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  1. Thanks. I'm tempted to invest in the 23 and 50 f2 if they don't hunt and have decent autofocus. It seems a great hybrid camera for casual video shoots and capturing moments with its jpeg engine.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation @jonpais Any recommendations for a shorter focal length within the 24-35-50mm range to capture action a bit closer to the subject?
  3. Can anyone recommend some native lenses for the X-T20 that have good auto-focus or even a decent manual focus ring? I got the 27mm 2.8 pancake lens for photos but it is awful for any video work. It forever hunts and the motor is noisy and gets picked up with the audio. I also have the 16-50 XC zoom but was looking for a prime or a better zoom.
  4. Happy holidays! I recently got a RX100 V to capture video. Does anyone else have one? Any tips of setup? Picture profiles? I am running it 50p mode as the 25p mode seems a bit juddery compared to the D750. Is it safe to run 1/50 for 50p mode or should I be doing it 1/100? Playback seems a bit different compared to my other cameras hence was asking. I do usually shoot 25p 1/50 but was trying to see what works best for the RX100 V. The only negative seems to be the shorter battery life I am experiencing compared to older models and larger mirror-less cameras. The colours aren't as good as my Nikon D750 or Fuji X-T20 kit but the auto-focus is great and the main reason it was purchased to capture quick family moments and be easy to take. Is there anything else on the market with reliable auto-focus like the Sony RX100? I did contemplate the the Lumix range but from what I saw the auto-focus isn't as rapid and can hunt a fair bit?
  5. HI, I mainly have the Nikon 24-70 2.8 attached to the D750 for shooting video but have not always been happy with manually focusing with it quickly. It does not offer much flexibility in terms of nailing focus quickly because the range of something being in focus and not being in sharp focus is so minimal. Are there any better zooms out there that I may not know about that offers a far better focus pulling range to get things locked in focus quicker? I have heard there are some classic lenses about but don't really know which ones are worth getting. I do have primes but do need a zoom as my workhorse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Red
  6. Thank you so much to everyone who has posted so far. Lots to read up on today and then evaluate and ask more questions Great community as always!
  7. For the 2011 grab 16GB via Crucial and then replace the HDD with a SSD and also replace the optical drive with another SSD or even a larger HDD or the existing HDD. Put OSX on the SSD and all your data on the HDD. This should speed up your machine considerably. Check this guide to get dual HDD in your machine.
  8. Afternoon all, I am looking into a new machine for my editing needs be it photos via Lightroom or video via Final Cut or maybe Premiere Pro. I saw an iMac via the Apple Refurb store with a spec of: 27-inch Retina 5K | 16GB memory| 2TB Fusion Drive | AMD Radeon R9 M395 Will that suffice for D750 1080p footage and a potential 4k GX80 and GH5 next summer? Or am I better of building an i7 6700k rig with carefully selected components? What is everyone editing on to keep me some sort of idea. Thanks, Red
  9. Hi All, I am looking for a bit of advice. A few shooters I know who shoot documentaries have switched to shooting with the Sony A7S II and FS5 and I was looking to pick something up on a budget to cut with their footage. Any recommendations for something that will cut well with the A7S II? I was thinking maybe the Sony A6000 or A6300? Any lens recommendations? Native or use adaptors to use other brands. The end deliverable is 1080p via Blu-ray or USB stick. Thanks for any pointers in advance.
  10. Another vote for the D750. Want to switch to Sony but then look at the footage which makes me keep it! As said above, it gets the job done and the colours are very good with minimal to no effort.
  11. red

    Sony a6300 4k

    The corpse like comment on the skin tones makes me just want to skip this and keep my D750 and add a D5500/D7200 once funds allow rather than selling my Nikon gear and lenses. The skin tones out of the camera from the D750 are very good.
  12. red

    Sony a6300 4k

    Thanks for an insight into your equipment. Matching in post may prove to be your biggest headache. Might be worthwhile downloading samples online and putting in post with your Sony footage. I am still sitting on the fence. I was recently editing my D750 footage and the colours were very good and required no colour correction. I am worried about jumping to the A6300 and losing out on the out of the box colours and also the DOF I can get with my 24-70 and 85.
  13. red

    Sony a6300 4k

    What is your main cam? The eBay Panasonic store has the G7 at a good price when in stock @ £349 and warranty.
  14. red

    Sony a6300 4k

    If I switch from Nikon the 18-105mm PZ G OSS and the 35mm f1.8 OSS seem an ideal combo with some vintage primes.
  15. That is a cracker of a price! I will monitor the Outlet store. I have had my MBP over 7 years and time for an upgrade but worried may miss FCPX.
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