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  1. This camera has detail to spare. I upscale to 4k upload to YouTube it looks much better at all rezes And I was cruising the BMCuser forms and there is some discussion about the black art of shooting low light some say shoot raw @ 400 in low light and there is room to bring it back in resolve if you import it right. I tried it with my bedroom w/ Canon FD 1.4 and it did look pretty good
  2. Let me be a voice of Peace and understanding I believe Daniel was not attacking Luca's design or glass... He was referring to the fact that if you have a canon EF mount camera and want to use a old FD lens there is a "Shitty" glass adapter you have to buy to make it fit. And it was notorious for making the FD lenses less sharp and a stop or so less light. I believe thats why in the 5D MK2 Revolution days everyone was getting old Nikon glass because you didn't need a adapter with "Shitty"glass($30) to make it fit. This has nothing to do with Luca's design its just one of the negatives in EF mount's design maybe back in the late 80's canon did this on purpose to force everyone to buy new lenses? Fake News? Tin foil hat?
  3. Wow you are correct my file is only 60mbps! I did it again in the hack menu it says HD pro is set to 320 mbps but it is only recording @ around 60mbps.... I put my UHD up to 160mbps and its recording as stated tried your settings but I think you need a Sandisk Extreme pro to hit 250mbps I could only get 200mbps with my card. Epic fail on my part.... but does my theory hold any water? If you can you change you hack to 320mbps and shoot HD and get better color info/ "thicker image"
  4. I spent a while reading and watching that Steve Yedlin Argument this inspired me to this experiment So I was just messing around the other day and decided to shoot 1080p on my NX1 and found myself Fiddling with the bitrate hack which I usually leave on 140-160 mbps Was curious so I started messing with the bit rates and typed in 400mbps and got denied kept dropping down in increments of 10 until it allowed 320mbps I took it out shooting and the camera didn't skip a beat with audio + Autofocus with both S lenses. was shooting for around 40min and the only thing I could tell was when you pulled the SD card out right after shooting it was a bit a little warm. I also Shot some 120fps @320mbps and it would only go about 30 sec before failing... I dropped it down to 300mbps and it recorded continuously I just stopped it after 3 min... Perhaps its wishful thinking but I do "feel" the image is somewhat "thicker" is this basically like shooting 4k 160 and outputting to 1080 and rez up 4k again? First shot is the "Raw" File Second shot is a Grade I was trying to make match/cut with this frame. ( I failed the shot is much more blue than mine) Third shot is 120fps @320mbps played back @ 20% speed I uploaded the bike shot Raw out of camera if you wish to mess with it. I have no pro scopes or calibrated monitor to see is there is any advantage to this let me know your thoughts and or findings (about 160mb) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0mz6D_bQOx7SFZSWnQyU1VINms/view?usp=sharing
  5. Just 2 shots of some aspirin was trying to match the colors... bm looks good to me. I graded the BMPCC first then matched the NX-1 to it.. They looked nothing alike @ first I believe with the NX I have the drifting exposure problem because I used Kelvin Scale for Color. I should have output to 4k and uploaded they both look much sharper and more detailed
  6. Hey all I have been using a BestView S7 4k Monitor and its great for what I paid($100)... best if you in a location with power...it is not at all usable moving around much... I have upped my budget to around $250 Max for a portable outdoor solution I have been shopping around for used stuff and have found 3 that look interesting SmallHD DP4 w/ Loupe- This looks great can monitor and evf in same package but its like 2013? tech...... is it outdated is there better options for the price? Zacuto Flip EVF PRO- This looks sturdy but its only 3.5 inch and its from 2011 IKAN DH5 (not the newer DH5e costs too much) This is fairly new 2016 and 5" I just wish it had a loupe option https://www.amazon.com/Ikan-DH5-Full-Monitor-Black/dp/B017QRUO96/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1500124997&sr=8-2&keywords=ikan+dh5 Anybody have any thoughts or Ideas on the subject of the older monitors value vs new stuff @ $250 price point. I was thinking that EOSHD was moving more toward pure pro $$$ gear..but Andy has recently restated that broke cheap bastards are welcome here (to some degree)
  7. Man those Chicks....eh I mean Footage is HOT!
  8. Our South Korean Friend is back....he has a very glossy High Key magazine style... I cant understand completely as the translate option cant be trusted it seems the intro shots are NX-1 footage then the rest is Red? or is he comparing NX-1 + ReD shot for shot... Cant comprehend the text in video. Check it
  9. Geez they must have Broken the saturation slider for green in grade.... its glowing like my green highlighter pen....
  10. Yeah it looks like an monster from alien... Those eye details. That snout thing going in and out the translucency of its skin... See things moving in there. The pulsating"heartbeat" on his forehead. Its helplessness is a chilling reminder what we all must face some day. Beautiful and horrifying at the same time.
