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  1. As much as I dislike the KS and Vasile breakup, you can't deny that competition is the single greatest driver of innovation (e.g., space race, microchips, mobile phone technology, etc..) Teamwork is overrated KS + Vasile 4ever
  2. That UHS-II card should be WAY faster than that. It looks like the camera write speed will be the limiting factor. Still, 68MB/s should be enough for 500 mbps. The bigger concern is that Vasile got a "Card Too Slow" error message with one of the fastest UHS-I cards available. Even if his card would write at only 37MB/s like the Transcend one above, it should have been able to handle up to 200mbps and he said he received the error message at anything above ~95mbps. Maybe UHS-II cards will double this amount, but it looks like UHS-I cards will see very minimal gain from this hack.
  3. I had a similar problem with blue splotches showing up at high ISOs and I had to send the camera in to Samsung. They replaced the sensor and a few other parts under the warranty and it's be perfect since.
  4. Higher bit rate recording for 4K and 1080p (160 Mbps+) Higher frame rates (4K/60 fps, 1080p/240 fps) 2K recording mode and/or 4K crop mode similar to NX500 Ability to turn off noise reduction completely
  5. Thanks for posting this Mattias. I have this app on my Samsung S6 Edge+ and was wondering if this type of app-overlay could be applied to the NX1 to give us 200Mbps. Maybe we should get in touch with the developers of the Cinema 4K app. They probably won't be interested because the NX1 is Tizen and not Android so they couldn't apply a lot of what they've already developed, but it may be worth a try.
  6. Let's put a "1" in front of those numbers and give it a shot! 180 Mbps should do the trick.
  7. Count me in. I'm willing to contribute $$. If we could get (1) higher bit rate recording, (2) 1080p 240fps and (3) 4K 60fps, it would be a huge success in my book. Everything else on Marco's list is gravy.
  8. Thanks for the response. The DS1 uses standard 18650 Li-ion batteries, so you can get a dedicated charger for $18 on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Version-NITECORE-i4-Intellicharge-Charger/dp/B005UAI372/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1454371477&sr=1-2&keywords=18650+charger+4+bay There are some chargers that are much cheaper, but those have pretty bad reviews.
  9. How do you like the Beholder DS1? Based on the reviews I've read, I think it's the best available now. What camera do you use it with?
  10. That last video does make it look pretty darn good. It's definitely back on the radar for me. Awaiting more reviews. I don't think Benjamin Von Wong would have any incentive to crop or stabilize in post to make it look better. He's a well-regarded photographer/vlogger/instructor and seems to just be giving his honest assessment.
  11. Can you avoid crushed blacks by leaving it at 0-255, but raising black levels to +10 in camera?
  12. LOL. I'm definitely not a banker and I plan to shoot with these lenses for the next few years until my NX1 is a relic. I didn't buy them for a monetary return on investment, but I did expect the NX system to live on so I could continue to use these awesome lenses with new Samsung NX2/3/4 bodies for years to come. It's disappointing that Samsung took that option away and tied the useful life of these lenses to my NX1.
  13. Nikon bought the Samsung tech to compete with Sony in the fast-growing FF mirrorless market before Sony runs away with it. Nikon will not use the NX mount or create a new mount, because Nikon's biggest advantage over Sony is their huge and critically acclaimed F mount lens catalog and they want to use it now. Creating a new mount would only allow for the introduction of 4-5 new lenses a year even if they are extremely aggressive. It will mean a bigger body, but so be it. Who really cares if you have a new Nikon mirrorless camera with FF, 4K, Nikon or Samsung's color science and AF system and Samsung's H.265 codec, processing power and software UI... and, of course, the huge selection of awesome glass. It's a dream camera and it's probably less than a year away.
  14. I agree with Mercer that the NX mount is DEAD and it's terrible news for anyone that invested in NX glass like me. Nobody is going to make an adapter to use NX lenses on any other mounts, so when my NX1 (which I love by the way) falls behind the tech curve in a few years, my two Samsung S lenses that I bought for $2,500 and my two other NX lenses become useless to me.
  15. I think it probably would be faster encoding if Premiere can use the hardware encoder properly. Sadly, I bought the GTX 970 just before they released the GTX 960. Update 2: I changed the render settings to "good" instead of "highest" and it cut the render time to ~50 minutes for the same 23 minute sequence.
  16. I have 1 SSD as my system drive, 2 SSDs in a raid 0 array for my working files (video clips ) and a fourth SSD as my render drive. Update: Editing is still silky smooth, but rendering in HEVC with the highest settings going to take ~23 hours to render a 23 minute sequence. Yikes! I will play around with other render options.
  17. Adobe Premiere Pro CC was updated today to support H.265 files I imported several NX1 H.265 clips directly into Premiere and they play and edit beautifully without any glitches or lag. I even tried multiple transitions and LUTs on my clips and it slowed it down a little, but still no problem editing. I have a Windows 10 PC, I7-4770K, 16GB ram, GTX970 4GB, separate SSD system, work and render drives. Adobe After Effects and Media Encoder were also updated to support H.265. Thank you and great job Adobe!
  18. In the demonstration with the 5-axis handle, he doesn't simulate the bounce from walking, which is exactly what the 5-axis is designed to correct. He just smoothly swings it from side to side. C'mon man!
  19. Filmpower posted several videos of the Nebula 4000 in action, but exactly zero videos of the Nebula 4200 in action. Something tells me the 5-axis design is a flop and they don't want pre-orders cancelled if they were to post a video. Don't you think that If it worked well, they would have posted several videos already?
  20. Close to what I have... ​A = C (from the first clip) B = D C = AD = B
  21. Scene 1, 2 and 3 B - A - C - D Scene 4 D - C - B - A (because of the terrible moire) Scene 5 D - A - C - B When is the reveal?
  22. Thanks for creating this app and sharing. Can't wait to try it out and report back.
  23. Don't hold your breath. ProRes is licensed by Apple. Samsung would never pay it's biggest corporate rival for a video codec. An H.264 option would be fine with me.
  24. When you convert your 4K footage in Rocky Mountain, make sure you select "Same as Source" for the resolution rather than 1080p. That way, your ProRes output will be 4k and will edit nicely in premier. You can also use the Samsung converter to convert to H.264 4K, which edits fine in Premier.
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