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  1. @DBounce The A7R II sensor is not a 'stacked' sensor with memory attached to it. This is only the case with the 20MP 1-inch sensor in the RX100 IV and RX10 II. The full frame sensor does have fast readout because of it's BSI design. I think BSI doesn't do much regarding to image quality, except for very small sensors (phone cameras). Look at the RX100 cameras. First generation had a normal 20MP sensor, RX100 II got the same chip but with BSI tech. There is no clear advantage in image quality.
  2. ​Won't happen. The firmware is already final. Also, IBIS not working in video is not a 'niggle', more likely a choice. I'm sure technically it's possible, it works in live view while taking pictures after all...
  3. It sure was the most appealing option 1,5 years ago when the GH4 was launched. True. The GX8 is a bit of a let down for us. Panasonic is really protecting the GH4. The GX8 is clearly aimed at still photographers. But still it beats the crap out of Canon/Nikon/Sony camera's in the same price range when it comes to video...
  4. Did you watch it in full screen? The trailer is 720p, so that might be the problem. I don't see resolution issues. You can actually watch the full movie on Vimeo in 1080p:
  5. Personally I don't like to invest in native mft lenses. Apsc lenses like the tokina are more versatile. Easier to sell probably. And you can still use them when changing to another camera (which I might do).
  6. The FZ1000 isn't much more expensive. The difference is about 130 Euro's. I think that makes the FZ1000 a lot more attractive with its bigger 1 inch sensor. Only advantage of the FZ300 is that you keep wide angle in 4k mode (27mm), where the FZ1000 goes to 37mm because of the crop.
  7. @Cinegain Lets hope there will be a Sony A7000, affordable APS-C camera. I'm pretty sure it will get 4K and S-Log. If it gets IBIS too, it will be a GX8 killer...
  8. 5 Axis Hybrid OIS is also used in the FZ1000. It is a combination of Optical IS and electronic stabilisation. No sensor movement is involved. So if it works the same in the GX8, that means no sensor stabilisation in video mode (like the GX7).
  9. Looks nice. But no 4K is a deal breaker for me. The NLE options in Resolve 12 (free) are looking very promising.
  10. It looks like Premiere sucks at handling the DNG file.. just opened it and I get the same result. In Photoshop CC it looks fine. I don't have any experience with editing Cinema DNG in Premiere though, maybe someone else can chime in on that. Have you tried Resolve? It's great for grading raw files.
  11. What software do you use to process the raw files? Can you post a DNG frame from this sequence?
  12. Julian

    Panasonic g6 deal

    Fingerprint on sensor is a bad sign. The way they put it there with tape over the lens mount is a worse sign... Sensors are delicate. True, maybe you can get it cleaned, but there's definitely a chance of damage. You could try to talk the price down though.. maybe you'll get it for less and make it worth the risk.
  13. I admit, I'm infected with GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). It's time to let go of some of my gear... So I'm selling my SLR Anamorphot 1,33x. Bought it last year like new, I haven't used it since, it's been sitting on the shelve basically. It's the complete kit with 0.3 and 1.3 diopters included, in it's original box, in perfect condition. Current price - new - is €1189 after rebate. Asking price: €900 Send me a message if you're interested. I'm based in The Netherlands, prefer to sell in Europe. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal. (image from SLR website, I can show you the actual set if interested) Since I haven't used it - except for taking a picture of my cat when I received the set... - I can't share any of my own works. Here is some work made with the SLR Anamorphot by others on the forum:
  14. I'm still pretty much convinced Olympus and Panasonic had an agreement of some sorts... Only now Panasonic has 4K, Olympus could deliver 24 and 25 fps (E-M5 II). Shame there's no firmware update for the older camera's though. It can't be rocket science to give a camera 24 and 25 fps if it already has 30 fps.
  15. Not very realistic to expect a major firmware update every month. At least they are solving some bugs quickly.
  16. Rejected! http://www.ephotozine.com/article/eu-rejects-freedom-of-panorama-changes--27783
  17. You've got some pretty cool actions shots in there. Mostly in the 2nd half of the video in my opinion. I really love the shot at 2:42! Overall I think it is too long. I don't like the intro. Some of the slow motion scenes are boring (when nothing spectacular is happening, slomo is just annoying). And I want to hear those engines scream...! Even if you didn't record proper audio, maybe you can try to put some of the internal audio under the music? I think a shorter cut, with just the action, only the best shots, and some engine sound, would make a pretty good action video.
  18. I really respect your effort, you actually did put something together with a storyline and everything. But to be honest, it is pretty terrible. Very shaky footage, bad transitions between scenes, weird audio. What is your own opinion? What do you mean by feature film? 90 minutes...? Why not try something short first? You have to improve on all the basics. Light, camera movement, compositions, transitions, audio. Don't zoom while you are filming a shot Try a tripod or a simple 'rig' to get some stable images Don't use fancy transitions between clips. Just go for a plain cut. Ever seen a fade or transition effect in a real movie?
  19. Julian

    4k to 1080

    I just make a 1080p project and scale the footage to 50% width and height (or change it if you want to crop, recompose or zoom). In Premiere Pro this looks absolutely fine without scaling artefacts. I don't believe there's a noticeable difference in doing it in fancy ways. If anything can prove me wrong I'd be happy to know though.
  20. Sony (Japan) has been working hard on killing the rumors, with great success. This has started with the A7 II introduction like you mentioned (end of 2014). There have been no real leaks since then. Even Sony PR managers in Europe were surprised by the A7 II and A7R II, they didn't even know there was an embargo. No press release, nothing. I don't think it has to do anything with the hack. It's just Sony Japan keeping everything in a very tight circle.
  21. Do you remember what memory card you used? maybe a hick-up while writing?
  22. The article (rumor) does not say anything about how it works at all. It says: "I don’t know yet in detail how this works on the A7000" And then there's a (wild) assumption about it possibly being the same technique as in the Xperia Z.
  23. I agree that the answer can be 'get anything'. Even if you would do a lot of considered or sophisticated shooting. You can do that with all of mentioned cameras. Figuring out which camera you want is something you have to research for yourself. Each one has their pros and cons. Read reviews, view sample footage, read more reviews, try them at a store, think about what you want, what is most important to you? (4K, slomo, interchangeable lenses, handling, ergonimics, battery life, sound, accessories, etc, etc...) And yes, put the G7 on your list too
  24. I really liked it. Great tension, nice shots and sequences, good sound! One thing I didn't like so much: the slomo shot at 1:06. I think it breaks the pace of that scene. The slomo around 1:40 fits better (because of the sound), but maybe it would be better to end the running scene with the slomo instead of speeding it up again. Just a thought, not sure how that would actually turn out.
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