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  1. @BopBill Hey sir its running great now... thanks for the training wheels treatment its alot zipper than the other hack Now I need to go shoot something (FOR FUTURE PEOPLE) -Download and Install this First https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding/blob/master/nx-on-wake/nx-on-wake.zip Click this link with left mouse button, and new page opens and there is download button. -Then install this This is the second part of installation prosess: https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding/blob/master/video-bitrate-mods/nx-patch/nx-patch.zip Instructions are in the ZIP-file
  2. @BopBill Ok we did it I was missing the info.tg went through the mysterious install process I put in the code and did all the things It appears it was successful as I see that 4 light blinks on my green light by the menu button... Thanks BUT....... now I cant seem to get the GUI to pop up so I can change bitrates Andrew says above that you just double click the little button with the lightbulb on it under the top LCD screen... Ive been pushing it like crazy and nothing is happening Ill keep trying But thanks for getting me this far!
  3. @BopBill No the Zip has nothing called info.tg Do you have a copy in zip form that you can upload to Google drive and let me download from you
  4. My clean SD card has on it INSTALL (Folder) NX-ON Wake (folder) COPYING (File) I did all this to the letter - NX camera is on firmware v1.41 (NX1) or v1.12 (NX500). - battery is FULLY charged and that the camera is NOT connected to anything: Bluetooth, wifi, any cables (EVEN CHARGING), external flash, battery grip. EVERYTHING that can be disconnected should be disconnected except the battery and the SD card. - POWER SAVE settings are: Auto Display Off = 5 min and Power Save = 10 min. - camera language is set to English <= this is VERY important - mode dial is on M (manual) and it says its supposed to prompt me for a pass word but nothing ever happens... I let it sit for 20 min a few times... and nothing. Pretty frustrated and confused... can you link to a video of the process? all I can find is KinoSeed instructions videos and I dont have and trying to avoid KinoSeed for reasons stated above... Thanks fo the help in advance
  5. @Kevin Kwok Bravo this is great! This is what you call a "Test" go make a Pateron or something and put this as your pitch video... Get some $$$ I suspect even if you live in Kansas if you just shoot it in french it will look and feel more artistic! Man this is Out of camera... Id love to take a stab at coloring this... Send me some raw shots I find in resolve with NX files you can push and pull the Highs and Lows pretty well but if you mess with the Mids it falls apart very quickly... Good work and welcome to the Titanic that is NX Gear... We are going down but going down with class
  6. Hey all I have been using the older firmware and KinoSeed hack for a year... I like it but it was starting to get annoying waiting for the mod activated prompt to pop us sometimes taking 5 secs or more... So I decided to wipe and update to 1.41 I tested it stock for a bit (80mbps) and popped them into resolve.. the + is they play realtime in my timeline bad is I can definitely feel a difference when grading... So I got the clean install and tried to install vasile hack I read the README to a tee got the super secret code... read the quite serious warnings and striped my NX-1 nude... (no lens, no wires, no battery grip etc) Copied the files to my SD card... did a cold boot... and .... nothing happens... I get a lens detached warning and thats it... I checked the message a few above about installing the "ON WAKE" mod first.. its on the card and nothing happens... Any assistance peeps? I guess I could try KinoSeed again if its out there he seems he deleted his facebook page on the hax
  7. Our friend is back. It's interesting to get a pov from a guy that uses and owns all 3 cameras. He he basically said what we all know... NX1 isn't best at anything but very good at everything (but lowlight). Seems if he was forced to pick one for all his video+ photo needs. NX is it.
  8. Came across an article while surfing the interwebs was looking for BMPCC 2 rumors. https://***URL not allowed***/blackmagic-camera-update-raw-sdi/ BM released a firmware update that sends a 4k raw singinal out of SDI.... Now how the hell do you record it? Something from atomos? A portable recorder and rig will prb be 2x more than the camera. Seems you'd be better of getting a used BMPC 4k used. Would be cheaper and more convent. Thought?
  9. I have pieced together a Power Bank solution that will power my NX-1, a Monitor (via LP6 to USB dummy adapter) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013QG7HAA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I try to build my rig to be interchangeable between NX1 and BMPCC I guess 12v is (relatively +$100) expensive and hard to come by Has anyone come across a Nikon EN-EL20 Dummy to USB adapter in their internet adventures?
