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  1. Dear fellows, for some reasons i don't post updates and don't check posts on this forum for a long long time anymore. All my products are still available. Also i released new 14.8V Battery Enclosure Module resently. If you want to order some stuff please visit my marketplase at https://lavky.com/radioproektor/ You can always find more actual info about curernt projects at bmcuser and blackmagicdesign forums.
  2. Because admin of this forum start to share Russian political and military aggression propaganda (even if it was presented as cameras review) i don't check messages and don't post on this forum anymore. Please check my stuff at other forums if you are interested. Bye.

  3. Andrew, this is shitty bloody political propaganda. Wish you came to all places destroyed by this "patriotic man who loves his country" and his gangsters-totalitarian machine. I will never post in this forum again after this. Bye.
  4. I like new MixPre for sure but for budget but quality 24bit 96khz audio with analog limiters it was always option like MixPre+portable recorder for many years.
  5. BMMCC with OLPF filter and proper rig is still better way to go RAW in compact size And just small compare to BMMCC with OLPF filter. Shoot in RAW, colors are corrected with ColorChecker Tool in Resolve. Contrast set to 1.2
  6. RED also lost that spirit instantly. Do you remember their 2k for 2k concepts from 2010-2012?
  7. if someone interested i have Tiffen Ultra Contrast 1 filter 77mm for sale now.
  8. For sale a must have kit for Blackmagic cameras. Hoya UV-IR Filter 77mm. Perfect condition. Ask $80 or $85 standalone Mosaic Engineering OAA OLPF Filter kit (v1). Perfect condition. Works great without shimming with lenses up to 10mm. Fits to BMCC, BMPCC, BMMCC. You can see a lot of sample images taken using this filter in my posts. Ask $250 or $285 standalone Also for sale Tiffen Ultra Contrast 1 filter 77mm. Perfect condition. Ask $75 standalone Worldwide shipping by registered air mail with tracking number is about $5-10 I'll add more photos later or for request. I can accept payments only with Payoneer Billing Service because PayPal don't works in my country for receiving funds. Here are few links explains how the Payoneer Request a Payment service works: https://www.payoneer.com/en/billing-service http://blog.payoneer.com/how-to-request-a-payment-with-payoneer https://payoneer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12280
  9. Second batch of the boxes done today! PWM(S.Bus)+LANC+12V DC Angle Breakout Expansion Box Module developed by RADIOPROEKTOR for Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera (BMMCC) and Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K (BMMSC). Angle shape provides compact and secure cable management without mess of wires around the camera. Box compatible with SmallRig and Wooden Camera cages, but can be used without any cage as well. Perfectly fits to size and shape of BMMCC Angle HDMI Clamp Kit. Box uses high quality TRS connectors made by Lumberg/EST (Germany/Japan). Everything is connected with tiny Dupont Jumpers, so you can open the box and easily change cables configuration for your needs just in few seconds. This makes it compatible with any PWM and S.Bus camera controllers, allow for Composite video signal output, Genlock/Reference input or any other desired option. Tech Specs: 1 x 3.5mm TRS jack socket for PWM, S.Bus or any other user selectable inputs/outputs. 1 x 2.5mm TRS jack socket for LANC input. 1 x 5.5x2.1mm (5.5x2.5mm compatible) 12V DC power input socket. 1 x DB-HD15 serial connector. The housing is 3Dprinted from coPET material, sanded and finished with acrylic paint. Dimensions: 34x34x29mm Weight: 28g Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C Package includes - Angle Breakout Expansion Box - 2pcs #4-40UNC screws (Stainless Steel or Black Oxide Steel for your choice) - 3/32 allen wrench hex key Package cost total: Angle Breakout Expansion Box = $50 Worldwide shipping by registered air mail with tracking number = $5 Payoneer funds transfer fee = 3% Currently I can accept payments only with Payoneer Billing Service because PayPal don't works in my country for receiving funds. Here are few links explains how the Payoneer Request a Payment service works: https://www.payoneer.com/en/billing-service/ http://blog.payoneer.com/how-to-request-a-payment-with-payoneer/ https://payoneer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/12280 For pre-order details send me a private message or contact directly to radioproektor (@) gmail . com Also if you need additional Angle HDMI Clamp with Ugreen adapter i can combine the package. More info about it available here: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/21377-angle-hdmi-clamp-kit-for-bmmcc-smallrig-cage-and-ugreen-angle-hdmi-adapter/#comment-186237 Wires inside the box are marked with colors: S.Bus power (tip) [BLUE] S.Bus signal (ring) [GREEN] S.Bus ground (sleeve) [WHITE] LANC signal (tip) [YELLOW] LANC power (ring) [ORANGE] LANC ground (sleeve) [GREY] Power +12V DC (center pin) [RED] Power ground [BLACK]
  10. Done some outdoor tests with same 50 mm Yashica lens few days ago. All shot in RAW, but processed with slightly different LUT than images earlier posts (LUT generated in LUTcalc as usual but it is more color netural than all those Amira709, Alexa-X-2 and LC709). As you can see 80A filter produce almost 100% correct colors and can be used as reference.
  11. LENS SOLD. Rafcamera adapter http://www.rafcamera.com/en/adapters/adapters-for-cine-lenses/kinor-16/adapter-kinor-16sx-2-mft-bayonet still available for $50
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