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  1. And... my avatar is gone again. I give up. Hope your new software was at least free. ;)
  2. Not sure if Andrew has done anything to fix the disappearing avatar issue... but my current one has stuck around for a couple days now... regardless of how I login, ie. twitter or username/password Only thing I've done differently is use the "import from URL" and pointed it to my image url of my google+ avatar.
  3. Was just messing around with what (if anything) I could do with 4k video (FZ1000) on an iPad2. Surprisingly, I could import the 4k footage via Apple Lightning SD card reader. I figured IOS would downsample it to 1080 but it didn't. It stays 4k and plays back fine. The trouble is editing. iMovie doesn't support it, but a couple of other ones will at least let me import in, change frame rate, do a very basic "grade" and resave as 1080. Then it can be imported into iMovie, etc. Anyway, almost kinda cool. The iPad2 appears to be robust enough to handle low-end 4k clips, but the apps aren't there to at least do basic cutting and 4k output yet.
  4. Andrew, for funnies.. just tried the "import from url" setting and put in the image url from my google+ account. The software didn't seem to like the image url from my twitter avatar. When I select "profile_sync" the whole screen goes blank.
  5. ​Well, looks like it's not actually related to Twitter/FB after all. I logged in yesterday via username/password, uploaded a fresh avatar, made a post or two, then logged out. Logged back in today, as you can see... my avatar is now gone again. Bug has to be in your new forum software. Again, I really don't care that much. Just curious to see if it wasn't really your new software. What is the software by the way? Some of the new features and look is cool, but it seems awfully buggy as hell too.
  6. Judging from all the other "default" avatars here, I'm guessing I'm not the only one with the disappearing avatar syndrome. Going to try a little experiment. I usually login via twitter and the forum before Andrew's software upgrade, always pulled my avatar in just fine. But, since some here don't seem to have the issue, I'm wondering if it's related strictly to twitter/facebook login? I'm logged in the standard username/password way right now. I'm going to add a new avatar again, and not use the twitter login for awhile and see if my avatar sticks around longer than when using the twitter login method.
  7. I realize this particular "bridge" camera type doesn't really fit the demographic of the typical user here but I figured I'd ask anyway in case any of you actually got this camera and have good suggestions. Was going to get one of the cheapo rain covers for the FZ1000 like the OP/TECH rain sleeve, but it looks like it's held on in the back by taking off the eyepiece and then putting it back on to secure the sleeve on. But, it doesn't appear that the FZ's eyepiece is removable. Or is it? Any recommendations for a cheap rain cover? Or, is the DIY plastic bag and rubber band just as good as anything out there? I figured it might be good to use on the beach when it's windy to keep the sand off too. Also... Just FYI: Some reviewers were put off by the placement of the battery/card so near the tripod mount so that if you have a mounting plate on it you can't get the battery door open. I was concerned about this too, but it wasn't going to be a deal breaker. Was thrilled to discover that the awesome Sirui compact travel tripod I've been using works great! The mounting plate is small enough and you can slide it over enough before securing it to allow for the battery/card door to open just fine. I paid around $139 I think for this tripod in 2013. It's very compact at just under 12in folded, but comes up to chest level. You can unscrew the top column for an even more stable support, and it folds and configures to make a nice shoulder/video rig too. If you get the resistance on the head just right, you can actually do fairly smooth video pans with it as well. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BFDBO2E/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Here's a snap of the mounting plate on my new FZK
  8. Saw the previous one in HFR 3D, and though it was sort of interesting... I came away with pretty much the same conclusion you have. And, when I went to see the finale... I opted for standard projection and not even 3D. I can't remember what the quote was exactly, but David Lynch said something regarding HD several years ago. It was something to the effect that too much detail distracts and doesn't let the viewer's imagination fill in what's in the shadows. Or something like that. He seemed to prefer the older, low-tech black and white films with minimal detail. He also didn't like the fact that before the head of a nail in the set, that normally wouldn't be seen, was now completely viewable in HD and that it'd have to be painted over, etc. At the time, I thought maybe he was just stuck in the past and didn't want to give it up for the new technology, etc. But now I'm thinking he was absolutely on to something.
