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  1. OOC = OUT OF CAMERA (what are you settings if your not going to do any color correction at all from the camera)
  2. Hey thanks to all for the awesome grades you did. Its making mine feel too "Pinky" in comparison. P4k Shot it back in Dec I think 2 or 3 updates ago... It was a very loose random "shoot" just messing around. was mainly trying to test out a $900 Lumix G II 12-35 2.8 that had a scratch on it. I scored for $200 on the ebay... you can only see it well when in certain light and it just looks Kinda blurry. Id say its acceptable "Character" for a $700 discount. Here is the full Vid if Interested.... Shot it 1080p and uprez'd to 4k for output.
  3. A new shot it saved it in TIFF hope that's right This is P4k Prores 1080p LT Drummer_1.25.2.tif Tiff to take a stab @ it.
  4. A loupe solution... Looks kinda Homemade. But it does have a opening in the bottom to use the touch screen when its on. https://www.ebay.com/itm/5-LCD-View-finder-for-Black-Magic-Pocket-Cinema-Camera-4K/332908493006?hash=item4d82e478ce:g:5NgAAOSwD1pb~iTC
  5. My general battery solution has been this.... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XWTY96G/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ITs looks just like the classic Juicebox battery here but it costs $40 Less. and comes with many adapters. https://www.amazon.com/Juicebox-Battery-Blackmagic-Cameras-Production/dp/B073BMTFFJ/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1544257154&sr=1-3&keywords=juice+box+battery I connected it with the P4k Dc cable pack. it seems to work pretty good I haven't used it till it died yet but Powered my p4k and my SmallHD DP4 to
  6. Found this Anti Glare Screen protector for the P4k. Figured it could be useful for others. USA amazon https://www.amazon.com/BoxWave-Blackmagic-ClearTouch-Anti-Glare-Anti-Fingerprint/dp/B07DFBJ7QL/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_421_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=N7Q5DT9FJQ6Q6VFSGHXM
  7. Hey... any news good or bad on this product now (almost November 2018) I'm interested in this as I have Old Iphones that I could use for a Monitor.... Did they get their S#!T together Requesting an Update.
  8. Hey turbo is that a hot mirror/it cut? I was led to believe the p4k doesn't require it!?
  9. Happy Page 300 day of this thread! Can't wait for Mr Reid to review it! Someday.... oh and another Cage http://seercam.com/shop/preorder-cube-p4k/
  10. Ok Now TILTA is dropping a cage next monday On facebook the tilta rep said thats a hard shell flip screen protector on back. BMPCC4k COMBAT! $69 bucks... Hmmmm
  11. What a nightmare. Pre ordered mine on April 9th and they are still like 2 weeks. Maybe?
  12. Hey bro put a good word in for me as well!! I pre ordered from hot rod while grant was still giving his speech! They didn't even have a picture up yet!
  13. Is it True that Human Vision can Hold up to 30+ Stops of DR?
  14. Thanks Man.. Looks Like If I strip my NX1 down to nothing and use the PWR Zoom or my Pancakes it's a go.
  15. Shot a Very Little Bit of Footage (forgot to charge batteries so couldn't shoot much) Bonus if you can tell where the music is from! Was Trying so different coloring techniques but had to stop. I had so many nodes I crashed it once. Using the Global Color Nodes really bogs my computer down. But My Computer is Somewhat old and Resolve 15 is still Beta. Ungraded Graded
  16. Hey Boys thanks for the Kind words. And the Critique Man This Video is a Hit Only been out 3 days and it's almost 70 views and 3 likes and I gained a New Sub... Up to 11 now! and it's Still Unlisted..... Watch out Casey Neistat Has a ultra contrast, A hot Mirror, Vari ND filter and standard UV Filter... As for settings I Can Tell you off the top of my head... the Black lvl is +8 and its Normal DR These Filters Knock the Famous 6.5 K to 4k Sharpness Down a bit. it's just your in pain if you get Flared by the sun with this set up... Well sometimes its cool I got A
  17. Recently I took my antiquated Collectors Edition NX-1 out for nostalgia purposes. Came up with this. Shot it with the S-Lenses. Mostly 16-50 + 4 filters over it (BTW Autofocus is null & void with 4 Filters stacked on it) Ungraded Still below if Interested
  18. Speaking of Fan Art..... I can Dig it...
  19. I went with MR. EYEs Suggestion on the day everything changed for us.... it cost $122 to pre-order at HOT ROD.(with Shipping inc.) I just went back to see if they updated the Photo (it was a picture of a BMPCC v1 but with the 4k version name) And I swear they just added the small print that was not there monday: "Deposit is non-refundable" There is no way I plan on backing out but... somehow that doesn't seem legal. I paid with paypal though. http://hotrodcameras.com/BMP4k
  20. I won an ADDY, Got Nominated for a Local Emmy, and Won the Pine Wood Derby in Cub Scouts (3rd Place Trophy) Can we Hang out Bro?
  21. Also there is the "phantom rebate" I already have a resolve 12 dongle. ( not sure if it's good for version 15) So in theory you could sell the new one for $150-$200 for an even cheaper overall price.
  22. Blackmagic_fanboy_Mode.exe ENGAGED Grant you magnificent [email protected] Is the Elon Musk of Cinema Cameras?
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