field once "found") don't apply. As an example, watch Gofather I-III all in one evening. You will notice, that the whole section where Corleone visits Sicily, falls in love asf. actually leads to nowhere, if you isolate the part of he trilogy. But without it, the whole tragedy would have had much less impact. Let your characters be strong and interesting, and make the audience care for their fate.
    • Here is the man who knows the stuff! I would definitely buy this controller you are talking about. Fader seems like perfect solution. https://www.turntablelab.com/products/mixfader-wireless-portable-crossfader ? This one fits, just a bit too expensive for such a simple task. And where to mount it? I like to shoot hand held for example.  Maybe you should start a kickstarter project BTM? And develop your own type of controller for that purpose. With easy mounting on a camera or any kind of gimbal. I would participate by all means.