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  1. Eagerly awaiting your Pocket Cinema Camera? You already have a micro for thirds camera and some C-mount lenses? Want to know if they will cover the sensor of the Pocket? Lets find out! I hope you will add your results, so we can make this list growing. I will only add lenses to the lists when you have proof, in other words: images. How? Because we know the active sensor area of the BMPCC measures 12,48 x 7,02 mm, it is fairly easy to check if our C-mount lenses will cover the full sensor. Calculate this by taking a picture with a lens on your micro four thirds camera, and crop out the image area of theBMPCC. In Photoshop: Open the image. Go to Edit > Image Size, uncheck resample image. Change Image width to 19 centimeters, press ok Go to Image > Canvas Size, change dimensions to 12,48 x 7,02cm, press OK to crop the image to BMPCC size. Resize to 1920x1080 pixels Post your results! Note: If you shoot on the GH3 or other MFT camera's, the sensor size is 17 x 13mm, so change the width in step 3 to 17 cm! To lazy to do it yourself or you can't work it out? Upload the full resolution files and I'll do it. List terms explained: Yes = covers the full sensor of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera No = doesn't cover the sensor Needs modification = Doesn't fit on C-mount to M43-adapter without modifications Equivalent = The focal length and depth equivalent on a fullframe camera (5D Mark III for example) Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Compatibility list Primes Apollo 25mm f/0.85 - Yes = 72mm f/2.4 equivalent [link to proof] Angenieux 10mm f/1.8 Retrofocus (Fixed Focus) - Yes (dark corners) = 28,8mm f/5.2 equivalent [link to proof] [more info] Carl Zeiss Jena Tevidon 10mm f/2 - Yes - Needs modification = 28,8mm f/5.8 equivalent [link to proof] [more info] Carl Zeiss Jena Tevidon 35mm f/1.9 - Yes - Needs modification = 101mm f/5.6 equivalent [link to proof] Century 9mm f/1.8 - YES (poor quality) [link to proof] Computar 8mm f/1.3 - NO [link to proof] Computar 16mm f/1.4 - NO [link to proof] Computar TV Lens 25mm f/1.8 - YES = 72mm f/5,2 equivalent [link to proof] Cosmicar 8,5mm f/1.5 - NO [link to proof] Cosmicar 12.5mm f/1.8 - YES - Needs modification = 36mm f/5.2 equivalent [link to proof] Cosmicar 25mm f/1.8 - YES - 72mm f/5.2 equivalent [link to proof] Ernitec 6.5mm f/1.8 - YES (heavy distortion) [link to proof] Ernitec/Navitar 17mm f/0.95 - YES (v. blurry corners & distortion) [link to proof] Fujinon TV 12.5mm f/1.4 - Yes (blurry corners) - Mod.? (unknown) = 36mm f/4 equivalent [link to proof] Fujinon TV 16mm f/1.4 - NO [link to proof] Fujinon TV 35mm f/1.7 - YES - Needs modification = 101mm f/4.9 equivalent [link to proof] Leitz Macro Cinegon 10mm f/1.8 - Yes (dark corners) = 28,8mm f/5.2 equivalent [link to proof] Kern Switar 10mm f/1.6 - Yes (slight vignette & blurry corners) [link to proof] Nikon Cine Nikkor 13mm f/1.8 - Yes = 37,5mm f/5.2 [link to proof] Nikon Cine Nikkor 25mm f/1.8 - Yes = 72mm f/5.2 equivalent [link to proof] Pentax 25mm f/1.4 - YES - 72mm f/4 equivalent [link to proof] Schneider 10mm f/1.8 (silver version) - No (almost) [link to proof] Schneider-Kreuznach Cinegon 11.5mm f/1.9 - No (almost) = 33mm f/5.6 equivalent [link to proof] Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenon 16mm f/2 - Yes = 46mm f/5.8 equivalent [link to proof] [link to proof (2)] Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 25mm f/0.95 - Yes = 72mm f/2.7 equivalent [link to proof] Schneider Xenoplan 17mm f/1.7 - Yes (blurry corners) - [link to proof] SLR Magic 11mm F1.4 - Yes - [link to proof] (added by EOSHD) Tokina TV Lens 8mm f/1.3 - NO [link to proof] Tokina TV Lens 16mm f/1.6 - NO [link to proof] Taylor-Hobson Cooke Kinic 25mm f/1.3 - Yes = 72mm f/3.7 equivalent [link to proof] Taylor-Hobson 25mm f/1.9 - Yes - 72mm f/5.6 equivalent [link to proof] Wesley 25mm f/1.4 - YES = 72mm f/4 equivalent [link to proof] Wollensak Cine Raptar 12.5mm f/1.5 - Yes = 36mm f/4.3 equivalent [link to proof] Wollensak Cine Raptar 25mm f/1.9 - Yes = 72mm f/5.6 equivalent [link to proof] $ 25 noname 25mm f/1.2 CCTV - YES = 72mm f/3.5 equivalent [link to proof] Zooms Ernitec 6-12mm f/1.4 - NO [link to proof] Kowa TV Zoom 12.5-75mm f/1.8 - NO [link to proof]
  2. I wonder: does it work?   Most anamorphic lenses don't let you get very wide. What are the results if you put a wide angle converter in front of the anamorphic? I don't think they change the focus, or do they?   Probably not a good idea on big anamorphic lenses, but what about the smaller ones? My Iscomorphot 8/2x is pretty small, would be nice to put a 0.7x wide angle converter on it for example.   Or my tiny Petit Cinvesion 1.5x.. It vignettes with taking lenses below 40mm on the GH2. Would like to be able to go a bit wider. Not looking for extreme wide, would be happy with 28mm (0.7x 40mm).   I don't have any wide angle converters, otherwise I would give it a try.. Did someone do this before or does someone have the gear to try? Would be appreciated!
