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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


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16 hours ago, Chrad said:

Hard to buy that. There are barely any M43 sensors on the market. Is there really another out there with the same oversized dimensions and dual ISO that we somehow haven't heard about?

No reason to doubt him.

It may be as simple as two bins with sensors in them next to each other with sensors identical EXCEPT for the part number.

He didn't say the SENSORS are different,  just the PART number.

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On 9/30/2018 at 11:19 PM, tekeela said:

How far in do you have to go to have no vignette on the 18-35? I've been doing more reading and am pretty set on getting the same setup you're describing. I've read most people like the .64 Speedbooster more because you can just stop down or zoom in to get past the vignetting, and that it otherwise makes it faster and slightly wider. Do you recommend the setup and is that basically why?

Can you tell me more about the issues in bright conditions? I'm thinking of getting it.

You lose a bit of range too? .64 Speedbooster gives you 23mm-45mm instead of 25-50mm.

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5 hours ago, tekeela said:

Spoke to videopro in Australia, they're getting them 1-2 at a time at the start and should clear back orders by the end of the month.


videopro  seem to be the cheapest  resellers in queensland not sure about the other states. not sure how they can sell it at that price either seeing that bm design have it at $1975 au. other resellers stores are at $1815 or so. sent them an email may decide to do something tomorrow



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3 minutes ago, Shirozina said:

Internet forums all over the web are overheating in anticipation of this camera.....

Zing !!!

18 hours ago, Snuff said:

Camera : Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K 
Shooting Format : 4:1 RAW at DCI 4K resolution 25P. ISO 800-2500
Shooting Frame Rate : DCI 4K 50fps 
Lens : Metabone Speedbooster 0.71xl EF to M 4/3 
Lens : LOMO Petzval 58mm ART Lens. 

Editing :Natively in RAW with DaVinci Resolve Studio 15 
Grading : DaVinci Resolve Studio 15 



That's... brutal. The music and slomo... overly warm colours.. jesus... enough already !


Bad demo overload !



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On 9/28/2018 at 5:25 PM, mechanicalEYE said:

Pretty much the same thing here in the states, only 50 cameras arrived this week, and all were demo cameras for stores. This info is from Hot Rod Cameras. I'm first on their list, and they have promised me a camera next week as they have been promised by US BMD distribution to receive another order next week, but they do not know the volume of the shipment yet.

Hey bro put a good word in for me as well!! I pre ordered from hot rod while grant was still giving his speech! They didn't even have a picture up yet! 

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Hey Guys !

Here it is ! I just picked it up at Photocineshop in Paris :astonished::love::tounge: I was the first in queue, I called them monday, they told me they expected it mid october. But I received a call today telling me it's here so... They received only 3 cameras. They ordered 75 and have 60 in queue. Funny story, the guy at the counter told me the boss was mad at him because the boss wanted to keep the first ones for rent (it's also a big rental company) and not fulfilling the first orders ! I think I have the first retail version in France ( I know it's a lame sentence !)

I'll try to shoot something decent tomorrow and put it online the same day ! But I only have relatively fast SD cards. I just need to sell a kidney for a CFAST on which I'll be able to record 12 seconds of RAW footage :)))

I can't wait to test the dynamic range and the battery life of the camera, my two biggest concerns.



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17 minutes ago, Papiskokuji said:

I can't wait to test the dynamic range and the battery life of the camera, my two biggest concerns.



Congratulations! Yes, I too am very curious about the DR and how it compares to the GH5S and Sony's A7III. It's not going to be as good as 15 stops, but a true 13 stop DR would be welcome with good highlight roll-off. Looking forward to your tests.


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