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  1. I remember this article :D https://library.creativecow.net/galt_john/John_Galt_2K_4K_Truth_About_Pixels/1
  2. Very well done. I now look way more positively on Sony. Looking for A6300. My main concern are good simple menus, ergonomic and logical GUI. Things buried in menus are killing me. Change in color science towards more natural and mellow skin tones out of the camera would be fantastic. Lenses are another story, which takes way more time and development to buld good rank. Also avoiding noobs with preproduction models would be realy realy great. Thanks for listening!
  3. Did Philip Bloom also run in to these problems, or his last marriage with Sony as their ambassador keeps him shut his lips tight?
  4. There is maybe a bit uncertainty if 5K iMac system is really sendig real 5K resolution and playing your 4K footage in full 4K and not cheating somehow for whatever reason. Also you cant get cant get full 5K resolution also with Windows on iMac. Ignore the gaming reference in the title
  5. Even RED is now loosing numbers of their enthusiast, latest development with prices moving to the segment of way more expensive Alexa galaxy. Lots of Redfans is not interested in another hype upgrade only to get same old sensor with half stop of DR more, need to buy all new expensive modules, batteries and memory cards again. Only plus is that ProRes on board, but for what price. RED made lots of money on their enthusiasts and now is shifting away to the top pro level category. Here you have that damned ProRes, but you have to pay way more. Btw Canon is also manufacturer of 4K displays
  6. There is way less guinea pigs than used to be couple years back, even with big manufacturers like Red, BM, etc. Lots of ppl is rather waiting for 2nd generation products. Kickstarter is special teritory itself.
  7. He he Im rather in The Art of not upgrading to early Still using my 400D, GH2, iPhone 4 and 15 years old CRT Sony flat G400 monitor recenty bought my first Nizo and Canon Super 8 :))))
  8. So Samsung is giving us their own SML = Samsung Magic Lantern space? Yes big "THANK TO YOU MAGIC LANTERN!" and all the other wonderfull camera hacking comunities. Hope this attitude will last at Samsung team and some marketing big head will not cripple it sooner or later.
  9. Maybe they can make floating price like on the stock, the more interest they got, the bigger price you will pay.
  10. Also pacing was too quick. I still cant recognize what they want to show at certain posts even if I stop the video... :) But even if it is not executed and directed very well and it really sound like New Order too much I still enjoy it.
  11. When is all picture so shaking that it kills my eyes its not about pixel peeping its just messed up. Maybe when you are watching it on some small screen or laptop you dont care, but on the 40" TV its unacceptable. Watching optical illusions on horribly shaky video doesnt work.
  12. Oh no, I dont consider this Driftwoods thing to be worth to promote GH4. I didnt mean it that way.
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