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  1. "Berating you?" "Every time?" Really? Well, if that's what you need to tell yourself, so be it. Nope, that's not what I said. When I said "not much point in beating that dead horse for eight more pages" I was not referring to you, or even your comments in this thread, Andrew. I thought it was clear enough in the given context. Suppose it wasn't, after all. So my mistake, poor choice of words, sorry about that. The topic appears to be more sensitive than I realised, too, for some reason. That's easy to fix. 460 posts sounds like a nice round number, doesn't it. Let's keep it
  2. Yes, nicely done for a handheld job. It did trigger the wanderlust in me, too. Didn't care about the gear it was done with.
  3. Surely you mean no one told the Canikon shooters yet. ;)
  4. You're entitled to your opinions, but this thread has nothing to do with Canon or their fanboys base. Read the OP. It's about the woes of a wedding video maker trying to make ends meet with all the newbies entering the market. Not my analog.
  5. Yes, I'm here like everybody else, with the same lame excuse. Since the question you asked above can be exhaustively covered with two short sentences, no wonder people tend to wander off topic and start chatting about everything but the proverbial high spec Canon video cameras under $5000 for the next eight or more pages. Just for the heck of it. Rather than purely technical or even commercial, it's an emotional topic which thus attracts chatter, and this is not the first throwing-a-tantrum-at-Canon thread you have started recently. Nuff said. That sums it up perfectly.
  6. double post due browser/server hiccup, deleted the duplicate.
  7. Because Canon don't fancy doing such a thing and they can get away with it. Current product line is deemed good enough. End of story. Not much point in beating that dead horse for eight more pages.
  8. Maybe not in business/marketing sense, but it would still be a technical compromise. A different one than, say, the Sony FE mount but still. The flange distance of the EF mount is shorter than most other (d)SLR's but it's still a system originally designed for an SLR for stills shooting. I believe that quite a few of the existing EF (as opposed the Cine) lenses have been made for the Canon (d)SLR bodies and have AF motors and lens arrays designed/optimised for stills rather than for video. Most lenses designed for video (and mirrorless) are slightly different in their internal design. Hen
  9. I believe there has been a slight misunderstanding, JohnVid. I never implied you were trolling. Quite the opposite. What I said about your previous comment was that it "more or less sums up the whole topic." In other words, I agreed with you. ;) The rest of the comment wasn't about you, it was about the opening post of this thread.
  10. In real life, the secret recipe of Coke is irrelevant. It may have got them started but that is not what has made Coca Cola so big. What Coca Cola has is massive brand recognition. The same thing that has kept Canon alive and on top of the sales figures despite their rather phlegmatic consumer camera line these days. You could take a bottle of Coke and relabel it as Acme Cola or whatever, and no one would buy it. Even though the taste is identical. The target audience like teens are not buying the taste, they are buying the brand and the associated tribe experience. They might even assert
  11. No, not really. That was clear in the OP, too, and maybe you don't see it, but you're pretty much repeating the same talking points in this post all over again. The responses you got are still pretty valid. Whether it's about higher or lower end jobs is not that relevant. That's just how the cookie crumbles in the mid 2010's. Better get used to it. People do understand and even share your frustration, but looks like you're still missing the point presented in many of the responses above. As noted by yourself, only a few of the newcomers –yourself included back in the dayâ
  12. What/how the XYZ colours look to you is subjective. It has little to do with science, apart from the science of human behaviour and sensory perception. Colours, things and events have no meaning or value per se. 'Horrible' is an emotional attachment. It's all up to your personal perception, so there is not much point in 'scientifically explaining' why something appears horrible to you. Just marry your Canon and get it over with. Let others be happy with their horrible colours. Each to their own.
  13. Standard nerdytainment. Suppose they could, but they don't and they won't, for a rather obvious reason. Your argument doesn't take the social and emotional side of things into account. That's what this is all about. Besides, showing off one's work to make a technical/brand-related point wouldn't really change anything. Sometimes it's the opposite. Case in point, the latest 500 or whatever topics in this forum alone that do have video samples. That's just how the cookie crumbles.
  14. I'm not quite sure what a t3i is, but I assume it's either a Canon 6x0D or 7x0D APS-C body. I don't see much point in spending your money in a 70D. That would be more like the same old same old with some new bling. In general, and especially in the long run, it would make more sense to invest in lenses, tripods, lights, light stands and stuff. The kind of stuff that you'll always need and stuff that will last a long time, regardless of your camera choices. As for the Tamron 24-70mm, why not going for the Tamron 2.8/17-50mm and/or some prime (like Samyang/Rokinon VDSLR) lenses instead? That
  15. That's true, but the people who decide what goes into the finished product, in this case the camera, aren't usually photographers or videographers. They are more likely a bunch of computer geeks, spreadsheet pushers and easily intimidated marketing moguls who aim the cameras to the masses, rather than the relatively small bunch of audience who actually take the effort of editing their footage in PP. Therefore playback features via big TV's and cellphone screens are more important. At least that's how they see it. Offering a camera with just H265 as the only option for editing purposes simp
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