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  1. ... about the controversial topic - here is an interesting article in the NY Times about Robert Zimmer, head of the University of Chicago makes the educator´s case for free speech: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/20/opinion/robert-zimmer-chicago-speech.html
  2. I respect your opinion and in this case it´s true: The You Tube Clip does not look good. Edit from the copy, from the copy …. Crushed blacks, low resolution. Even the original Vimeo trailers do not quite correspond to the viewing experience in movie theatres, but look better: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/derbauerundseinklima Gamma, grading and sharpness are made for cinema. But this is also a matter of taste. Watch this clip from Colby Moore: https://vimeo.com/230165379 Filmed with 5dmk3 and ML Raw. The capabilities of ML raw are great!
  3. But as a previous 35mm-filmcamera owner I´d like to say, it´s a pleasure to live in this times of digital filmmaking: It´s so cheap, and so close to "film"; for me the best way to make films!
  4. Or also this: For my taste, 35mm Film is still more alive.
  5. Yes, let´s talk about love...:) I love to talk about looks, colors, grading etc. (far more than to talk about tech specs) In comparison to the London impressions from above here a anamorphic test clip from cooke with a color palette that I really like:
  6. uih, hard words… Personally, I only get upset about the „chocolate dip style“ often used by bloom and miller. Nothing against washed out blacks or the Deluts from Miller in general. Mattias Burling has brought it quite sober to the point: It´s all about adjusting them (LUTs). No matter if its Deluts or Impulz or other. And of course: Everybody can do what he wants to do:) Taste is absolutely subjective.
  7. On James Millers Vimeo site are other LUT examples, which I like very much: https://vimeo.com/millerandmiller
  8. In this autumn context, the LUT fits - (but after a time, it annoys me as well). These kind of Miller LUTs always seems to me as if the footage were dipped in chocolate sauce... Here an Philip Bloom example with this kind of LUT: For my taste, this C300 footage looks super terrible and flat but nearly 100% of the comments (except mine:) loved it. Same with the Clip above. So, maybe I'm totally wrong:) - (btw: without doubt, Miller and Bloom are definitely very, very talented people). That style always reminds me of the fairy tale The Emperor's New Clothes … I think it is related to our viewing habits by our smart phone filters, etc Sorry, that I get so upset about it ... but I have really antagonistic feelings about this fad!
  9. Here is a test with these both lenses. My Opinion about the 35mm 1,8 is similar: a stunning lens! This is the Rokkor MC HH version. But the colors tend a bit more to blue/cold in comparison to the other Minoltas. So, it will be interesting, if their are opinions about the MD version. The 45mm f2 is a fantastic lens! very 3d-ish with nice colours. The 24mm/2,8 is super sharp and a collaboration with Leica (more precisely a Minolta design used for the Leica 24mm f2.8 Elmarit-R).
  10. . Äh, Sony nex 5n or so...
  11. first thought: Canon t2i or similar canon h264
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