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  1. As much as I dislike the KS and Vasile breakup, you can't deny that competition is the single greatest driver of innovation (e.g., space race, microchips, mobile phone technology, etc..) Teamwork is overrated KS + Vasile 4ever
  2. That UHS-II card should be WAY faster than that. It looks like the camera write speed will be the limiting factor. Still, 68MB/s should be enough for 500 mbps. The bigger concern is that Vasile got a "Card Too Slow" error message with one of the fastest UHS-I cards available. Even if his card would write at only 37MB/s like the Transcend one above, it should have been able to handle up to 200mbps and he said he received the error message at anything above ~95mbps. Maybe UHS-II cards will double this amount, but it looks like UHS-I cards will see very minimal gain from this hack.
  3. I had a similar problem with blue splotches showing up at high ISOs and I had to send the camera in to Samsung. They replaced the sensor and a few other parts under the warranty and it's be perfect since.
  4. Higher bit rate recording for 4K and 1080p (160 Mbps+) Higher frame rates (4K/60 fps, 1080p/240 fps) 2K recording mode and/or 4K crop mode similar to NX500 Ability to turn off noise reduction completely
  5. Thanks for posting this Mattias. I have this app on my Samsung S6 Edge+ and was wondering if this type of app-overlay could be applied to the NX1 to give us 200Mbps. Maybe we should get in touch with the developers of the Cinema 4K app. They probably won't be interested because the NX1 is Tizen and not Android so they couldn't apply a lot of what they've already developed, but it may be worth a try.
  6. Let's put a "1" in front of those numbers and give it a shot! 180 Mbps should do the trick.
  7. Count me in. I'm willing to contribute $$. If we could get (1) higher bit rate recording, (2) 1080p 240fps and (3) 4K 60fps, it would be a huge success in my book. Everything else on Marco's list is gravy.
  8. Thanks for the response. The DS1 uses standard 18650 Li-ion batteries, so you can get a dedicated charger for $18 on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Version-NITECORE-i4-Intellicharge-Charger/dp/B005UAI372/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1454371477&sr=1-2&keywords=18650+charger+4+bay There are some chargers that are much cheaper, but those have pretty bad reviews.
  9. How do you like the Beholder DS1? Based on the reviews I've read, I think it's the best available now. What camera do you use it with?
  10. I wouldn't call that a "closeout." It was the same price in early December for a little while. If you are going to buy from Adorama, make sure you get the free $250 Audio Technica microphone in this bundle for the same price: http://www.adorama.com/ISGNX1AK.html
  11. Great recap. I think possibility #1 is most likely. No more Samsung NX line or any plans for other Samsung branded cameras, but keep the sensor tech alive and see if there are any buyers. They may also find a market for their software expertise for both the codec and the camera UI.
  12. I'm finally 100% convinced that Samsung killed the NX line. This is what I was waiting for: https://mobile.twitter.com/dpreview/status/684830629469421569 What a bunch of quitters! Did they really think the NX1 and NX500 would take the world by storm and bring Canon/Nikon/Sony to their knees? The NX1 was about as successful as they should have reasonably expected and the future had so much promise. How could they give up now after years of developing their suite of lenses and all the tech behind the NX1? What a waste. SMH
  13. The touchscreen refrigerator got roughly 10 minutes. The Samsung NX line got exactly zero. I'm not sure they ever included their NX line in their press conferences for CES, but it doesn't bode well. Who will be the first to report from the Samsung booth at CES? If there are no NX cameras or lenses, it's time to call it. In past years Samsung has had a small NX display at CES. If it's gone, well, you know.
  14. That last video does make it look pretty darn good. It's definitely back on the radar for me. Awaiting more reviews. I don't think Benjamin Von Wong would have any incentive to crop or stabilize in post to make it look better. He's a well-regarded photographer/vlogger/instructor and seems to just be giving his honest assessment.
  15. Can you avoid crushed blacks by leaving it at 0-255, but raising black levels to +10 in camera?
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