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  1. I'm playing with FCP X using a 13in MacBook Pro i7. I believe it has the same graphics card as the MacMini which is an Intel Graphics HD 4000. If I was going to mess with raw data, I wouldn't even bother with this setup. If I decide to do anything beyond working with compressed footage, raw, or anything beyond some creative grading, mostly straight cuts or standard transitions, or anything beyond some basic compositing, I'd likely at least sell off the MBP and get the most recent MBP with the GTX750 card. Mine with the HD 4000 card and the Mac Mini won't run Black Magic Resolve. I've rea
  2. I haven't bought it yet, and was thinking the same thing, ie. a new one is about to be released in conjunction with the new Mac Pro. But, usually Apple at least includes free upgrades to those who just bought the app within 30 days. Haven't bought the app and have added the cash to my Apple account, but figured maybe I'll just play with the trial version for 30 days and wait until the last minute to actually buy FCP until it the rumored update. The only thing I've worried about is they'll increase the price and I won't be able to get it at $299 anymore. That being said, I think even
  3. That's funny, I've been redoing my setup recently too. Only, I went the opposite way. Got tired of maintaining 2 systems, ie. laptop AND a 21.5 iMac dual monitor setup. Thought about just upgrading to the 27in iMac and getting rid of the Macbook Pro... but I do use some of the portability. I also like being able to have everything on one machine and do regular backups. It always seemed there was something I forgot to move from one machine or the other, etc. So, I just sold the iMac and bought a 27in thunderbolt display. My Macbook Pro is the 2.9 i7 13in that I bought a little over a year
  4. I was thinking the same thing... and almost abandoned even following their progress. However, their dedication to pure aesthetics beyond the pixel peeping obsessions you find on many forums... along with what seemed to be a fairly modular build, ie. could be easily updated without having to buy a whole new camera... make me think they might be worth keeping an eye on.
  5. I'm torn on it. What I've seen so far, indeed looks like a faithful reproduction of old bolex stuff... just trying to decide how much I actually like that look, and how much is simply nostalgia. The specs look like a sweet spot for me, and the price is not much over reasonable. When they initially promised under $3k, I thought it was a fair price. Now, at $3500ish... it's still fair I think, but will need stellar reviews and confirmation there aren't serious bugs to work out before I consider pulling the trigger. Been following their progress though, and looking forward to user sample cli
  6. I'm surprised I haven't seen any forum chatter about the Digital Bolex D16 cameras. It's more pricey than what I want at the moment, but I did hold a prototype at SXSW2013 and was VERY intrigued. Felt good in the hand, good weight, and I personally think 2k is plenty res. Also liked what appeared to be a more modular approach to the camera. Anyway, I just noticed that they're shipping to the original Kickstarter backers now and they're taking pre-orders for the next 500 after Dec 16th. http://www.digitalbolex.com What do folks here think about them?
  7. They did the same thing at the same time to the P7700/P7800 compact. The firmware update rendered 3rd party batteries useless. However, I did read some were able to reinstall the previous firmware so their batteries would work again. Still, kinda disgraceful. I did just buy a D5300, but I'm in no way a fan of Nikon or their practices these days. They really don't seem to give a flip about their customers anymore.
  8. Thanks Andy! Cool! But, it's a bit hard to just the camera image underneath all the FX. ;) But, I can see enough in the sepia cuts, that the G6 is certainly capable. Looks great, and thanks for the sample!
  9. Thanks! I'd actually already seen some of your test shots when I was searching for stuff shot on the G6, but hadn't seen the final piece. I should have a D5300 in the next couple of days and believe I'll be mostly satisfied with it for my needs, but I'm still intrigued by the G6. It's going for about $500US now, and from your video and other's I've seen, it might be worth getting in addition to the D5300 for no other reason than being able to play with a MFT camera with a speed booster or one of the knock offs. Has anyone here compared the knock-off speed boosters with the pricier Metabon
  10. Hey Andy, do you have a link so some videos you've shot completely with the G6?
  11. Interesting. Thanks Andrew! I already ordered a D5300 that I can return for 45 days, but I'm thinking I may keep it and add a small/stealth GM1 or G6. Considering the G6 does 60P and is $250 cheaper... do you think the image quality of the GM1 makes up for the extra cost and features it lacks from the G6?
