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  1. I've had a hands on with the S1 and S1R and there is a lot to like about them. The viewfinder is amazing, menus are well laid out, button and dial layout is fairly sensible (though I wish the playback button was on the right hand side of the body). However the ergonomics of a camera is something that's very subjective. Being that I have small hands after being out shooting with the camera for around 30 minutes it became painful to hold as the grip was too large (for me). Also the body cap is really tricky to take off the camera as it's really thin and hard to get a grip on it and that's with my deft pickpocket sized fingers! Thankfully I rarely ever really interact with body caps once a lens has made it's way onto the body, but it is still an ergonomics issue. By the same token I know people with larger hands have problems with the size and shape of the Sony cameras, which I find the most comfortable to use if the full frame options. It's great that there is choice on the market but it really irks me when people say the ergonomics of camera x are better than y when it's really subjective and personal to each individual. I wish Panasonic all the best as I think they've put together a pretty decent overall package.
  2. Not seen any reports on rolling shutter performance yet.
  3. Is 72 Mbps a fairly standard bitrate for HEVC? I see it only uses that for HLG recording.
  4. It's not an L Mount lens, so it's just a 10-25 MFT lens unless I'm mistaken. Not sure how I feel about 1x XQD and 1x SD
  5. They didn't mention if it was 8 or 10 bit, or if there is a 30min record time limit. I would presume it's 10bit and no limit but you never know.
  6. Grumble

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    Fair enough, I find them all a bit hard to judge accurately if I'm honest. Things might look different between them all at 100% rather than 400% crops as well. Roll on the final results!
  7. Grumble

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    Tried to work out which of the @Cliff Totten images were from which camera/mode and gave up. But I will put them in order of what I think quality wise: Top one looks the best and sharpest on details, some moire Third one not as sharp but has the least moire Second one similar sharpness to the third but more moire Last one appears to have the most blocking, especially on the large dark area, similar sharpness and moire to top and second Looking forward to seeing the actual results to see if it changes my purchasing. I also assume this is just for video quality and stills will differ?
  8. Looks like Nikon have a new scheme to try and push the video side more. https://www.ineveryframe.com/home/ Giving away at least $2000 each month, wonder how long they will keep this running for. Videos have to be shot using Nikon cameras.
  9. The problem hasn't been so much in the delay but in the massive lack of communication, which despite the rather sporadic updates and all the complaints about communication it never seems to improve.
  10. Vito at Con-Fusion has a few tutorials, some are free. https://vimeo.com/channels/confusion He also has a longer theme based tutorial (I've not got it but I'm tempted) These are for fusion, not sure how the fusion integrated in resolve compares to the standalone.
  11. Very tempted, not sure I need it though... but when did that ever stop anyone.
  12. Ah nice, for some reason kickstarter reckons my emails were bouncing (yet their test email turns up fine so go figure). It's looking pretty nice, looking forward to it turning up and having a play.
  13. Some of us with smaller hands actually like the size of the A7 series of cameras. Before to get one of the higher end models you had to get some large and even mid range DSLRS feel massive and awkward. You can make the A7 a big larger with the grip but it's hard to make a camera smaller than it already is. It's great to finally have some different size options available across the market, it's highly unlikely there will ever be a one size fits all camera unless it's modular.
  14. A lot of kickstarters run late and have poor communication, still hoping that is the case here as I think it will be useful (and I've shelled out money for it). Andrew having one as well showed that the prototype did exist and they looked serious about it. My gambit of pinging Frank on here as there was no answer to all the comments on kickstarter hasn't shed any further light though. Still fingers crossed and hopefully some news will be revealed sooner rather than later on the actual ship date.
  15. @Frank Glencairn there was an email 11 days ago from you saying there will be an update next week. Not heard anything since, looking forward to seeing what this amazing news is. It sounds like it's close, I'm looking forward to reading the news and getting the final product. Can we expect it soon?
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