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  1. Damn, you can shoot raw for 1000€... this is insane and the second time Blakc magic produces this opportunity. They clearly grow much more seriously at each product release... This sensor shows beautiful colors and this footage in HD is obviously as beautiful as many 4k try to be. The grain is very organic and colors have amazing depth. Adding a good raw recorder makes this camera the best bang for the bucks (and remember that a good external recorder will work with ALL your cameras pro or dslr in Prores, raw or watever codec, like the odyssey does, so counting the whole price
  2. I find these considerations interesting. It is a bit like your list for santa this year andrew. Some things bother me a bit, I mean that 8bit is not really relevant anymore, do you mean by 6k that you hope to use it to have 10bit 422 4K, and maybe 12bit 422 HD ? This would produce another type of content we would have to develop before post production, more space for stocking it etc... A good camera would be more strength for less operations, don't you think? Because otherwise I don't see the need for 6k if nothing moves in the 8bit compression, even in H.265 8bit isn't really satisf
  3. tusoli5

    Sony a6300 4k

    This is the best body to come since a loooooong long time. Price and versatily is at its maximum for another 8bits body. AF seems absolutely stunning for video when shooting fast action, it is also speed booster suitable. Not realy seeing moire on the videos, 1080p 120f/ps, all at this price, it looks like a good thing and falls back into the stepup the gh2 body made at its time. More expensive must have at least 10bits and with better codecs. H.265, mjpeg, raw, whatever but it won't justify more if it ain't got more. Thanks andrew for this article.
  4. Damn this looks promising! We are getting closer and closer to 10 bit or even raw. Mjpeg is very heavy but a really good looking and fun to work with codec, even in 8bit ! This brings the competition to a tiny higher level in DSLR. I hope it won't cost more than a FS5...
  5. It is very difficult to be fair on a still camera, talking only about video. As a reminder, the Dx (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5) series at Nikon as always aimed journalism photography for sports and outdoor photography. Its aim is, first, being the more unbreakable possible, secondly, with the most robust pixel/velocity ratio to achieve the more stills per second for, works on sports and "hurry" photography. This type of build doesn't aim studio / fashion / movie set / portrait photography. It's price as always more been about the way the body is constructed to last as long as possible. On photography
  6. When purely talking about specs, the samsung nx500 seems so clooooose to the D5 and for ... around 600€ max... I must admit that on HD 8bit 4:2:0 I loved much more the nikon D800 compression than any other brands, it was less heavy and seemed much more "gradable", this talking from experience that was contradicting all the specs I could find and the DR in nikon last DSLRs has always been amazing. But, anyway, blocky will always be blocky and we can see it all around on their video presentation...
  7. tusoli5

    Nikon D500

    I totally agree, I own and loooove the D800 for its capabilities and these images didn't really shined for me. But remember that when the D4 was released it had been really quickly outdated by the D650/D800/ D5500 for video. This release gives me the same feeling. D4 and D500 for stills with great capabilities, and video renewal and we'll have to wait a bit more for a more convicing use of 4k in a next nikon dslr with same amazing still capabilites, maybe in Full-frame, maybe also in dx much cheaper.
  8. tusoli5

    Nikon D500

    Damn this video look sooooooo video and absolutely not cinematic... The nikon Dynamic range quality should allow more ease on the cinema look of the footage... Maybe these video presentations where made with not so good calibration of the camera... It looks like any movement goes on a blocky blurry road of pixel before stabilising. Anyway , it feels not so good compared to the sony and panasonic last 4k bodies. As we cannot know more, I am waiting for the next test of these cameras. The colors seem so 8bit h.264 that I don't see the point spending in these cameras if you're not a still potogr
  9. tusoli5

    Nikon D500

    Damn H. 264... I am soooo waiting for a good H. 265 codec use on a dslr... H. 264 has soooooo many flaws by itself that it crushes the quality use of any dslr processors... This cameea being able to shoot stills at 10f/s should have enough buffer for H. 265... Really am fed up with H.264. Don't see the point to spend anymore 2 to 3k€ for a H. 264 body.
  10. I totaly agree, until the storage reach a new consistency, like TB becoming as easy to produce as GB nowadays. Storage is really the weak spot for us all since a few years, as well for filming and for stills. A few weeks ago I read that the new record for storage comes from a 16To ssd... If we go shooting 8k burst in 16bits raw 4444, we'll need much more than that very quickly !
  11. Well this asks many questions indeed... -When could we be sure 8k video will match 8k photography depth of color in stills ? -Will it start a new rush for resolution and depth in photography ? -Won't it destroy a certain market of very separate cameras for professionnal stills and videos ? -What would be the use of cine lenses on these types of cameras, wouldn't it need a unified standard ? A burst mode in a "video-like" quality is indeed very interesting, but if it goes beyond "burst mode", this is quite groundbreaking for every companies market standards. For me, a leap forward in color dep
  12. Lets assume that it will all crack up around the first trimester of 2016. I hope it will for late january. Anyway, we have to see it this way, Samsung stopping their NX line means several good things. - They might had the possibility to convince other brands to buy their processors technology by flagging the NX1 all around the world. -They were the first brand to implement H.265 (even if it was the poor man version in 8bits ), with success, and it forced companies like adobe to acelerate their transition to this codec. -They acquired this way an opportunity to sell their research and at the sa
  13. Ok Andrew, my fault, I am so naïve... I think the return on their investment is that they have implemented the NX500 production on the international market, showed the NX1 and all this while they already knew they would sell their technology to Mitsubishi who contributed to help them reach this achievment. So cutting off NX1 comes at a time where it did cost nothing to them, even more, it made them earn quite enough to be satisfied, while every "know it all" was bullshitting about H.265 poor choice. If mitsubishi uses and enhance it they will even have the benefits of the NX1 true achievement
  14. From what I know, Samsung and Mitsubishi work together on cmos technology since 2002 for cellphones and mobile application. Make your maths... ;-) I don't think neither of these company will need to flush down anything as they work on it together.
  15. Well, now that everyone bashed the NX1 for its codec, it is not for sale anymore... It was really easy to see that it was only a matter of time to see premiere handeling H.265, but no, everyone turned down samsung offer without understanding its value, or even trying the NX1 (I am not talking about you Andrew, but much more about no brainers playing "I know it all" like its ever been through history of technical evolution). I hope next H.264 DSLRs will be understood for their real value thanks to this codec. Anyway, lets hope that thanks to this native editing possibility blackmagic, nikon, ca
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