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  1. Wow, well done man. Amazing colours. Do you have any channel on vimeo or youtube? I'd like to follow u. Cheer!!
  2. Hi there, I'm thinking of buying the setup guide for the NX1, is Editready necessary in order to follow the whole process? I also use rocky movie converter. Thank you.
  3. I read here that smart range off does give any actual benefit. I dont know if that's true but I'm interested on knowing more about it. Great shot!! Which Lut did you use for this Ricardo?
  4. Dont you use the Smart Rd option in the Samsung NX1? I though it gives you a little bit more in the highlights. Thanks. Hey man, I love your grading. Do you switch the smart Range+ off? which value for the black pedestal do you normally use.
  5. Andrew, How do you see that compare with Iffmpeg (quality, speed and file sizes)? For me it's a little bit expensive considering that Iffmepg costs 17 dollars and maybe there is not much difference between 'em. Thank you!!!!
  6. ​Hi Andrew, thank you for this interesting review, you are doing a very good job with your review. I love this blog. Are u planning on doing some review for the NX1 with Shogun? Do you know if the NX1 output its 10 or 8 bits? Thank you very much. ​
  7. I'd go for a bigger sensor in the next one instead of raw. Something like Aps-c, that would make this camera almost perfect. Don't u think?
  8. Are u planning on doing an update of the ranking soon? thank you.
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