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  1. I remember one of the most disturbing movies for me about a serial killer was "Henry: A Portrait of a Serial Killer". It still ranks as the most disturbing I've seen to date, and even made me feel guilty that I'd watched it. That movie had a very low production value and even some shots were from the POV of one of the killers while he shot with the victim's home video camera, then tossed it on the floor to join in the killing. The viewer continues to witness the killing from the sideways home video camera laying on the floor. GENIUS. I think if that movie in particular had been made with
  2. Well, I checked out "Only God Forgives" based not the fact I too like Ryan Gosling. It was certainly an interesting film and I can definitely see how the craft could definitely inspire. It was beautifully shot, and the acting was an interesting exercise in restraint. The whole film felt like that. It seemed to linger forever... to the point I almost thought it'd got stuck on freeze frame ;). Not sure how I felt about it overall though. Great poetic violence that's expertly executed. But also had to wake up and back up a few times to get through it. ;) That reminds me, I would add most of W
  3. I've played around with iMovie and the Pinnacle Studios app on an iPad. They work considerably well and even used the Pinnacle Studios app to edit something that was a low-paid gig and only used in a bar video display. Looked great! There's even a grading app that works surprisingly well, considering. I think it's called VideoGrade. That reminds me, one of the reasons I got a Nikon D5300 recently is that I can transfer it's small, compressed video files right to the iPad via camera connection kit, and do basic editing with titles, and inter-app shared audio mixes, while on the road. I
  4. There are a couple D5300 clips recorded to the Atomos on YouTube. They look very good, but nothing A/B to prove it's significantly better than what you can get just sticking with recording in-camera. Most of what I got in Mexico, recorded in-camera using a pretty average lens (18-200VR) still looked about as good as they got with the Atomos using slightly better glass. Some of them do look a bit sharper than what I got, but it could be they were just using the slightly better glass. The only real reason I'm somewhat interested in adding something like the Atomos is that it would give
  5. Has anyone done or seen any good D5300 that was recorded via external recorder? If so, was there much difference? And do any of the external recorders support 60p yet? Looks like the new Ninja Blade does not.
  6. Cool. A few here I haven't seen and based on common taste... have added a few to my Netflix queue. :)
  7. No worries. I revealed to Maxotics privately that I've got some heavy life stuff that's freaking me out at the moment. Should pass soon, but I'm not my self at the moment. Ultimately, I think I should not have taken it so close to looking like a finished piece. I was just going to put some graded clips with no audio up. Then, had a hard time cutting stuff out because I shot so much variety and am really happy with the images I got. Then added music to make it easier to get through, then thought it'd be nice with some narration that I already had handy. Toss on a title, and a little production
  8. Yikes, so many good ones I forgot. Almost added Magnolia (brilliant) as well as Elephant (way under appreciated IMO). And Silence of the Lambs! The Matrix! Requiem for a Dream! Too hard keeping it at just 10 ;)
  9. Blue Velvet Wizard of Oz Angel Heart 2001 Space Odyssey The Shining Bladerunner Pulp Fiction Lawrence of Arabia Apocalypse Now 8 1/2
  10. Whatever. Thanks for looking and glad you enjoyed it. Moving on. Peace out.
  11. I thought I made it crystal clear what the intent of the video was in the video description and original post. Again, if I'd posted a creative piece that I wanted creative feedback on, I would have asked for it. Glad you enjoyed it, but I'm not going to get into a pissing match over this with anyone. I learned what I needed to from this personal test. If my method of sharing it wasn't to your liking, then so be it. It was a PERSONAL camera test I thought I'd share. I get bored looking at test footage of traffic going over a bridge, trees in the wind, waves on the beach, etc. etc. I shot footag
  12. Can't please everyone I guess. The narration only goes for less than half of it. Then it jumps to only music. The narration is about a photographer paying too much attention to the details and missing "the place" ie. missing the forest for the trees. So, in essence it does actually fit with the random moving images of basically the stills I shot. If you want to look at the ungraded footage, there's a link to it in the video description. Just click over to YouTube and read the full description there. ps. the other version is edited too and has the much longer version of the narration. Only
  13. Yeah, I noticed on your last collection of slo-mo ocean clips, etc. All looked much sharper than your first videos were. I think I've got mine at +1 or +2 (have to check) then a sharpness bump in FCP. I'm still liking the D5300 image better than the G6, but they're close I think. Should be easy to find the right combo to mix nicely.
