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  1. Question: does the a7r II have variable frame rate -- as in: below 24fps -- like the GH4 did? Also: has anyone seen the limit for exposure time where shutterless exposure is concerned? (electronic shutter) I'd love to see it up near 30 seconds for night shooting. Also II: any chance at that we get lossless compressed raw? It really bugs me that the 11bit raw is lossy.
  2. Two questions: - Can you take photos in video mode without having to restart the video? - Is there any reason to think this video is any different than what is offered in the d810?
  3. Interesting... so essentially this just means we won't be downscaling the image.
  4. Very interesting. I may splurge for this if their in camera stabilization works extremely well on 4k too.
  5. This. It's an absolute beast of a camera and I enjoy it quite a bit more than the gh4 as an all around tool. (note that I'm still a pretty heavy stills guy) I mean, if you were going equal on stills and video... this would have to be right near, if not at the top of the list.
  6. Beats not having those features. Definitely trying to grab some of the dslr video market. Using a product that was engineered for stills first, though. Is what it is.
  7. This. Lens lineup is a big drawback for sony right now. You can use an adapter, but that's a compromised solution. Light weight with the Sony is a plus and minus depending on usage. Outside of medium format sensors, the Nikon offering is the out there for static type shooting where detail and dynamic range are at a premium. You can practically shoot one shot HDR with the d800... I've processed thousands of files. Used to be with Canon. D800 easily wins here.
  8. D800 video can look awesome. Engineering effort was definitely a photo first effort though. Same here. Maybe in the future they'll make a video focused product. This is only marketing we're reading.
  9. Destroys 5D Mark III DR wise and 36mp flat out kills. At least for static type shooting... I shoot landscapes and easily the best tool in its price range. If you're into people photography moreso, run and gun, then I see the 5D Mark III being more competition. (but no way I'm going back from 36mp... much more flexible files for post processing)
  10. Killer stills camera, but at 36mp it's sort of a lost cause for high end video.
  11. It won't have that DR unless the video is raw. It'll be really good though, it seems.
  12. Hey, this is pretty significant. I haven't seen anything that touches this ability to pull shadows and adjust highlights. The work flow will be a little funky... but this is a big deal.
  13. Dynamic range with 10bit pro-res data (via external recording) ought to be just about even with blackmagic pro-res.
  14. Just ordered a 8-16mm Sigma to work with my metabones adapter. Will review.
  15. So I've decided I need a cage or something to simply add weight to help balance it out -- to kill micro-jitters. My fullframe body/lens doesn't have this sort of jitter and I'm fairly certain the reason why is mass and weight. With that said. . . any good recommendations on a good handheld cage for under 200 dollars? I figure one of the GH3 offerings would do fine. . . I've just now started researching, though. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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