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Sony Goes '4K for $2K' with FDR-AX100


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Wow. That ain't bad looking. 1 inch sensor. Seems to be really good dynamic range too. 12x range? 4k? Handles highlites? Could be my run and gun cam.


Although upon loading up high res and examining a bit... mediocre looking compression. (then again, it's on youtube)


Wonder how much 4k will offset mediocre codecs. Will be interesting.

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1" sensor? That sounds like the RX10 / RX100 II chip...


Image sensor

1.0-type back-illuminated Exmor Râ„¢ CMOS Sensor with approximately 14.2 effective megapixels

Image processor


Still image resolution

Max. 20.0 megapixels


9,3-111,6mm f/2.8 zoom (29-348mm equivalent)


Nice specs. Really don't like the handycam formfactor though.


Full specs: http://presscentre.sony.eu/content/detail.aspx?ReleaseID=9344&NewsAreaId=2

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Still looks like camcorder footage to me. Tons of blown highlights..


Didn't look too bad to me. Sometimes some blown highlights are quite okay. We do it on the stills side all the time. No biggie.

Besides, it's just a compressed YouTube video, and the first one shown. Quite often the first YouTube videos are not showing what the cameras can really do. The shooters may not even be super skilled pros. Those promo videos are not made for overly pedantic viewing.They do know the limitations of the online format. They're just there to trigger an emotional response. A shopping feeling. 



Yeah the clipping in some of those shots is very very bad. Really don't like the look of the footage, I know why I prefer the more Cinematic look with large sensor and more importantly DR.


It's just a friggin' YouTube promo video, for 4K's sake! :)

Don't go pixel peeping the first dodgy online video you see, fellas. Surely there will be plenty of opportunities to measurebate on the CES novelties as they hit the blogosphere and the store shelves. It happens with every new camera, the first clips out there are often not made by experts.


Not bad. Full pixel readout, native 4K, XAV-S codec rather than AVCHD, $2k rather than 3K or 4K, etc. Looks simple and straightforward enough to me. I think it's the first ever camcorder that has perked my interest at least a bit.

I think the Sony 1'' (or whatever) full matrix readout sensor is pretty good for this kind of cameras, not just for the RX10. Not too exited about the lens, though. I agree that the RX10 lens would have been a nicer option.


Anyway, hopefully this camera, as well as the the new action cam (#want) and the RX10 are signs of a much more interesting and ballsier future from Sony. There will be some new A and E mount cameras coming soon, too, to replace some SLT models. Will they have the same kind of goodies including 4K, only with a larger sensor, nah, I doubt it. However, I do wish that this is indeed a sign of a new trend. 

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Yeah the clipping in some of those shots is very very bad. Really don't like the look of the footage, I know why I prefer the more Cinematic look with large sensor and more importantly DR.


Lots of shots taken with very bright light. Most video solutions would blow out the clouds period if they were to have that much light on the foreground. That we saw minor blown highlights is no big deal considering the lighting and exposure. (again, really bright foreground, know it down a few stops and you'd be just fine with the clouds) 

I thought the first shot had a polarizer or something. 

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I dunno... looks pretty dang good to me. Glad I went with the budget D5300 to tide me over for HD until the 4k smoke clears and the dust settles.. then Nikon will still be a nice stills backup cam.  :)


That new Sony action cam looks like a GoPro killer too. 

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I must be nuts, because I am watching the Sony video on my 15" Retina, and the footage looks freakin' awesome to me. I've read lots of derogatory comments about the low bit rate, smearing, blown highlights, (and camcorder form factor?!) etc. both here and at other sites, but listen: this is a $2,000 consumer camcorder. Only a touch more than Canon's top of the line HD camcorder (I believe the HF G30 goes for around $1,500). Anyhow, I think the amount of detail is incredible, and the GM1 is the last HD camera I'll ever own. I just hope my laptop can handle the files... But I'll probably hold off for the GH4 as well, as I'll be able to use the micro 4/3 lenses already in my collection.

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Didn't look too bad to me. Sometimes some blown highlights are quite okay. We do it on the stills side all the time. No biggie.


Speak for yourself.  In stills you should never have clouds that blow out like they do in the sheep meadow scene.  When the whole scene is bathed in direct daylight with the sun behind you you can take an incident light meter reading and shoot away.  In a high contrast scene like that I would shoot Kodak Tmax 100 at ISO 50 and then reduce my agitations and development time in XTOL.  Those clouds look atrocious.  There is no excuse for that.  You run into problems when your subject is in the shade and the clouds are far away being illuminated by direct sunlight but even then depending on your film and sensor the "blown" highlight is handled very differently.  Black and white film developed and printed on the right paper seems to be the best.  And good DSLRs shot in RAW are next.  This cameras handling of the blown highlight was pretty harsh.  And that's a problem.  Because that would be what I woudl use this camera for.  Indoor low light shots are okay with a t3i and 50mm 1.4.  But sweeping landscapes with tons of detail are just not treated nicely by Canon mush codec.  But it is an inital youtube video so the jury is still out.


Maybe the overexposed that scene.


The image does seem sharp.

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