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  1. Nice camera but somehow I'm not impressed. I saw the rumors and I thought Sony A9 would have a a more ruggerised body (dustproof, waterproof), less squishy buttons and an extendedy body like the 1DX has. And a big focus on image quality i.e. much higher dynamic range than other cameras. Instead the focus is 20fps. Who needs 20fps? Sports photogs can be interested, but they need big white lenses. Sony doesn't have any of those. I have no idea which kind of user Sony is targeting for this.
  2. DxOMark is a for-profit company. Such papers are written to produce more clicks or more sales and there's a good probability they are biased. You can link to research done by independent researchers though.
  3. The biggest issue with DXO is giving too much weight to resolution. Cameras with higher resolution always rank higher than lower-res cameras with similar or better performance in ISO or dynamic range or color accuracy. Thus a RED Helium with better resolution (8K) will blow away other comparable cameras. This is how their DxO camera rank so high in their own ranking even though it's only a 1 inch sensor. A good way to proove is to take all their cameras and graph resolution vs DxO ranking. I am sure you will find linearity.
  4. With its recent price decrease ($3999 new), the C100 mk2 makes sense. It doesn't have the best image, resolution but it "just works". And you don't have to dress it up like most DSLRs or mirrorless with bits of ND solutions, audio recorder, monitor, recorder here and there. I'm also a personal fan of Canon colors, esp on skin.
  5. @jax_rox The (Sony) battery died while still having 35% charge. The EVF/monitor switch does not work anywhere although it is set in "AUTO" mode in the menu. I have cleaned the light sensor, it does not switch anymore. Now i have to go to the menu and choose manually monitor or evf everytime I want to review footage or if a client wants to see. Flimsy plastics : I re-iterate that Sony uses plastics more fragile than Canon. They are easier to break. Small parts like the metallic pin holding the battery door pops off easily. The plastics around eye cup. I only have experience with Blackmagic, Canon and Panasonic. I cannot tell for Nikon, Olympus, Pentax or RED but Sony is the brand that makes me think I'm holding an electronic gadget with limited lifetime instead of a solid camera. USB : sometimes connecting the camera to the computer works. sometimes it doesn't. Mac or PC. I wanted to do that for quick loading of shots but I have to use a third-party (Lexar) SD reader all the times. I did not have USB problems with Canon cameras There are a few features that I like about Sonys. They are the smallest full frame so you could have the highest quality shots with a small lens. No other manufacturer offers that. I can send a photo to my smartphones in 30sec wirelessly. It's fun for instagram. I can do landscapes stitches. It's also fun, Canons don't do that. It's the best mount for vintage lenses : Zeiss, minolta, old soviet lenses etc. I wish their product managers stop one moment and take the time to release a simple, solid, well-tested camera that doesn't get in the way. I'd pay $$$ for that. And it doesn't even have to be 50mpx or shoot 4k120fps
  6. I owned a 7D, 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III. I used the 5Ds intensely. Both of them crashed in the floor, from 6 feet high, with 24-70L or 70-200L. Both survived. I had an issue with the 5D2 with a dirty mirror but it was an operator error. And many other situations happened but they always worked. I have switched to Sony and truly disappointed. I don't have issues with the A6000 but for A7R2 I have had batteries dying, EVF/monitor switch not working, USB not working then working, flimsy plastics, ISO problems. I have missed many important shots in paid work. I can recommend Canon for serious paid work. If you are doing "light" pro work such as the occasional photo shoot for friends, Sonys could be good but they do not support rough conditions and pro environment as much as Canon.
  7. I would get a Canon EOS M3. You can get them for new on ebay for $400 or less with the 22mm f2 lens. I've had the EOS M and the same lens for about 18 months. It's very small, can be tucked in a pocket or backpack, and can be used anywhere (parties, travel, street etc.) without anyone thinking you have a pro camera. They just think you have one of those Canon IXUS camera and always amazed when pictures are shared. The only problem I had was autofocus in very low-light, when there is no sources of light around. But the latest version M3 has faster autofocus and does much better in low-light. Of course, you can't expect DSLR-level autofocus but all other cameras mentioned here such as Ricoh GR or Fuji don't excel in autofocus either...
  8. Interesting. Anybody knows if the new Fujifilm X70 has similar video quality? It was released at the same time
  9. I would use the 5D mk3, now looking for a good price. With Sony, my battery died last thursday on a paid gig, switched to a new battery but lost a must-have shot. Also I don't like the colors, I don't like the buttons which make you change too easily the aperture or shutter speed (back and front dial). With a 5D mk3 and a 35mm f2 IS, I'm happy The only problem with the 5d is the workflow. I remember having to convert all the files and taking so much space, which slows down your creativity. Now apparently there are new tools so you don't have to convert anymore.
  10. The PIX could be very nice if you want the best sound with this add-on http://www.newsshooter.com/2016/03/15/video-devices-pix-lr-audio-interface-adds-xlr-inputsoutputs-to-the-pix-e-series/ Basically it makes it a Sound Devices recorder, an industry standard in filmmaking. Those start at $3k while you can get a PIX-E5 for $1k (the HDMI version) and the PIX-LR for $500 It also seems much more durable than any other monitor/recorder out there
  11. While there is a real rendering difference between the Sigma and Nikkor, there's a lack of logic in the conclusions. The difference in rendering could be due to the low lens count, or maybe the coatings or lens curvature changed between the designs. There are multiple factors and # of lens counts just a coincidence. This is like observing birds migrating in the south during seasons and then concluding that the birds bring with them the heat.
  12. What lenses do you have? also are you going to shoot handheld or you have time to set up for a shot?
  13. @cinegain There are speedboosters for the Fuji mount and also other adapters to get Contax, EOS, Nikon and other manual lenses on a Fuji body. At the end, there's not much difference between this and a mft mount camera
  14. I would bet 1080p 60fps and 4k 24fps. So that would be an upgrade from 720p 60 to 1080p 60fps
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