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  1. Congrats on being one of the judges, you definitely earned it Andrew!
  2. Which USA vendor do you think would most likely have them in first based on your experiences??
  3. Damn it, I was thinking of getting a 5D MKIII for stills and ML. Saw some used prices around $2500 but now not sure if I should wait for the GH4K. Decisions decisions decisions :rolleyes:
  4. I had this lens before, it's very good. The best one after my isco imo. Good luck with your sale.
  5. Holly crap, if the reports are true, gh4K should be out in a few months!
  6. Alright, decided to let my baby go and I have also lowered the price (firm price, please do not bargain). Prefer local pickup so you can inspect the lens. Price: no longer for sale :) Edit: I just bought a Canon 5Diii and I am glad I didn't sell this gem :)
  7. So time to buy a DOF adapter again to go with this? :P
  8. Alright guys, it looks like I have decided to sell it. I'll create a new thread later today or tomorrow. Price will be $4500 net to me. So if anyone is interested, just keep an eye out later or tomorrow.
  9. Hi Ryan, Would it be possible (if your time allows it) for me to take a look at this baby in person? I might want to do it to mines. I am about 15 minutes east of downtown los angeles and I can meet you up somewhere. Let me know please :)
  10. It's all good Denko. Hopefully you will have one of these beauties in your hands soon enough.
  11. Before you do, here's the footage shot from this lens
  12. Hi Rich, yes you may be right. I haven't tried the lens with my scarlet yet and I'm looking forward to shooting some tests with the combo next week. Just got my gimbal from GSTABI so it should be a killer kit :)
  13. Hey Rob, Yeah I didn't expect to get $7000 for it. I was thinking around $4500+ area and that was why I said BETWEEN $4500-$7000. I also have a complete set of diopters included with the sale but the more I think about it, I think i'm going to keep it unless the sale is 100% safe. Mine is a single coated version. I don't see many people using m42 mounts so the nikon version is the most popular. Also, I don't like using the original taking lens that comes with it. I like to use the zeiss zf.2 lens as the taking lens so the image is sharp and get flares when you have the right source. It's a great balance I think. I was going to shoot some video today but it's raining. I'll do some test shots soon.
  14. This is why I am afraid to list mine up on ebay or even take payment by paypal for that matter. I heard stories of people filing claims for "Not as described" and return a totally different item. How can you prove it otherwise and then having to deal with suing the person if you even can. Such a big headache sometime and that is why I rather deal locally, face to face with cash in hand unless I know the person *sigh*
  15. For the record, I never said I wanted $6k-$7k but pointed out what the market is going for. I asked if anyone was interested in offering me between $4500-$7000. You also seem to miss the point regarding "greed". It's not greed but demand like Rich said. Should I sell my house today for what i bought it 20 years ago for then? You came off like a major condescending prick with your sarcasms.
  16. Sorry, I forgot to answer you. I'll wait a bit and see before I go that direction.
  17. I'll do it this week for sure. I'll shoot a sample footage too so you guys can see it in it's current stage. Optics is clean as hell, focusing is smooth with no issues. Sometimes you buy one on ebay and it's been through hell not knowing who had it. Mine was bought from Miguel (McGregor), I know it was in good hands. Anyways, it was an just an idea because I wanted to upgrade to an epic and get some cine glass so I thought I'll sacrifice my baby and take my chances down the road to find another good copy. I rather stay off the ebay route on this one. It's not like a canon L lens where if the buyer was shady, I can go to the store and grab another. I heard a lot of horror stories such as the buyer keeping the item for months then easily open a claim. I'll try to take some clear photos of the optics and demo footage in a few days.
  18. Yea I mean buy within your means. Denko was just being a dick. He fancy a Isco but want to pay the sankor price. For the record, I never said I want $7000 for it, that's absurd. I just said that I've seen listings within that range. I can tell you that I would not sell for less than $4500 though. Why should I when it took me forever to find a great one.
  19. Yes the second one was best offer accepted but I'm sure it was over $4500.
  20. Yes I'm sure you are ready to pay $10,000 hence why you've been searching and still searching for one.
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