  12. I have this with my wife, and wouldn't trade it for the world... but, still trying to have both. If I was pushed to have either or, I'd take what I have now over anything else. That, and the MOST important thing of all... good physical & mental health. :)
  13. I doubt the D5300 and D5200 sensors are identical, but they're are likely close enough. Just ordered a D5300 last night. Figured I already have speed light strobes for the Nikon, remote, trigger, batteries and chargers that should work, no need for expensive adaptors, etc. And, I can return it up to 45 days after I receive for a full refund. That gets me well into January in case something else amazing drops before then. And, I think ultimately... the pure image is very good from this camera even though it has many strikes against it in terms of features, ergonomics and function. Still in
  14. I thought the same thing regarding Brandon's 5D3 twilight shots. It's not that I don't find the Panasonics sharp, it's just that fine lines, like the cables in the referenced video above (about a minute in) shows that it holds fine detail resolution well. The Panasonic footage, though sharp looking... doesn't appear to hang on to the finer details as well. The place I want to buy from is a big-box store. They show all of these cameras "sold out", but I think it's basically BS because they want to clear out as many of other models during the holidays as they can first. Though, they do have
  15. Well... that looks pretty good to me from an $800 camera in low light. All the fine lines appear to be resolving very well and the subtleties of the twilight colors appear to be rendering nicely. Do you think the G6/GH3 would resolve the fine detail and pastel twilight as well as is exhibited in this video? I sure wish someone would loan Andrew a D5300 for his shootout instead of the D5200. Haven't seen that much from the D5300 yet, but so far it appears it may not exactly be a D5200 with 60p. Looks like there were some changes made with the sensor that could be considered improvements. Al
  16. Haven't abandoned the D5300 since I haven't found anyone reviewing it from the aesthetic of a cinematic perspective. And, there are a few users complaining about focussing issues. The D5200 I tested for a month was capable of very good stills and spectacular lowlight video. However, I can't say it was a pleasure to use. I'm after the best low-end, low-light image I can get (under $1000) and the D5300 would likely deliver. However, this idea of a MFT G6/GH3 with MB has me more than intrigued.
  17. Only one shop in town has it in stock, and I know I'm not buying from them... so I can't just go and test if I know they aren't getting my business. Personal ethics I guess. I was impressed with the D5200's resolution and felt the image up to 6400 was quite usable from the test clips I made during the month I had it. I also thought it did a remarkable job with stills. Was actually more or less satisfied with it only I wanted 60p too. The GH6 and metabones option is interesting though. When reviews between the D5200 and G6 claim they're very close... I don't see it. Could be bad test f
  18. @Matt... dang you for putting that Pana G6 w/metabones idea in my head! ;) Been reading up on the G6 and am thinking your suggestion was a fairly good one. The samples I'v seen between the D5200 and G6 look as if the D5200 out resolves it and the D5200 just looks tighter and better at high-ISO. However, the user reports rave about this G6 and say it's no comparison. Sure wish I could find more definitive info on the D5300... but the G6 metabones combo you suggested has definitely piqued my interest.
  19. Just found this on Thom Hogan's site regarding the D5300 and Df sensors: http://www.dslrbodies.com/newsviews/sensor-changes.html
  20. "Lambasting" you for having a different opinion? "Take crap for not validating..." Seriously? Where do you see that? The poster you just quoted even went over board telling you he respects your opinion and isn't trying to "convince or confront you"? I think pretty much everyone here knows very well that you aren't interested in any way shape or form, in the D5300. And very aware that your opinion is that it's not an interesting option. Well, sorry... but some of us haven't come to the same conclusion and don't yet share your opinion on this. And, if you include stills performance as a fea
  21. I'm looking forward to what Johnnie Behiri at Cinema5D.com does with the D5300. From what I've seen so far, he does very good and seemingly unbiased reviews on gear there. And, it appears from the viewpoint of a budget minded indie filmmaker/journalists.
  22. Maybe we should create something fresh on vimeo instead? Or, perhaps there's already one? Or, rename the D5300 vimeo group that Matt already created to be for general Nikon video? That way, we won't have to worry about troubling those uninterested on this site with our Nikon-centric dialogue.
  23. I don't really need it until after the new year, so getting the points and extra easy return time is worth waiting a little more. And, I had a D5200 for a month so I'm sure I won't "love" the D5300. I found it awkward to shoot with & didn't like getting out of live view to change aperture, or the lack of headphone jack, or the useless AF. But, I did think the image looked amazing, and incredible in low light. Was hoping the image from the RX10 was better in low light, and didn't look so sterile. I'd seen other clips from it that looked sharp, but not organic or cinematic. Then I watch
  24. Andrew, you seem a bit sensitive. You've misinterpreted my post. I DO think you share my aesthetic. You just don't share my particular interest & needs. Nothing wrong with that at all! You are excited by new, innovative, cutting edge gear for independent filmmaking & don't mind dealing with a cumbersome raw/prores workflow. You also appear to have more gear, computing, and financial resources than I do. I'm looking for something low budget that will give me a great low light image without all the extra gear, hassle & expense. My posts are not directed at you, nor do I harbor an
  25. I don't think anyone is criticizing you dude. Some of us are very interested in the D5300 but having trouble finding a reviewer who shares our cinematic aesthetic to put it through the paces. I became interested in the D5200 first as a result of the impressive work Brandon Li did with it, then secondly after all the shoot out clips YOU did with it. I just wanted a lack of FPN & 60p. Unfortunately, you're not interested in the D5300 enough to verify & so I'm looking for someone who is. That's not a critique on you or EOSHD. If I didn't believe this site was a good resource with a grea
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