  9. Am I the only one who's avatar keeps disappearing? It used to simply and consistently use my twitter avatar on login, but that disappeared. I've uploaded them manually and they stick but eventually disappear also. Now, it appears some of my profile info has disappeared. Should I be taking a hint with this? Or, is this just some issue with twitter login?
  10. This isn't a big deal of course, but I've noticed my avatar keeps disappearing on log out. A first it used my twitter avatar, and then it stopped showing up. Just the default grey avatar. Then I uploaded an old one, and that stuck for a bit, and then eventually disappeared again too. I'm on my 4th one now. Again, no big deal at all, but as long as you're "bug collecting".
  11. @Cinegain, I can't think of many situations I'd personally use the Shogun with the FZ, but if I was making a short or doc & had a friend with a Shogun ( which I do) I might borrow it for the extra audio monitoring & possibly better image. Not to mention the larger 7in display. I haven't put the FZ through paces yet, but the more I get stuff tweaked in the menus, I'm really thrilled with the quality I'm getting for stills and 4k using a $900 camera thats so fun, easy, and quick to use with such a wide range of shooting situation possibilities. So far, it appears to be exactly the all-in-one travel cam I've been looking for. Excited to see how it performs carrying it around the Yucatan & seeing how it handles on the street & in high humidity/heat.
  12. @Matt, "tantrum"? Really? Sorry you took it that way... but OK whatever. @Cinegain, first off... I was given the impression that you couldn't even use the FZ with a Shogun at all from other posts. I'd read that once you record you can't monitor or turn off the display graphics, etc. So, when I read that there are indeed extended possibilities should the need arise for less banding or longer record times, or running XLR mics into it, the ability to monitor sound, larger monitor display, etc. then there are additional options available. That's all I was getting at. Like discovering any gear you already have, now has additional capability you weren't aware of before. No "tantrum" just sharing the info that it's possible if needed.
  13. It's a good camera Matt. It's not as fussy as some of you like to get into. And it's not the best tool for critical work... but knowing that if I wanted to, I could rent a Shogun and get pretty much all I'd want with regard to record length, and range, out of a $900... is cool. I don't expect you to relate to that. I "get" what you and many othera here get off on... really, when it gets down to it... I'm going to just shut myself off right here about that. But, for those who're purely interested in the potential of doing great things with very little... even low-end consumer grade... then the information is exciting. Some of us aren't into tinkering with subtleties that other's are so obsessed with. So yeah, knowing that if I needed 4:2:2 and didn't have to bother with a bunch of lens changes, and had planned to not need anything beyond ISO800... and all I had to do was rent or borrow a Shogun for the day, etc. then yeah... that's something I might want to do and am thrilled to now know it's an option. We've chatted a bit privately in the past, but you really don't know me. If you did, you'd know that I'd ultimately be much more proud of myself if I made a cinematic, artistic expression with the lowest end gear, for the lowest cost, inside the reach of anyone for the most part... rather then citing off a bunch of tech gear and grading tricks/expertise, etc. BS about how I bent this sensor and lens combination, effect, with this incredible lighting technique to bid my artistic will, etc. Nothing wrong with that, but If I could find a way to it with the least amount of gear, I'd say that's more impressive that having the state-of-the-art at your fingertips. Yeah, you could do it with an iPhone, but in many instances the image quality might be distracting. I'm looking for a way to get the viewer involved, without using tech as a crutch. Does that answer your question?
  14. Woo-Hoo! Looks like you CAN actually run an FZ1000 out to record clean HDMI to a Shogun: http://***URL removed***/forums/post/54986414
  15. Although... for my current needs/desires (light, easy, travel backpacking, stills w/4k) I'm REALLY loving the Pana FZ1000 I just picked up. The more I get it dialed in, the more impressed I am with it overall. But, after playing with a friend's A7s about a month ago... I'm seriously considering it for my next system. As primarily a stills photographer, the D750 looks awfully attractive, but that A7s felt just right to me. If I had to buy today, it'd be a tough call I think.
