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  1. Obviously a scam, Amazon seller accounts have been hacked. Not legit :-((((
  2. Amazing how you guys have improved on the original firmware. That made me buy a used NX1 with 16-50 PZ lens through Amazon market place today for 460 €. Too good to be true? I am a little bit anxious whether this is a scam or I got really lucky... Keep up the good work and thank you for putting so much energy in this project!!!
  3. Samsung UK isnt Samsung International, they might simply not have knowledge oft the deal yet. Also look at the wording: Could mean lots of things! 1. The media reports about it are not true (inaccuracies) 2. The term "buying" (not buying, but licensing 3. The term "NX technology" (maybe only technology not related to the NX mount itself, just sensor and processor) Lots of ways to spin themselves out of such a statement. Also remember, that Samsung UK denied "having plans" to pull out of the camera market, to confirm it a while later.
  4. Yeah, why would professionals want to use all the glass they already own for different cameras and mounts if they could just give them to charity and "buy real lenses" ;-) <3
  5. They wouldnt "drop" anything by using NX mount with an included smart adapter for their Nikon lenses. Thats the point you don't seem to get. Repeating again and again that they would "drop" or "disappoint" their user base is simply not based on facts and logic.
  6. mercer, so you disagree with the facts? Nikon can include the adapter in the basic package, not asking for extra money. Basically treat it as part of the camera and have it preinstalled and exchangeable for NX lens owners.
  7. Thats based on a pretty big assumption, that Nikon is healthy and will survive in the long term, so Samsung will REALLY sell lots of sensors to them. To me, Nikon (and maybe Canon too) belong to an endangered species. Especially Nikon desperately needs a serious mirrorless line of cameras, thats the future. Maybe they bought a new hypothetical Samsung full frame sensor (just a rumor that this one actually exists, right?) AND take over the NX line as their second leg?
  8. I think these options are on the table and make sense. I would say that Canon could also benefit, but less so. Their mirrorless line is mediocre at best, has no convincing lens line up, much less convincing than the NX lense range. Here I would disagree slightly. If Nikon buys up Samsungs camera division or licenses their sensor tech and - I believe more importantly - their world leading digital processing expertise and power, they would get their much needed line of mirrorless cameras. They could just keep the NX mount (Nikon X-mount, not even a need to rebrand!). They would have had to dev
  9. Just chatted with Vinil Kumar, sales person at Samsung US online store. He said: "Don't believe the rumors! Samsung ist not closing down its complete camera division. Samsung will provide further support for NX1 buyers."
  10. Mates, I have fallen in love. With a camera! She calls herself Samsung NX1 and was so beautifully presented on that Saturn store shelf today in Cologne. She feels like the real deal, feels sooo good in my hands, tactility that tickles my fancy. ;-) Seriously: First time I had the NX1 in my hands and it feels perfect! Top notch build quality, amazingly small 16-50mm Powerzoom. Super fast autofocus in movie mode, beautiful and clear menus. Perfect location for both thumb wheels and all other knobs. If I had had the money today I would have taken this body/lens combo with me! The salesperson
  11. I was looking for current box office figures to maybe backup my feelings, but they aren't split into 2D/3D or SFR/HFR, unfortunately. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=hobbit3.htm But I found this report on the first Hobbit movie: http://www.theverge.com/2012/12/17/3776250/reactions-to-the-hobbit-in-HFR-3d-48fps
  12. Andrew, I can see it now too, the 1DC seems to have a slight edge in DR. BUT the much more obvious lack of detail in the 1DCs footage is VERY distracting, so it might be a good idea, to choose lenses and focus in a way to get the maximum resolution out of both. Just to make sure we can discuss dynamic range without any distraction. :-)
  13. interesting thought, fuzzynormal. I'm not sure I can test this setup properly though.
  14. I was sitting in the sixth row in Colognes biggest cinema theatre, so I was pretty close, maybe too close. But I am also shortsighted, which should have blurred the image for me. I thought the picture was too detailed and sharp. I guess those things are a matter of taste which is hard to argue about. I believe we can agree on this: A movie is failing, if the technical characteristics poke you in the eye!
  15. Andrew, you say that it's 3D and HFR and not 4K that destroys the filmic experience. Maybe so. But maybe its a conflation of all three aspects!? I'm actually tempted to watch The Hobbit again in 2D 4K 24p to be able to compare.
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