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  1. Blackmagic_fanboy_Mode.exe ENGAGED Grant you magnificent B@stard. Is the Elon Musk of Cinema Cameras?
  2. BTW Where Can I Buy Some Blackmagic Design Stock?
  3. Man you should Show them this Thread you prob got them 20+ Pre orders... That has to be worth a Free Pocket 4k!!!!!??? (get me one too)
  4. I got Caught up in the moment I may have made a mistake I live in California and them taxes are gonna hurt (I usually buy BH Photo) But I reserved mine!
  5. The guy on the audio board members is gonna get left at the airport when they head back to. Australia ?
  6. It really (from the front) looks like that grip and buttons section could come off. And that top piece with the thread in it looks like a seperate piece like it could be unscrewed... but the from the back it dont look like anything is coming off it. 2 hours 7min to go....
  7. Looks great to me! Very Masculine Aggressive looking design. It looks like Tech from the Future Wars In Terminator Movies.... Man it looks tough wonder if that body is mostly metal? If that is $1500 or below and does everything BMPCC1 does but 4K =Winner! anything more is a bonus. If $2500 ish I will be priced out...Sadly.
  8. This aint nothing! Check out his next rig!
  9. Man BM is killing it. I believe this my be the point where I dump everything for Them. I'm all about that post work flow just wonder if I should keep bmpcc for b cam. I'm drinking the kool aid for real. You think this will push used pocket cams 1.0 to $250 us? they would really have to fumble this in a Epic lengedary fashion for me not to have is before years out.(most likely a lot sooner)
  10. Juxx989