  16. Good to know it may not be Yosemite then. I thought it was an issue with extensions, safari, etc. but vimeo HD doesn't playback smooth via a fresh, default install of firefox or chrome either.
  17. Andrew, I also suspect that ATT may not be giving me the speed I'm paying for either. I have noticed that after a reboot into safe mode, and then a permissions repair, I'm good for about a day before it bogs down again.
  18. One benefit of the faster cards, is that they play the 4k right off the card with ease. And, they weren't that pricy either... so I'll likely just keep them. I verified they actually work fine in all of the gear I have. I figured the older stuff might not be compatible, but the UHS3 works fine in everything apparently. I don't really have much time left before I head out, so it'd sure be easier to keep what I've got. I've got a step-down ring for the polarizer that should be here tomorrow... and I've got an ND9 that I ordered in the wrong size by accident. So, I can just try out a couple combos before deciding what's going back.
  19. ​Yes, I've tried a lot of things... they seem to only help temporarily. I'm hoping I don't have to resort to a clean install.
  20. Ordered an ND8 Neutral density filter off Amazon, but the vendor sent me an ND4 instead. Looks like the sticker on the back says ND8 but the filter and card in the plastic box say it's an ND4. Before I go through the hassle of trying to exchange this... if I'm also taking with me to Mexico a circular polarizer with me that will likely cut light by a stop or 2, and this ND4 is 2 stops cut... would I actually be better off keeping the ND4 that was sent by mistake if I don't want to spend the dough on a vari-ND? Or, will I regret not swapping out this ND4 for the ND8 that I originally ordered?
  21. This is only vaguely related... but did anyone else running a Mac notice any significant video playback lagging with vimeo in particular? YouTube, even "4k" plays back fine but anything on Vimeo stutters and stops. Everything was rock solid, fast and smooth with Mavericks. I've tried just about all of the work-arounds I could find to scrape back a little bit of performance to pre-yosemite levels, but Vimeo playback is horrible. Is there something going on with vimeo? I'm guessing it's likely related to Yosemite though. If anyone else had/has the same problem and found a fix, it'd be much appreciated since most of the videos on this site are vimeo source.
  22. Sure, I get that. But so far... it appears there's no difference in performance at all. Did not claim it was any "problem". But, I do think I'm going to return one of the 64GB cards since I have several 16-32GB class 10 cards that are working just fine.
  23. Well, I just tried my 64GB UHS-3 class 10 card and it too split/continued the recording after the 4.27GB file size. So, I'm not really sure why all the articles, posts, reviews, etc. say you have to have these fast cards. I'm getting pretty much the same performance from a plain-ole bargain/budget 16GB class 10 card. Anyone know? All I read before buying this camera said that you needed these fast UHS cards, but it doesn't appear to matter. I don't have anything between class 10 and class 2, but everything in class 10 works just fine. The class 2 card gives me a warning that it's not fast enough to record 4k video. I just tried my slowest class 2 8GB card, and although it's not fast enough to record 4k video, it will actually record 1080p 24/30fps just fine. 1080p 60fps records too, but only about 30secs before I get the media isn't fast enough warning.
  24. ​I just let it record at 4k 30fps for over 10mins straight, panning back and forth, zooming in and out, auto focussing, etc. It never skipped or gave me any warnings. This is a cheapo WinTec filemate class 10 SD 16GB card. Worked just fine. Just played back the footage off the card to verify it's actually 4k. The only thing I noticed is that it split the recording after 4GB so that my one movie was 4GB and the second half is 3GB. I'm guessing that's the only reason for the UHS-1 cards, ie. because they are formatted as exFAT, they shouldn't split the recording after 4GB. But for me, I'm only doing few seconds of recording at a time so all my standard class 10 SDHC cards should work just fine. Another thing I noticed is that in some of the review videos on YouTube, they complain that the manual zoom on the lens barrel doesn't smoothly zoom. They say it jumps to each focal length in steps. But, that's not so with mine. It zooms smoothly via rocker or the "manual" zoom on the lens barrel.. all the way from wide to full zoom.
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