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Just a quick thank you for supporting EOSHD over the years

Andrew Reid

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I have read the blog for, well I have no idea how many years, 4+ but probably more. I have always liked the idea of using "cheaper" stuff in a way that is compare or beat "real" equipment. Creative ways to use things.


What I always wan in reviews is how the thing is to use, what will be annoying when you use it a particular way and what it can do in a special way.
Or is the EVF going to bug me, do I have to jump through hoops to have decent chance to focus manually and so on. Proper numbers for rolling shutter on every mode. Preferably on 25p and 50p. You know the stuff most other reviewers don't notice or don't care about.
And stick some c-mount lenses on it and crop that thing!

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Thanks Andrew - love your reviews and the forum.

I would be interested in your views of the GX9 compared to the GX80 -  do you gain much apart from increased resolution?  Would be interested to see how you get on with manual lenses - I have recently re-discovered the GX80 using some old legacy OM lenses I have acquired and loving it.  The 50 1.8 particularly is very sharp.  I am also trying the  28 f2.8 macro and 135 f3.5 which although very long, has a lovely character.  This is from the GX80 with the 50mm f/1.8 OM F.Zuiko



I would also be interested in your thoughts on the new L.Monochrome D mode for video as well as photo (I love the  L.Monochrome mode on the GX80). 



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Thank you! The more time passes, the more I realize this is my favorite video production related forum.

It's got the perfect amount of users. Not too many. A core of regular users that keeps the forum pretty active, with a nice low signal to noise ratio, content wise.


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Thanks for the site / forum / content, Andrew. Even as an amateur, EOSHD is one of the responsibles for falling in love with video. :)

About the GX9: I second the opinion for a straight comparison with the GX80/85 - almost all sites compare it to the GX8, which I think it is downright silly (the GX9 is not a GX8 sucessor). Especially about resolution / low light performance / crop differences / color science - I have a GX85 and still thinking if it is worth to upgrade.

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