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  1. Getting back to the original topic, I have done some exhaustive research and renting of cameras, to figure out what my next move was and after careful study, I've decided to wait a little longer. It seems there are a few options in the Canon and Panasonic camp that might be relevant to what I'm looking for, and I feel like I don't want to commit to a specific camera yet, so I'm planning on renting in the meantime...but...I hopped on another discussion thread from a user that had similar question of what camera next, and I shared some of the my conclusions on there, so I thought I'd copy and p
  2. It's been really interesting reading through this thread. I started a similar one, after ditching my Canon 5D Mark III to pickup a dedicated video camera, since I now shoot stills mostly on Fujifilm X camera and wasn't satisfied with the quality of the 5D Mark III in comparison to other video cameras I was renting and shooting with for video projects. The 5D Mark III was brilliant in it's day and still to this day shoots amazing stills, but because I shoot a lot of street photography needed something smaller and Fuji really helped replace that function in more compact package, so my 5D sat i
  3. I just checked out some example footage. I've recently steered away from DSLR's, even on the photography side, but wow...the image quality on this is pretty amazing, based on a quick search on Vimeo I just did. I wonder if the upcoming 5D Mark IV due to be announced next month, will have comparable video quality? $6000 is slightly above my budget, so I'm looking for something more in the $3000-$4000 range, if possible....
  4. How's the image quality of the 1DX Mark II compared to the 5D Mark III?
  5. I am in the same boat that you were when you started this post. I'm trying to decide to go Blackmagic or canon. I mostly do narrative short indie stuff and music videos. For any doc or commercial stuff I usually rent. Now that I've sold my 5DmkIII I'm trying to decide. I'm concerned if the C100 gives a cinematic enough image for my type of work. I love the face that it has everything you need and it's ready to go and often times my work even narrative or music video can be run and gun and playing around with available light. I know the Blackmagic achieves the asthetic I want but I
  6. Lintelfilm - Did you end up buying a new camera, and if so, which one did you end up getting? I"m in the same boat now, and was curious to hear what you concluded on!
  7. This is interesting! I was noticing this a little bit in example footage I was looking at but wasn't sure if it was just me being picky or not. Ive worked with the C100 mk1 on a shoot and found the image quality to be filmic and appealing but want to avoid an image that looks more video like. I work in Post Production and work with a lot of Alexa footage so I lean more towards the most filmic look I can achieve and most of the work I would be doing with this camera would be narrative short film and music video and not documentary style or interviews, except for maybe occasionally.
  8. Hi all, I've narrowed down my choice in purchasing a new cinema camera to either the C100 or C100 Mark II. I'm having trouble deciding between the two mainly because the C100 is at such a killer deal for $2999 with Dual Pixel Autofocus while the C100 Mark II is now at $3999. My question is, are the improvements in the C100 Mark II worth the $1000 difference? Would love to get some opinions! I'd mainly be using this camera for Music Videos and Short Films, with occasional commercial work. Thanks in advance!
  9. I'm not a fan of the original A7S as i found the slog profiles to be REALLY noisy, compared to other log profiles and footage I've worked with on Arri, BM and Canon. However I did see marked improvement in the slog profiles in the area of noise with the A7S II. The image was quite nice actually and certain profiles definitely got rid of the signature greenish cast you see in Sony footage sometime, so it definitely looks like Sony is aware and working on it. But...my biggest gripes with the Sony DSLR cameras, such as the A7series, was that it just didn't hold up like the 5D on a lot of more
  10. Wow! Some really interesting perspectives. This is great! Here are some of my thoughts/questions... Fuji X-T2 - I actually have one on pre-order to replace my X-T1, for my stills work, and excited to hear about it's upgraded video capabilities, but after looking at all the video test footage that's been posting online, I wasn't too impressed by the image quality. Sure it looked clean and 4K like, but I felt like motion rendering was a bit weird on that camera, and I felt like it had that "high shutter speed" motion look, even when the shooters were shooting in the right shutter speed
  11. Hi all, I realize this subject has been discussed in different forms, at various times on this forum, but I thought I'd get a fresh perspective in 2016 on how everyone feels as a good solid alternative to the 5D Mark III, specifically for video. Originally I bought the 5D, so that I could have a solid photography and video camera. But recently I switched camera systems, to the Fuji for all my stills work, so right now, I've been using the 5D more or less for video. However I'm growing tired of seeing the soft footage, extremely shallow depth of field, making it harder to pull focus, a
  12. Very nice looking camera. Have it on pre-order already but I'm mainly looking at it, for the stills, however I'm VERY curious on it's video capabilities, as I've been looking to replace my Canon 5D Mark III for video work. But I too have noticed some weird motion rendering in the example videos from the X-T2, footage I've seen so far. I've noticed this on the Sony a6300 in some footage as well. It's almost like the shutter speed is higher then 50 for 24p footage making it not so filmic and blur. The black and white stuff however looks really class! Either way I'm getting it, as
  13. Hi Andrew. You bring up a big conundrum, I've been tackling. Because I do a fair share of still photography, I wanted to purchase a body that I could use for stills in addition to video. I tested out the 70D last weekend in NY, and was surprised at how good the focus system was and how fast I could get sharp pictures, as well as the auto focus in video mode. Ultimately here was my plan. To get a Canon 70D and a Panasonic G6 With this option I'll have three cameras to use banking on each of their high points - With my 5D Mark II I currently have, I can shoot all my nighttime and low li
  14. Hi all, Is anyone out there using the VAF Antlaliasing filter for any of the canon bodies and can tell me how their experiences have been? I'm in the middle of a purchase decision, and thinking about buying a 70D as my second stills and video body to my Canon 5D Mark II. I really like the 70D's speed of focus and the video autofocus system, but when I shot with it the other day for video I was so disappointed by the amount of moire and aliasing I experienced. Just curious..if anyone's used the filter and had good or bad experiences?
  15. Hi all, I'm a long time user of Canon cameras for both stills and photog. I rented a GH3 this weekend, to check out all the praise regarding this camera. One of the things I found helpful on this site when I was playing around with 5D's is Andrew's 5D III Settings Vault post on the main site, with his Neutral and Faithful settings. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how to color match 5D's with GH3's. There will be situations where I will record video in low light and shallow depth of field situations on my 5D, as opposed to using the GH3, but would imagine using the GH3 f
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