    NAB 2018

    Not my Pic From BMCUser Perhaps Fusion 15 will be like Flame all in one editing CC Audio mastering VFX Package hope my Version 13 dongle still good.
  11. Sounds like you're describing the Micro Studio Camera 4K. ;-) I am if you look at a Micro Studio 4k it looks like a small URSA Mini could look the same but have a module to add on the back with a Raw Recorder and a top or side fold out touch screen would look like the old Mini DV Cams when totally built out. could look something like this.... but the sensor is only $1200, the Raw Module would be like extra $500 and the touch screen an extra $200 could be top or side mounted. you could tear it down or build it up.. if poor you can buy the parts over it over time. If a better sensor comes out you could upgrade the sensor part. Not an original Idea by any means
  12. Lol I think that's supposed to be a Little guy or persons head and shoulders... Cinematic is strange keeps it at 1/30 but you can can control the ISO and Adjust Exposure compensation.... I saved it to C2 ill give it a go next time im out.
  13. Was messing around with your exposure comp idea then I realized I never use auto exposure is that a key part of it? My settings are quite grainey Out of Cam Grade attempt https://drive.google.com/open?id=14z5hLzvJppM_cA5bXuyCSk_C306PlRff https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WCEAv9_PeFBXZhuUCi-gOmRUZUhUMKI9
  14. If S35 id be down but no tilt screen no Audio jacks? only released in Korea? Still it does seem more feasible and cost effective that they would just slap existing phone tech onto their old NX mount.... I doubt it would look like that pic tho. It would be 80% Current Phone Stuff, 20% Leftover NX mounts... And while they are at it they will go to the research basement and have a garage sale on the 50 NX 300mm lenses collecting dust in storage
  15. Im Looking for the URSA Micro 2.5k - 4k modular kinda like red stuff like a brain that looks like the Studio 4k Camera but you can add stuff optional, like a touch screen monitor, handle with lanc. Perhaps it will come with SD Card slot and can only do 2.5k raw. a optional add on for a CFAST Slot to unlock 4k raw. It can even be super 16 to protect their ursa mini line
  16. We NX-1 Allstars together again. @vasile @lucabutera @kinoseed @Otto K all have experience and serious knowledge of this gear. Some have not been here for months but I bet they could be coaxed back with something exciting as this. @Arikhan Would be be the Lebron James of the NX-1 community @Matthew Hartman would be the coach. @Andrew Reid would be the owner... perhaps ive gone too far with this. @Juxx989 is really good at dreaming about possibilities with no tangible skills (people or technical) Lets GOOO!
  17. http://bokehmarket.com/blog/Best-Budget-Alternatives-Sony-A7II-Samsung-NX1-Fuji-XT-2-A7RII
  18. Man I don't even want to ask how long it took to model animate and render that stuff... I started in the Late 90's On Newtek Lightwave 3D then moved to 3D studio Max... But could never Get my Legs in MAYA (I really dislike Maya. Perhaps if I learned it first but back then it was a $15,000 Program and you had to have a $10,000 computer to run it!) What did you use for this? I see by the credits only about 4 people worked on this. If I had to make something I would probably use Cinema 4D + After effects. Any How: Verrry Cool. <div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="7808508" data-share-method="host" data-width="100%" data-aspect-ratio="1.7785714285714287"><a href="https://tenor.com/view/very-cool-nodding-gif-7808508">Very Cool Nodding GIF</a> from <a href="https://tenor.com/search/verycool-gifs">Verycool GIFs</a></div><script type="text/javascript" async src="https://tenor.com/embed.js"></script> https://tenor.com/view/very-cool-nodding-gif-7808508
  19. I saw this move Annihilation its ok but I don't think there is much there, there. It feels like one of those endurance movies testing the boundaries of patience and comprehension... very dream like reminded me a lot of Solaris(1976) SPOILERS BELOW ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I found of note is the director read the book but refused to go back to it afterward as he wrote the script on the "feeling" it gave him and the things general things he remembered from reading it. Some think its a cancerous bubble on earth that is deconstructing and rebuilding itself to be the perfect hidden organism like the shimmer was a giant petri dish where the thing started to copy cells then move on to simple organisms like grass and flowers and build its way up to Humans the ultimate organism?and after it mimicked us perfectly it destroyed its "Lab" or "Cocoon" the shimmer had birthed its own Adam & Eve that could do whatever they want or populate the earth undetected and unimpeded. Some say it's about the power of human will and resolve or lack thereof... All the women that went in the shimmer had basically destroyed lives and no real reason to come back one was an addict one lost her family, one was facing terminal cancer. All but the protagonist chose this suicide mission with the idea in their heads they are not coming back. So perhaps like some twisted genie the shimmer granted their wish not to exist in different ways but portman was determined to get back to her husband she had purpose and will so it granted her that wish Some say It speaks on the Idea that many times we are our own worst enemy and sometimes destroy our lives subconsciously Pertaining to natalie she was a seemingly happily married successful Phd but chose to cheat on her husband perhaps feeling she doesn't deserve her happiness... I believe she said something like I hate the person I cheated with and I hate myself as well the freudian death drive... some people that have what seems to be everything wealth status etc. and are compelled to do stupid things that make no sense harming themselves (Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner...etc Trump?) She didn't enjoy the sex it she hated herself for it yet she still did it....and its implied the husband found out about the affair and accepted the suicide mission in melancholia for her actions. Why was her house in the shimmer? don't know.... Because he subconscious will to get back home was so strong the shimmer manifested her goal? The sheepish quiet chick perhaps her greatest subconscious wish was just not to exist anymore and she just disappeared? It seems every woman got the the fate they wanted or expected. Would like to see again when Netflix puts on USA servers (When?) And don't get me started on that whole cave thing... ??? I think this movie it is a work of art. it has something to say. Perhaps the ultimate theme is: be careful what you wish for or expect (consciously or subconsciously) because the universe may give it to you.
  20. Juxx989

    NX2 rumors

    Oh be still my cynical black heart... Let me believe in something. Ive be hurt SO many times before.... I was just about execute order 66 on all my NX Gear (which is quite alot) Chasing Blackmagic Gear. I guess I wall stay its ebay execution. Its only 2 weeks till April 1
  21. Juxx989

    NX2 rumors

    More Hyperbole Just the way you like it old, cold and regurgitated.... Enjoy! https://clickitornot.com/samsung-nx2-successor-samsung-nx1-expected-launch-soon/
  22. Philip The Bloom is on it...4k @ 100 Fps!
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