  3. In short: I got six Old Delft Delrama 8 CP 1.5x lenses. Five of them are seeking a new home. They are in pretty bad condition, but hey, i'm only asking €50 each. Interested? Send me a private message! Tired of lugging around your heavy anamorphic lens? Looking for your first anamorphic experience? Always wanted a baby anamorphic? Read on! Old Delft Delrama 8 CP1.5x The Delrama 8 CP1.5x is a tiny anamorphic prism made by the Dutch company Old Delft, a long time ago. The ones I have here were designed for 8mm and have a 1.5x squeeze. They aren't built with optical lenselements like other anamorphics, but made out of prisms (mirrors). Condition What are you buying? A lens in a pretty bad condition to be honest. No fungus or scratches, but the silver on the mirrors is detoriated. If you want to fix it, you have to get someone to resilver the prisms. The Delrama's are pretty easy to take apart, so that should be doable. Might be costly though, I didn't look into further. Anyhow, even in this state they are usable. Look for yourself! I think it can look pretty good - sharp! - things get funky when you point it into bright light, because of the damaged mirrors. How does it work? There is no focus on the Delrama. You put it in front of your taking lens (50mm on the GH2, you can go lower, I made a video with the Hexar 40mm 1.8 before, but if you stop down you'll get black bars) and just focus trough. Not sure what the minimum focus distance is, around 2 or 3 meters I think. Gets sharp from f/2.8, better at f/4. Shot with GH2, Minolta 58mm 1.4 (mostly at f/2 and 2.8) and a Delrama. Where are the flares? It does flare, but not in your typical anamorphic way, because it is made out of mirrors. Here's a video I shot with a lot of bright lights. The video is graded, want to see the original? It's here. I want one! I have five Delrama's for sale. They are listed below with pictures and I made some sample clips with each of them. Even though they are in bad shape and look pretty bad, the results might be better than you'd expect. Sample footage from each Delrama! Download this zip file with footage from each lens, one shot at f/8, one at f/2.8. (Note that in 30.MTS the focus is a bit off - the cyclist is sharp though!) Specimen 30: Specimen 35: Sold Specimen 37: Sold Specimen 50: Sold Specimen 82: Sold €50 each, excl. shipping. First to come, first to pick. Numbers are based on the last digits of the serial no. Don't just judge by the pictures, check the sample footage! All of them come in their original box: How do I mount it onto my camera? I found an easy way... take a (soft) lenscap, make a hole in it and push the Delrama into it. Works fine with my Minolta lenscaps. Shipping/Payment Paypal, bank transfer or local pickup (Den Haag, Netherlands). Can send everywhere, but I suppose Europe is easiest. You pay actual shipping costs. Questions? Shoot!
  4. For sale: Toshiba 32GB 1000x CF Card (150/120MB/s read/write) - €45,- Rarely used. Good for Magic Lantern Raw. Hoya Vario ND 3-400 77mm - €100,- Like new in box. Canon EOS 50D + 64GB KomputerBay 1000x CF-card + 3 batteries + 2 chargers - €250 Want to try out raw video? This is by far the cheapest way. When Magic Lantern came out with their raw hack, I was one of the first to grab a Canon EOS 50D and started experiment with it. You can read more about it in Andrews blog. Since then I haven't used it much, but it was a lot of fun experimenting with it and it's still amazing you can shoot raw video with a camera from 2008, that doesn't even have a movie mode. Check a sample video I made here. Comes in box, includes 1 original battery, 2 Phottix 1600mAh Titan BP511a batteries and two chargers. I'm adding a 64GB 1000x CF card so you're good to go. Panasonic GH2 + vintage lens kit - €250 Another piece of history I bought this camera because of EOSHD. Amazing value, back when I bought it in 2012, but even now it's still going strong. Signs of use, but works like a charm. Has been sitting on a shelf since around 2013... Hacked with Moon Trial 5 for high bitrates. I'll add some vintage lenses + adapter, so this is a fun kit for anyone who wants to start filming on a low budget. Want to see what the GH2 is capable of? Watch Musgo here! The kit includes: GH2 body (silver), box, 2 original batteries, charger, Minolta MD adapter, Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.7, Tokina SD 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5 Macro, Sigma 80-200mm 3.5-4 High Speed Zoom. Both Tokina and Sigma have a minolta mount, you can use them on the supplied adapter. View more pictures of the set here
  5. Julian