  11. Didnt want to start a new thread came across this.,.. Looks beautiful... 4k....dat DETAIL... I got to remember to Pick up a NX 60 2.8 Macro when they drop to $50
  12. This has been on this site for 2 weeks... just noticed it I think its great check it out.
  13. This is great! He just forgot to mention the Heat Death and the BIG Crunch which if you think about it too much trumps all existence goals worries and issues. all is is a farce... to be lost in time like tears in the rain... The only point being to find reason in something that ultimately has none. This needs more views.. how did you get it on amazon? do you make any money on it? (Id like an answer but ultimately it doesn't matter) Also I just noticed that doesn't means "does not" but its the same amount of characters to spell "doesn't" you just change the "O" in not to an apostrophe... It doesn't save save keystrokes and does not save space except for the SPACE.... Hmmmm,,,,, Oh and I just noticed your a Samsung NX-1 SJW as well Very Nice!
  14. Looked interesting to me maybe will be to you as well.... Sorry if this is old news... New news to me! Seems better than lugging a 7" monitor around... Now it just needs to record Prores Looks like its been out for 6 months... any thoughts or experience with it or something similar? Only $200 bucks with Amazon Iron Clad $30 day return policy a try may be in order. https://store.vufine.com/collections/all https://www.amazon.com/Vufine-Plus-Handsfree-Wearable-Display/dp/B01MZ89QXF/ref=pd_cp_23_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01MZ89QXF&pd_rd_r=1K6RNTXB0SJE6RKNZA0J&pd_rd_w=0YWvq&pd_rd_wg=GD61g&psc=1&refRID=1K6RNTXB0SJE6RKNZA0J
  15. I found this best view monitor on ebay for $100 bucks $200 bucks new on amazon... It works great with both my NX-1 and BMPCC its allegedly 10 bit, has false color crystal clear wave form audio speaker headphone jack... Composite In + out.. HDMI in + Out. Can use Canon or Sony batteries with the included adapters... Only complaints I have is its 7" which is fairly big and it has no battery level display so you dont know until about 3-5 mins before shut off the power button changes color... also Ive heard that on these cheaper monitor models is when you turn them off they still drain the battery unless you unplug them this one counters that with a "Master" power switch that completely stops the drain.... then a standby power switch I would say max to spend is $200 if you go beyond that you may as well get a used Recorder/monitor Like Atomos or BM Video assist- https://www.amazon.com/BESTVIEW-S7-camera-monitor-19201200/dp/B01MXBPW27/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497161658&sr=8-2&keywords=Bestview+S7 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bestview-S7-7-DCI-4K-HDMI-DSLR-LCD-Monitor-With-Full-HD-Display-1920-x-1200-5D2-/272661718435?hash=item3f7be7a5a3:g:4tgAAOSwjL5ZD1WJ
  16. Man look at this gear porn! I thought I was crazy for owning 16 lenses and only using 4 most of the time!
  17. Years later and still in top ten? (#9) and rated better than a $7k+ Leica? (this is a money is no object rating any price criteria) Im sure it would be higher in sub $1500 rankings and this is mid 2017 after all the big boys have blown their load of new cams. Fake News?? http://cameradecision.com/lists2/Top-Rated-cameras
  18. The Huge URSA v1's with PL mount have tanked in value... Ive seen one as low as $1300 in local LA craigslist. Got a few offers for them in trade for my NX-1 Gear. Too big for me and I would want the ef mount at least.... Huge but cheap... with 4k Raw and 3 screens one the size of an ipad! I believe the BIG one has global shutter and you'll never have to worry about not looking "PRO" walking around with it! This guy does a pretty in depth review... its the newest I could find from December 2016
  19. Hey all found Another Couple Comparison videos... First one is Fuji X-T2 vs NX1.... Then XT2, NX1 NikD5500 Sony a5100 Wonder if I should have made a new thread... Ill just keep posting here is I find more...
  20. Thanks for the info... found this vid its 3 years old but he says he lives in LA and Flys to NY every Wednesday and they plan Thursday, shoot and shoot Friday ...sometimes till Saturday morning and dump it on the editors and VFX+ Colorists interesting talk about an hour long.
  21. I was looking at the latest SNL skits and some of them are really high production quality... This has to be Blackmagic or Red Cameras... I doubt they use ALEXA. What do you guys think? I believe the Second one is anamorphic because of the oval bokeh. anyone know what they are using? any BTS just curious....
  22. a bit off topic but anybody know that part number for that monitor stand (the monitor neck or one similar) and this is cool wonder what he could do with a a7s with overheating issues.
  23. I your interested in this popular movie here is the best breakdown Ive seen of the subject matter SHOT ON ALEXA MINI BTW
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