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  1. I'm holding on to it for now... I should start using my gear again sometime I do have some diopters I'm willing to part with. Like the Tamron +0.5 diopter (72mm close up adapter lens for 28-200mm) It's not an achromat, but it's cheap and works quite ok. You can find plenty of info on the anamorphic forum here. I do have some smaller achromats. Not sure if useful but if anyone is interested, send me a message: Minolta Close-Up Lens No. 0. 55mm - diopter +1 Leitz Elpro VIIb 54mm (weird size) - diopter +0.75 (?) Minolta Close-Up Lens for Autopak-8 67mm - diopter +2.5, or +3 according to http://www.ki.tng.de/~sgude/achromats.html?
  2. I've actually never used it. Collecting dust in my closet with my collection of anamorphots. Shame on me... I know It's mounted onto my Kowa B&H though. Perfect fit with the 72mm size. What I've seen/heard it's really good, like the Tokina. The Tokina is expensive because most people who have it know what it is. With the Minolta that's not the case so you can get it cheaper if you're lucky. But actually it kind of is the same product, both diopters were originally design to use with big telezooms.
  3. I didn't receive the money 28 days after my claim. I have received it now. I cc'd Panasonic UK Customer service, they said they'd forwarded it to a manager at the catchback company. 15 minutes later there was 280 EUR on my PayPal account
  4. Anyone got their cashback from Panasonic? I did not and no reaction on my question about it either. Just wondering how things went for you guys.
  5. I know it's not available for that price. My point is, there is no benefit whatsoever of the expensive, ancient, ddr2 ecc memory in the MacPro 3.1. You make it sound like it's such a great deal because of it has expensive memory. It's still slow memory... And by the way, Mac Pro's work fine with non-ecc memory. So for a Mac Pro 4.1 you can just check Amazon for kits of 4x DDR3 8GB memory, there's plenty even for less than $150.
  6. Are you kidding? That's DDR2 ram... ancient stuff. 32GB new DDR3 ram is like €150... True, the Mac Pro uses expensive ECC memory, but that has no advantage in speed whatsoever and is kind of pointless for video editing. @sqm What's in your hackingtosh exactly? i5 or i7? either way, it's probably like 4 generations newer than the Xeon E5462 in the Mac Pro 3.1. That makes quite a difference in new instructions, optimisations, etc. Even with it 8 cores I doubt it's going to be an upgrade over your current system. Buying an 8 year old computer... even if it was very powerful by then, is not a smart move imo. Maybe if your current setup was really slower, but it's not. I can see your point of wanting to have a native mac though. You could consider changing systems because of that and the price of €400 seems ok. But it's still an old system... Wouldn't invest in it.
  7. Received my G7 body from Amazon UK. Lovely little camera Looks like they're sold out by now.. price is up and only one available.
  8. Love it Tito! Always been curious to see some extreme aperture anamorphic shots with the Kowa B&H. I expected it'd work well and it sure does. Looks perfect.
  9. My bad, DMC-G7EB-K seems to be the code for body only.
  10. Great deal! Seems like the G7 body is not eligible for the Cashback though, has to be one of the kits: DMC-G7HEB-KCashback£200.00€280.00DMC-G7WEB-SCashback£200.00€280.00DMC-G7KEB-KCashback£200.00€280.00DMC-G7KEB-SCashback£200.00€280.00DMC-G7EB-KCashback£200.00€280.00
  11. I'm surprised that Z cam is out already. That was on kickstarter like 4 months ago?
  12. Totally loses all credibility by using a 1/4" 320x240 pixel sensor from a barbie camera, and saying that's a 'conventional' camera.
  13. It's hard to tell from the pictures. Either the seller can't take proper pictures or he's trying to hide how bad it is. He's pretty honest about it in the description though, selling it as 'broken / use for parts'... I'm curious if it still works - if all the elements are moving it might still give an ok picture. Getting it repaired sounds not very likely or will cost a fortune. But you can minimize your loss by selling it to rich for $400...
  14. @Andrew Reid Huh? Aren't you supposed to be selling cameras instead of buying?
  15. Good decision Andrew. Looking forward to new blogs about great cheap gear.
  16. @Blake.H Hey, I wanted to post that! I love movies with strong anamorphic bokeh. So Killing them Softly blew me away. It was shot at T2 T2.5, even during the day! Check out this article if you liked it: http://www.theasc.com/ac_magazine/October2012/KillingThemSoftly/page1.php
  17. Not sure if we're looking at the same video / stream quality. Watching on a 1080p screen, the text is not sharp at all, indicating it's a lower resolution upsized. Here's a screengrab, this is as good as it gets. No detail at all (because of crappy uploaded file, I'm sure). 1080p at 5 tot 10 mbps can you perfecly sharp.
  18. Canon and their sample video's... it's not proper 1080p. More like 720p? I'm not that impressed by the iso 100.000 footage. A7S can do the same imo. But it would be good to see some actual files out of that brain.
  19. Yeah, my bad. Was just confused by the press release stating it as a function of the GH4R.
  20. Not in Europe. According to this press release the GH4R does also 4:2:2 10-bit hdmi-output (withouth the YAGAYUEGHEAHE-EAHEG I suppose): The clean HDMI output from the GH4R provides a higher quality 4:2:2 10-bit output with over 984 million more colour graduation, making it the perfect partner for the Atomos 4K Shogun and Ninja Assassin.
  21. You're linking to the normal GH4. The new GH4R is probably Europe only. Introduced at IFA. Just got the Dutch press release.
  22. GH4R is also official. Same as GH4, with V-Log and no time limit for recording.
  23. I've heard the rolling shutter is terrible in 4K mode. The sensor has a crop factor of 0,8x compared to fullframe. The fastest Leica S lenses are f/2.5. In terms of DOF, any fullframe camera can give you the same DOF with f/2 lenses... I really can't see what's special about that sample clip uploaded in 720p. Could've been shot with a Canon 550D, some good lenses and the help of a good colourist.
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