    The Diopter Thread.

    I'm holding on to it for now... I should start using my gear again sometime I do have some diopters I'm willing to part with. Like the Tamron +0.5 diopter (72mm close up adapter lens for 28-200mm) It's not an achromat, but it's cheap and works quite ok. You can find plenty of info on the anamorphic forum here. I do have some smaller achromats. Not sure if useful but if anyone is interested, send me a message: Minolta Close-Up Lens No. 0. 55mm - diopter +1 Leitz Elpro VIIb 54mm (weird size) - diopter +0.75 (?) Minolta Close-Up Lens for Autopak-8 67mm - diopter +2.5, or +3 according to http://www.ki.tng.de/~sgude/achromats.html?
  6. Julian

    The Diopter Thread.

    I've actually never used it. Collecting dust in my closet with my collection of anamorphots. Shame on me... I know It's mounted onto my Kowa B&H though. Perfect fit with the 72mm size. What I've seen/heard it's really good, like the Tokina. The Tokina is expensive because most people who have it know what it is. With the Minolta that's not the case so you can get it cheaper if you're lucky. But actually it kind of is the same product, both diopters were originally design to use with big telezooms.
  7. Julian

    Panasonic GH5 video is it real or fake?

    Obviously it's real!
  8. I didn't receive the money 28 days after my claim. I have received it now. I cc'd Panasonic UK Customer service, they said they'd forwarded it to a manager at the catchback company. 15 minutes later there was 280 EUR on my PayPal account
  9. Anyone got their cashback from Panasonic? I did not and no reaction on my question about it either. Just wondering how things went for you guys.
  10. Julian

    Mac Pro 3.1 still powerfull?

    I know it's not available for that price. My point is, there is no benefit whatsoever of the expensive, ancient, ddr2 ecc memory in the MacPro 3.1. You make it sound like it's such a great deal because of it has expensive memory. It's still slow memory... And by the way, Mac Pro's work fine with non-ecc memory. So for a Mac Pro 4.1 you can just check Amazon for kits of 4x DDR3 8GB memory, there's plenty even for less than $150.
  11. Julian

    Mac Pro 3.1 still powerfull?

    Are you kidding? That's DDR2 ram... ancient stuff. 32GB new DDR3 ram is like €150... True, the Mac Pro uses expensive ECC memory, but that has no advantage in speed whatsoever and is kind of pointless for video editing. @sqm What's in your hackingtosh exactly? i5 or i7? either way, it's probably like 4 generations newer than the Xeon E5462 in the Mac Pro 3.1. That makes quite a difference in new instructions, optimisations, etc. Even with it 8 cores I doubt it's going to be an upgrade over your current system. Buying an 8 year old computer... even if it was very powerful by then, is not a smart move imo. Maybe if your current setup was really slower, but it's not. I can see your point of wanting to have a native mac though. You could consider changing systems because of that and the price of €400 seems ok. But it's still an old system... Wouldn't invest in it.
  12. Received my G7 body from Amazon UK. Lovely little camera Looks like they're sold out by now.. price is up and only one available.
  13. Julian