  14. That's interesting. I felt like what I got out of my not-very-sharp 18-200mm f3.5-5.6VR lens in Mexico was mostly sharper than much of what I've seen you post from what should be MUCH sharper lenses. However, I was shooting ALL 60p in Mexico and I'm guessing much of what you've been posting (until recently with your slo-mo stuff) has been 24p? Doesn't seem like there'd be that much difference in sharpness between 60p and 24p. And, I would have guessed 24p would have yielded a sharper image between the two frame rates.
  15. Yeah, at first it sort of bothers me too. I do get that. But, like you... it slowly worked out to the point I was satisfied. Thanks for the compliment! Also, I just watched the 1080p version via 60in plasma TV and I'm definitely happy with the image. That was also the heavily compressed YouTube version streaming through AppleTV. My editing system is very minimal and got VERY bogged down, so I didn't end up trying a bunch of different stuff. Just wanted to get it to something presentable and be down with it. My system is just a MacBookPro 13in mid-2012 with 2.9 i7 with 8GB of RAM.
  16. @BurnetRhoades Looks like Vision-Color's VisionLogUCS might be a good solution for at least an interim standard solution. http://vision-color.com/2013/11/18/announcing-visionlog-ucs/
  17. Thanks! No, all of the time-lapse was done with a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition (not the new + one) The GoPro is great for doing easy time-lapse and when you want to get into the water. The last shot in the video is from the GoPro shot at 2.7k 24fps and down-sampled to 1080. I know I could have removed the fisheye effect, but decided I liked it. I think given the fact a new GoPro Hero 3 is cheaper than the ultra-wide lenses available for the Nikon.. it makes for a compelling alternate choice instead. For less money, it's actually smaller than an ultra wide lens, plus it can shoot 1080p at 60f
  18. Regarding that last Yucatan video I posted.. not likely going to spend any more time with it, ie. travelogue, sweetening audio, etc. Just wanted to make something finished with my D5300 source/test footage to see how it looked after playing with grading. It's really just a camera test for the most part. Mostly likely the better clips that don't need releases will be uploaded to sell as stock video. It was just more fun to shoot interesting subjects while traveling Mexico in real shooting situations, than to shoot any more bowls of fruit or people at the park, etc. ;) Figured some considering t
  19. I didn't have a plan for this. Just recorded some thoughts on the beach and shot stuff over a month of traveling to mostly test the camera. Then, put it together as best I could. Sorry your found it distracting, and thanks for your critique, but I'm still rather satisfied with it. I do somewhat wish I'd had a few more clips related to what I was saying. However, if you listen to the nature of what I'm saying in the narrative, ie. often the "details" distract you from seeing "the forest", I think it works as is. :)
  20. Thanks Matt! Just beginning to play with grading and I happen to favor hyper-color, which I know some don't. The steadiness is partly the fact I used a VR lens for stabilization, and the rest is FCPX. Even for this little, first project, and even with the compressed D5300 footage, my MBP 13in with an external thunderbolt drive proved too slow. I'm not sure what to do at this point, but so glad I didn't go the more processor intensive raw route. The D5300 is definitely capable of getting a look that I like. With more practice, tweaking, and my better manual lenses it will only get better.
  21. Posted a longer, mostly unedited, flat color version of this D5300 footage a few days ago. Here's a shorter version, that's edited, a stab at grading, with music and some GoPro footage added. :) File too large for my free vimeo account.
  22. I wasn't friends and watched it fine. Maybe I did the link wrong. Will recheck. Ooops! I pasted the wrong link. Will fix the one above and here it is again:
  23. Regarding looks.... Matt's signature quote from David Lynch reminds me of an interview I read of his, or maybe heard... can't remember. The quote may actually be from the interview. But, the gist of it was an answer to a question about high definition. David Lynch was saying that he didn't much care for it at the time and felt it was waaaay too much detail. So much detail that the magic and mystery of the dreamlike illusion were being destroyed. And, that he preferred the softer constrasty look of old 16mm films where the viewer had to fill in what was in the shadows with their own imagination
  24. This doesn't have to do with gear, but a friend just sent me a link to this short film that's very well shot, etc.
  25. Oh wow! Great info, and I'm glad I persisted with this. I didn't know you could create your own plugins with Motion 5. Just watched this basic tutorial and it's super easy to do as well: http://library.creativecow.net/articles/neil_andy/Motion-Quick-Tip-5-FCPX/video-tutorial Just installed the SC Sharpen, plugin and it's pretty cool too, though a bit aggressive at the default settings. From looking at how Matt's stuff seems to be evolving into a specific look/style for him, I'm guessing it's mostly just get in there and find out what works for you. Cool to see what everyone's approach
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