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  1. Canon said nearly 2 years ago that new EF lens designs are unlikely to be coming to the market. https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/news/our-focus-is-on-rf-says-canon-no-new-ef-lenses-unless-market-demands-it Of course it makes sense that they will try and fill out the RF lens range as soon as possible. There is something to be said for the versatility of the EF lenses but the new lenses do tend to be optically better (compare the 50mm F1.2 EF to RF). I was glad to see the return of the aperture ring on some Sony lenses and I think the control ring on the RF lenses can be useful. Having a larger range of RF lenses will encourage more users to switch whilst others will be more than happy to just use an adapter.
  2. No mention of the A6000 which I'd imagine is still their best selling APS-C camera model due to the price. There seems a massive shortage of entry level cameras across the board from all brands if my local camera shop is anything to go by.
  3. Welcome back! I'm confused why you've posted a springtime photo instead of a winter landscape though! 😉
  4. Note that the new Sony A1 camera they put the steadyshot inside on the grip (right hand side) and we've not seen the FX3 from that side yet.
  5. I believe you can set the shutter button to start and stop video recording on Sony cameras, perhaps not the early ones but pretty sure it's possible on the latest ones. Wonder if the front dial (which is missing on the A7C) and the joystick being on the top finally means we get a great rear screen. Even more important with no viewfinder.
  6. So @Andrew Reid did it soft or hard boil the eggs that were in the box underneath?
  7. A bit off topic but my 12V power tools beg to differ. I also like that Sony are considering size in the product design and I'm disappointed in how big the grips have been getting on the newer models.
  8. I think the lack of PDAF pretty much killed off most of the market for the A7S II after the A7 III was released. When you also look at how much flack Panasonic cameras get for their autofocus performance, I'd be really shocked if the A7S III doesn't have PDAF. So far though I don't believe there are any rumours one way or another on this factor.
  9. Alpha Rumours are reporting unlimited recording times on the A7S III https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-a7sii-successor-has-new-12mp-sensor/
  10. Over £100 for the new LP-E6NH battery, good job you can use the old ones in it as well though.
  11. I've had a hands on with the S1 and S1R and there is a lot to like about them. The viewfinder is amazing, menus are well laid out, button and dial layout is fairly sensible (though I wish the playback button was on the right hand side of the body). However the ergonomics of a camera is something that's very subjective. Being that I have small hands after being out shooting with the camera for around 30 minutes it became painful to hold as the grip was too large (for me). Also the body cap is really tricky to take off the camera as it's really thin and hard to get a grip on it and that's with my deft pickpocket sized fingers! Thankfully I rarely ever really interact with body caps once a lens has made it's way onto the body, but it is still an ergonomics issue. By the same token I know people with larger hands have problems with the size and shape of the Sony cameras, which I find the most comfortable to use if the full frame options. It's great that there is choice on the market but it really irks me when people say the ergonomics of camera x are better than y when it's really subjective and personal to each individual. I wish Panasonic all the best as I think they've put together a pretty decent overall package.
  12. Not seen any reports on rolling shutter performance yet.
  13. Is 72 Mbps a fairly standard bitrate for HEVC? I see it only uses that for HLG recording.
  14. It's not an L Mount lens, so it's just a 10-25 MFT lens unless I'm mistaken. Not sure how I feel about 1x XQD and 1x SD
  15. They didn't mention if it was 8 or 10 bit, or if there is a 30min record time limit. I would presume it's 10bit and no limit but you never know.
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