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  1. I've tried to get used to it, but I'll be honest: that massive, persistent EOSHD header on the forums irks me to no end. I can't see squat. I'm able to view maybe 1 post at a time in a thread, and it essentially chops a third of my screen off. If there's ANY way to get rid of it, or collapse it, I'd be thrilled.
  2. I'm gonna assume you watched it on a TV with the Smooth Motion setting turned on. Makes everything look like junk. Switch it off in the menu settings, and then give it another look.
  3. The constant fast jump cuts and digital zooms made it rather hard to get a real sense of the look of the lens in motion. Any other video tests planned for the future?
  4. Shot this guerrilla style about a month or so ago for Project Greenlight. Thought I'd post it here, as it was really my first foray into 4K filmmaking. Learned a lot about handling the new workflow during the making of this.
  5. Price is now five bucks for a limited time! Get 'em while they're hot. :)
  6. You must be real fun at parties. ;) I'd say it's rather narrow-minded to tell someone what they aren't allowed to do in narrative. Anyway, I must say I am quite a fan of Kendy's. Here's a filmmaker who spends time getting on-screen talent with the right look, scenery with the right atmosphere, and sound/music with the right feel. Getting a 'film look' out of a DSLR is so much more than just adding some kind of correct color/grain mix to your footage... wish more people understood that. Proper composition, sound, place, and acting is necessary to make something cinema-worthy. Having said that, I'd love to see Kendy get his hands on a GH4. It'd be interesting to see what he could come up with when he has a few more in-camera features.
  7. This is true. I mentioned storing internally because I can't tell you the amount of newcomers I've met who are using some USB 1.0/2.0 Western Digital drive to edit off of and wondering why 'their computer isn't fast enough'. :rolleyes: Simply put, your processor is too slow and you don't have enough RAM. For $300-$400 you might be able to upgrade and improve things a bit, but in all honesty, if it was me, I'd get a dedicated editing machine that's up to snuff. Your computer is as much an investment as your camera is. I generally stay away from laptops all together, as the lifecycle is only about 4 years max. Your best bet if you want to stick with the machine you have is to render out proxies and edit those. But truthfully, your laptop specs are rather low for what you're trying to do with it.
  8. If you're editing video of any kind, you need to be hosting your files on an internal drive or something with a fast enough data transfer rate to handle playback. External drives are generally only to be used for archiving files. That could be the issue. Try putting the video files on your internal laptop drive and then see if you have any issues. Also, post the full specs for your laptop so we know what it is you're working with.
  9. This is a bit of a misnomer. The fast CF and SD cards required for raw video didn't exist 'years ago', which is likely why the DSLRs of yesteryear didn't have it as an option. Even now with the tech we have in 2014, raw recording is still very hit-or-miss and unstable. These cameras were released in '08. Developed with tech at latest from '07. It's not so much that camera companies were 'hiding' raw video... it's just that there was no way they could make it consumer-friendly. The tech did not exist then, in a stable and economical form. But yea, the rest of your stuff is on point.
  10. We warned you kids this could happen! Told you, we did! 'Constant RAW recording is too much data being transferred', we said! But you couldn't resist. Alas, NOW look where your greed has gotten you. Wannabe filmmakers everywhere will be burned and scarred. This epidemic shall spread. This is the end! Your need for RAW will bring about your RUIN! Long live ProRes and H.264! May they forever stand!
  11. Here's something I'd like to get feedback for from all you creative types. What methods do you use when coming up with ideas for your craft? Do you find yourself too distracted by the noise of things like instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc? How do you stay focused and make your work a reality?
  12. I'd really like us to settle on an acronym for the thing. It's the Blackmagic Production Camera. BMPC. All this nonsense about BMCPC, BM4K, BM 4K, BMPCC4K. Blah. :lol:
  13. Well, considering he took the time to make the GH2 hack in the first place and made it public for all to use, my advice to you would be something along the lines of, 'deal with it, you non-contributing, self-entitled twerp'. But pretend I said it in a nicer manner. :D He doesn't owe anybody anything. If he wants to make the GH3 hack or not, it's completely up to him. Be grateful for the work he's done in the past, and recognize that if anyone has a problem with him or the way he does things, then too bad. You can try and hack the camera, yourself. But since the majority of his critics don't have the first clue how to even begin such a task, keep quiet. I don't understand why you feel as if he is somehow obligated to make you happy and fulfill your wishes. That goes for all the people over there that complain about the lack of a GH3 hack.
  14. This is the weirdest sentence. It's like a loopable logical fallacy. Change the word 'despite' to 'because of' and it'll make sense. :lol:
  15. To be fair, this is two completely different angle setups at two completely different focal lengths, probably using two completely different lenses at completely different focus points. Not very scientific of a test. I could make a GH1 look like it has better resolution than a RED if asked. Image sharpness, lighting, focus, lens quality, etc. can all make or break an image regardless of resolution.
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