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  1. Sorry for slow reply. Thanks everyone for their comments/thoughts. Much Appreciate. I went with the Flowtech and absolutely love it. Total next level.
  2. Saved up my money and buying one. Which way should I go? Current tripod is an old Calumet Aluminum photo tripod CK7500 w/ Manfrotto 501HDV. Works but come with all the common pains a setup like entails, legs are little tired. Setup purchase early 2010. Current light is a Godox VL150 and I just got a few months ago. I think it's great for the price and highly recommend it. I'm torn because I'm looking to have a better shooting experience for b-roll filming, but having a light that covers many outdoor filming scenarios. Open to suggestions. Thanks!
  3. I don't get why they went EF. With the flange distance I don't think can adapt that many other mounts. I know Nikon F is one.
  4. Didn't seeing any post yet here on the Moment Air lens. Wanted to maybe get a discussion going about it. Link to it kickstarter below. Essentially Its a Anamorphic lens adapter for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Its got me very interested. Wasn't too impressed with the color grading in their promotion video but I could see the potential. Love to here everybody's thoughts here.
  5. I didn't think of it in that way. If its the case I hope it shows a real benefit of setting it up in that way. Still a shame. I love having 5 axis IS with any lens I mount on Sony.
  6. I agree. Its always good to look new glass for the tech improvements and if there substantial and lineup with what our individual needs that is great. As for stabilization no matter what it can make the difference, but I've used the 5 axis on the A7sii and it far outshined the 3 axis in the Z6 with the same F mount lens. Nikon themselves made some of the most legendary glass and Nikon stripped away the full capability of IBIS.
  7. In the market for new camera. I want more power video features and the Z6 with Prores RAW coming down the pipeline makes it look like good option. I originally started in photo and over the years I handed my money to Nikon for their glass the FTZ mount it should be a relatively smooth transition, along with the potential to mount just about anything on the Z mount. One thing I did notice when testing the Z6 at my local camera store I discovered something I had overlooked, and that is the Nikon set a limit of only 3 axis IBIS with f mount lenses. I found this to be the case even my Nikon 70-20
  8. Hey, Just got the Movcam cage for the a7sii and would like to get a hand grip strap that will work with the camera cage. The cage has loops built in so no special mounting requirements. I found this one on amazon - http://a.co/cjZPnU7 But it comes with the tripod plate and I don't need that. Like to just have it use the cages loops Also like the idea of a leather strap but open to whatever suggestions you all may have in mind. Thanks Guys!
  9. Andrew, I think the other thing to add is ISO/Gain low light performance. Panasonic have a real chance to show that you don't need a full frames sensor for good low light. The Nikon D500 is a great example. Between the processors and signal to noise processing we are seeing the gap narrow between large photo sites from full frame and APC. We will see if Panasonic can deliver.
  10. The low light high ISO performance could be improved with better S/N firmware even with M/43. Why do you think the Nikon D810 iso improved so much over the D800 or even the 12mp D700. Now the D810 does not have the exact pixel density as the GH4, but this still applies. But with all that sound I agree I would rather have a super 35mm or full frame image. I would really like to see a color space improvement. Nikon has a beautiful color space. Improving color should not only be on Panasonic's to do list, but Sony's as well. If not then just gives us RAW and go home.
  11. I'm a nikon shooter (D4, D7000) and I just got a A7sII , and I would love to have a picture setting that is close to the Nikon Color space/flat preset with some dynamic range increase. Right now Im playing around with Cine4 with raised black levels.
  12. Now if done right, I would think a full sensor readout could resolve more detail then a 1.1 resolution image?
  13. Hi Guys I want to chime off and see if you have any suggestion. I am a professional wedding and commercial photographer looking to make big camera switch. I plan on doing some commercial video assignments for clients in the next few months. I currently own the Nikon D4 and the video as everyone knows is not very good. I see myself as aspiring filmmaker/cinematographer. I want to put together a camera package that would allow me to still do my still photographer client work, and have a video camera for client and film work. I'm think of sell the D4 and getting a used d3 and use the res
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