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  1. Also pulls EXIF from the video, which is nice and as far as I remember it also tracks changes, so if you're using the zoom it will record changes in focal length etc.
  2. Shame YT doesn't have a filter in the search options.
  3. They say it doesn't have IS when it does with certain lenses, and with all (including third party) lenses with DIS and then a combo of OIS and DIS with certain Samsung lenses. Still, this is cracking me up hahaha.
  4. Hi there, The Video Metadata clip is regarding the extraction of ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed etc data from the internally recorded video. Although the NX1 doesn't export it with the video file (stupid) if you playback the file in camera and then take a JPEG frame grab (internally) if will pull some exif data with it, so you can remember what settings you used for the shot. Regards.
  5. Speaking of features, the NX1 actually records metadata in the video files, as described in this video. Would be nice if there was an option to have it written to the video files in a different format so it is easily digested by NLE's.
  6. I was in Park London a few days ago visiting a mate. This is the Samsung display. Image may look a little dark, I exposed for the highlights, force of habit I guess lol
  7. I know, I should have phrased the question better. The way the answer is phrased suggests 10-bit out, a spec repeated by Tom's Review and a few others (8-bit is also quoted by various sites). I don't have an ext. recorder to check.
  8. Here's the actual section of the email, there are no secrets here so I see no reason why not. Does the camera output clean video in 4:2:2 or 4:2:0? I've been seeing both quoted and just want to know for sure. 4:2:2Also, when it converts the sensor feed into H265 internally, does it use 10bit or 8bit colour depth? I noticed the ProRes app converts it into ProRes 422 so just wanted to check. Judging by the smoothness of the colour gradients in the video clips Samsung uploaded it looks like it could be 10bit, please confirm? It's 8bit when recording internally. The image quality is much smoother
  9. I have an email from Samsung (NX1 engineers) saying it's 4:2:2. The email is dated 03/10/2014.
  10. Ha! Techno, the only thing I have my eye on now is the NX500, body only obviously. It isn't like I need another 16-50. Adobe just released h265 support, Sammy engineers have all of this extra experience now, the programmers as well, with the firmware updates. They tried the retail route and they weren't supported, so maybe they're like 'well fuck 'em then we'll do it our way'. Also, everybody who actually takes an interest in cameras and their tech probably now knows about Samsung and the NX1. The sheep who haven't got a clue wouldn't understand the specs anyway and they're the ones who st
  11. It's be bemusing watching the almost exponential increase in Samsung NX chatter. It's managed to get haters talking about it because they have always wanted Samsung to fail and go back to Korea with their tail between their legs, same thing happened with the Samsung Note. Was a flop, the Note 2 sold an insane amount of units and literally adjusted the entire industry. They were the first to put wifi in cameras. Again, the comment was 'it's just a stupid gimmick nobody wants, they're just doing it because they're cameras are crap'. That's a quote from a rep working with a major camera brand. No
  12. You wouldn't believe the number of times a rep (from another brand) told a customer 'don't look at Samsung cameras, they should stick to making fridges.' I've overhead Canon reps straight up lying about Samsung cameras to get a sale. If I were to criticise them, I'd say they over-expanded. Cameras are one of the most elitist, closeted, snobbiest industries in retail. I thought mobile phones were bad! (And yes, I've worked that sector too, never again). Anyway who gives a shit, the NX1 is what I wanted the NX30 to be, in fact when I got my NX30 I sent Samsung specific photos of the camera set u
  13. Up to a point, in the last couple of years they've made a heap of good cameras, the reason was more to do with this: 90% of people walking through a shop door haven't a clue about cameras. I mean not a clue. This means most visual marketing is wasted because people hardly look at them or understand them. People will even ask the price of an item when the price is written on the ticket RIGHT NEXT TO THE CAMERA. They don't pay attention, they want to do the least amount of thinking possible. 90% of staff haven't got a clue about Samsung NX. I've trained staff only to see them state the wrong inf
  14. Samsung were already laying people off and reducing stock shipments back in 2013. The Imagelogger programme I was part of in the UK (2014) is the last one they did here. It closed down afterwards. Last time I popped into Jessops in Oxford Street, the Samsung armoire had been taken over by Panasonic. The amount they pay for those spaces... sheesh. I'm surprised Samsung didn't do all of this sooner to be honest, they were never getting any love from retail outlets regardless of what they did.
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