  10. Thought I would post some deals I see for us here... as this is subject that only has a 24 hour life span I hope the thread is deleted soon after If anybody else finds anything interesting for the community please post it here! Found a canon T6 with 18-55 + 75-300 for $250 https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/eos-rebel-t6-ef-s-18-55-with-ef-75-300mm-f-4-56-iii-refurbished?WT.mc_id=C126149 Thinking about getting it just to have a magic latern machine
  11. Juxx989


    Clear this song for your credits I think the boys from Red Letter media Made it perhaps you should ask..
  12. We back boys! Dark Horse NX1 Rides again! Can you do a low light video test on the NX-L?
  13. Its amazing what they are squeezing out of 4+ years old cameras... But I remember reading somewhere that ML was in direct contact with Canon and was told its ok to mess with our old gear but if you hack our new stuff we will come after you legally...
  14. DPR wasn't paid by Samsung in anyway Says so very clearly in more than one video look at the description on youtube This is a DPReview production made possible with the support of Samsung and Amazon. For more: dpreview.com/sponsored <---- Some of the comments were ok.... "Still the best camera I've ever owned..." "Hurts a bit. Should have bought during the firesale for $1000. Now they go for $2k used." (not sure if this is true) Some good but there is alot of toxic comments tho... CTB Approved?
  15. We'll as I see it the two websites that were champion of NX1 was EOSHD (it earned its own hack forum here) and DP Review (they prob got paid by samsung) article looking back at what was and what could have been. After reading the article check comment section is quite interesting. All most 300 replies in 24hours. https://***URL removed***/articles/3890465710/tbt-the-samsung-nx1-is-still-impressive-three-years-later
  16. I think Valhalla Rising was shot on a Red One... I liked it
  17. You can get the Monstrous URSA MAJOR for like $1500... https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=blackmagic ursa&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684 It does everything you want but low light and you can do the SSD hack to it. This is a good review from about 6 months ago (most others are years old) You can get what you want you just have to pay the price. with more $$$ or more effort or more of both. My General Feeling about BM Cameras is they are not easy to capture the files.. but once you get get those buttery files in post... pure joy.
  18. Ah the hope of the NX Resurrection continues. I like my NX gear at the moment if and when I move beyond my Nx1 I have the general target of an ursa mini ef as the next step up. I would love to keep my NX s lenses in a transition to ursa... is there any way to adapt NX glass to EF Mount? With iris control and is? Most likely no as the flange distance is way off... But what about a glass element? on second thought you can score a 18-35 sigma. EF used for around $500 so what's the point? (No IS though)
  19. Before the only way nx1 files worked was in studio version. You had to pay for dongle... Maybe you can use them in free version now?
  20. So I can Sell my Studio Key I paid $450 for 6 months ago?
  21. No screen grab its buried somewhere in the nether realms of one of my hard drives and quite uncompelling "Dynamic range depends on the situation and your exposure, and whether you shoot raw or Prores. Shooting raw, for normal as well as lower light/lower contrast situations I expose for ISO 400. In very low light you might even expose for ISO 200. By doing so, you basically assign more stops of the dynamic range to the left from middle grey, towards the shadows, and less to the right of middle grey, the highlights. On the contrary, in bright sunlight for example you might want to expose for ISO 800, to have more stops of dynamic range right from middle grey to protect highlights. I rarely shoot Prores so someone else might have an advice there." http://www.bmcuser.com/showthread.php?20634-Dynamic-Range-BMPCC&highlight=bmpcc+light This is the thread
  22. This is BS but this guy has quite the imagination
  23. Shot this throw away footage about a month ago. at the time I was all into that Steve Yedlin post and talk about resolution and haliation (is that how you spell it?) Went on a tear looking for a some Tiffen filters from my NX "S" Lenses average price was $100+ for a pro mist black. I scoured until I found a Pro-Mist 3 for $18 on amazon. I was walking past a classic repair shop and found these subjects... I put mega film grain on it trying to match that Yedlin look. All Hand held stuff. and if for some reason you want the 1.8 GB output from resolve (not sure why) its here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0mz6D_bQOx7dHRLZzJ4bThCdm8 Next Test I got a Tiffen Ultra Contrast Low Light....
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