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  1. I will tell you one thing, I bust someone's lip at my job and I assure you I will be escorted out by the authorities, with possibly some legal troubles ahead. But then again, I live in the U.S.
  2. . . . I am going to show my ugly American side. I didn't know who Clarkson, or top Gear, was until EOSHD mentioned it and I looked it up and watched a few shows. The only two other British shows I knew of before were . . . yep, you guessed it; "Doctor Who" and "Downtown Abby". Go ahead, call me a sheltered American, but it is what it is. You're still my man Andrew.
  3. Clarkson is funny and all but . . . . Public Broadcasting stations such as BBC are not the right place for someone like Clarkson. There are guidelines for broadcasting to the general public. He probably should go to HBO or other private broadcasters. There's a reason for this. You can do anything you want in your personal life, but once you start broadcasting it to billions of people through a publicly supported medium, then that's a problem. You better say what the public wants you to say. "The Public is your boss" - weather he likes it or not. I'm sure that if 80% of his audience around the
  4. ". . .Particularly interesting is that Samsung will make an SDK available with the firmware update for developers to make their own apps and remote control software for the NX1, which runs from an open source operating system." Everyone together . . ."THANK YOU MAGIC LANTERN!"
  5. Spoken like a true 1%! Hey! How about you compete? What a concept!! So you want to keep the status quo in the filming world because you are afraid of competition. Perhaps your problem is not competition, you're problem may be lack of skills! (of course I don't know your work, but judging from what you've said, you do not project much confidence in your skills) Ask anyone today if they would rather deny someone education for the fear of having them become smarter than you. I would try to think stuff through before you commit it to a post. Shameful. We live in the information age. Th
  6. Don't forget the storage media controller's speed. Anything that fast will need nothing less than a SATA controller or storage to external media.
  7. I have a MacBook Pro 15-inch, Early 2011 with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. The SSD I swapped from the original HD - it's a 1TB Samsung 840 EVO SSD (It is so freakishly FAST! I get boot times from OFF to Desktop of about 5-7 seconds! ). Anyways, after I upgraded to Yosemite, I started having issues with the laptop's display and not long after, the laptop would not boot to AST and would get stuck on a white screen. Well, because I had purchased a 4-year service contract (thank god), Apple came and picked it up. It turned out that the problem was a defective logic board. Apple replaced the logi
  8. I understand what you're saying but using Magic Lantern as an example of what could go wrong with an open source project is probably misplaced. The first thing is that ML does have many problems, but ML is not the problem. The problem is the nature of the project - basically ML is a Hack, not really a development project. But why is that? Because the software/Hardware that they are deloping for is closed and Canon just will not/have not given them an ounce of help. Therefore, they have to reverse engineer everything. Most of what the ML team does is guess work and trial and error to figure out
  9. :-( . . . Yes. I've held out for too long Andrew. It's time for a new Camera!
  10. Thanks for the explanation Ebrahim. That's sort of what I thought. I guess it's time to start clamoring for a APS-C version! ;-)
  11. Well, I probably meant to say "Crop factor". My understanding is that the Speedbooster works by reducing a full frame len's image to fit a m43 (or APS-C) sensor. Since the Sigma 18-35 itself already reduces the image for M43 sensors to begin with, wouldn't putting a metabones behind it reduce the image even further?
  12. Hummm . . . I think this will work with a 50D and a Sigma 18-35 Art, right? But since the 18-35 is specifically made for MFT cameras will the metabones reducer cause vinegeting?
  13. Most likely it will have to be kitted for shoulder mounting . . . so more weight.
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