    Rectilux Extreme Low Light Test (f/1.2)

    Love it Tito! Always been curious to see some extreme aperture anamorphic shots with the Kowa B&H. I expected it'd work well and it sure does. Looks perfect.
  14. My bad, DMC-G7EB-K seems to be the code for body only.
  15. Great deal! Seems like the G7 body is not eligible for the Cashback though, has to be one of the kits: DMC-G7HEB-KCashback£200.00€280.00DMC-G7WEB-SCashback£200.00€280.00DMC-G7KEB-KCashback£200.00€280.00DMC-G7KEB-SCashback£200.00€280.00DMC-G7EB-KCashback£200.00€280.00
  16. Can't edit my post any more but I've sold some stuff... Items below are still for sale. Mosaic Engineering VAF-5D2b for Canon 5D Mark IIPanasonic GH2 body (silver) 2 original batteriesCanon EOS 50D + 3 batteries (1 original) + 2 chargersCanon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM64GB CF - Komputerbay 1000x UDMA732GB CF - Toshiba 1000x UDMA7 (150MB/s read, 120MB/s write)I'm sure there must be someone here who can put that VAF-5D2b to good use. Anyone shooting ML Raw with the 5D Mark II should be interested... Also: I might be interested in a Panasonic G7 (body) if anyone wants to part with it for a good price.
  17. Julian

    Show us your latest gear

    I'm surprised that Z cam is out already. That was on kickstarter like 4 months ago?
  18. Julian

    Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?

    Good journalism would be you being able to get the news confirmed officially. Which is probably not very realistic right now though, so I'd settle with any official statement on the matter. Anyway, the article in its current form is fine. Using arguments and sources, forming an opinion. A lot better than the bold claim it was at first.
  19. Julian

    Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?

    Yes, I want facts. Of course. Good that you included them now in your update on the blog. It's not about arguing if the rumors are true or not. I just strongly disagreed with your conclusion (the title of the article, which is much better in its current form) based on the response Oliver got. It simply is _not_ an official statement from Samsung. It might be a statement from a certain guy with a certain position at a certain division, but all those aspects are unknown. Apparently Oliver knows them and it would be good for the value of article to include this information. I'm kind of flabbergasted that Dpreview just copies your blog, without taking the 5 minutes needed to find the original source of the quote (which is right here in the topic). The whole thing kind of took a 180 degree when Oliver got that second response. Anyway, no hard feelings. I value this blog, and above all it's a blog so write whatever you want (that's why I value it...). I do think you could do better journalism sometimes and make articles like this much more valuable with some more fact checking and verification (or at least arguments - like you added now). Even a 'Samsung declined to respond on the matter' kind of reply would be valuable.
  20. Julian

    Is Samsung shutting down their camera business?

    Maybe start checking some facts instead of taking every word some rep - who's name and function is uknown - says for 'official Samsung statement'
  21. Julian

    Quantum Film Camera, 1st Short

    Totally loses all credibility by using a 1/4" 320x240 pixel sensor from a barbie camera, and saying that's a 'conventional' camera.
  22. Julian

    Cracked Iscorama pre 36

    It's hard to tell from the pictures. Either the seller can't take proper pictures or he's trying to hide how bad it is. He's pretty honest about it in the description though, selling it as 'broken / use for parts'... I'm curious if it still works - if all the elements are moving it might still give an ok picture. Getting it repaired sounds not very likely or will cost a fortune. But you can minimize your loss by selling it to rich for $400...
  23. I'm letting go a lot of stuff. Let me know if you're interested, make me an offer. I'm willing to part with everything for a fair price. I'll make detailed pictures of all the products for sale on request. Can combine multiple products. Also have plenty of vintage lenses / adapters I'm willing to sell or combine with the cameras. Located in Europe (Netherlands). Panasonic GH4 body - Like new in box, barely usedPanasonic GH2 body (silver) 2 original batteriesPanasonic 14mm f/2.5Panasonic 45-150mm f/4-5.6 OISCanon EOS 5D Mark II body + 2 original batteriesMosaic Engineering VAF-5D2b for Canon 5D Mark IICanon EOS 50D + 3 batteries (1 original) + 2 chargersCanon EF 50mm f/1.4Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM64GB CF - Komputerbay 1000x UDMA732GB CF - Toshiba 1000x UDMA7
  24. Julian

    A few musings on what I missed in my month off from EOSHD!

    @Andrew Reid Huh? Aren't you supposed to be selling cameras instead of buying?