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  1. Congrats on being one of the judges, you definitely earned it Andrew!
  2. Which USA vendor do you think would most likely have them in first based on your experiences??
  3. Damn it, I was thinking of getting a 5D MKIII for stills and ML. Saw some used prices around $2500 but now not sure if I should wait for the GH4K. Decisions decisions decisions :rolleyes:
  4. I had this lens before, it's very good. The best one after my isco imo. Good luck with your sale.
  5. Holly crap, if the reports are true, gh4K should be out in a few months!
  6. Alright, decided to let my baby go and I have also lowered the price (firm price, please do not bargain). Prefer local pickup so you can inspect the lens. Price: no longer for sale :) Edit: I just bought a Canon 5Diii and I am glad I didn't sell this gem :)
  7. So time to buy a DOF adapter again to go with this? :P
  8. Alright guys, it looks like I have decided to sell it. I'll create a new thread later today or tomorrow. Price will be $4500 net to me. So if anyone is interested, just keep an eye out later or tomorrow.
  9. Hi Ryan, Would it be possible (if your time allows it) for me to take a look at this baby in person? I might want to do it to mines. I am about 15 minutes east of downtown los angeles and I can meet you up somewhere. Let me know please :)
  10. It's all good Denko. Hopefully you will have one of these beauties in your hands soon enough.
  11. Before you do, here's the footage shot from this lens
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