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  1. Seems our Brethren @ Samsung Forum on DP Review figured it out....
  2. Samsung is releasing a teaser for their new phone but they featured an NX Lens and a funky looking NX-1ish camera.... Its like your x-girlfriend sending you an invitation to her wedding. https://www.techradar.com/news/samsung-galaxy-s9-teaser-video-hints-at-what-to-expect-from-the-camera
  3. Came across this in my interweb adventures... Thought maybe you GH5ers may be into it ... that loupe thing really got my attention https://vary-i.com/product-category/gh5/
  4. Internet is a funny place started here and @webrunner5 was talking about the Dalsa Origin... So I do som quick research Seems the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp Alice in wonderland was shot on it. Then some how I came across this... This really raised my eyebrows as I used to work in at a Local CBS News station in the late 90's and from time to time the old timers would talk about the legend Christine Chubbuck This happend a year before I was born... Just thought this maybe interesting to any former news jockeys . The Full Movie is on Netflix (as of 2/12/18) I put it on my watch list. It got a 7+ on IMDB and now to bring it back to topic in someway shape or form it was shot on a Alexa
  5. Firstly Thank you for your service... so it just becomes as dumb speed booster huh?.... they all sold out from amazon and all the ebay orders are like 3 weeks estimated shipping just to send back if it dosent work...(I dont have any other M43 cameras like a GH4 to use it on) Perhaps they will work it out with a firmware update but they probably think the BMPCC market is small potatoes so there is no urgency. Im experimenting with a different route Since.... I already have a nice selection of Canon FD lenses... 50mm 1.4, 80-200 F4 L, 24mm 2.8, 50mm Macro 3.5, The only thing im missing is a wide so I found a FD 15mm 2.8 fish-eye (made in 1976?) Got a Cheap $100 FD speed booster to MF3.... and this is by far the most money ive invested in a FD lens ($200) the classic wide angles are rare and not cheap. Cool thing is even with the speed booster there is very little distortion in the BMPCC image it kind of reminds you of anamorphic lenses that bow ever so slightly on the edges. Still got 3 weeks to decide if I want to return it all and go and go Metabones+ a used Sigma 18-35 1.8 ( Friggin $800+) Cool thing is If I can find a cheapo A7S someday I have a pretty complete set for FULL Frame camera lenses ready for action! We shall see. Thanks again for the news on the viltrox
  6. More stuff Looks good to me I believe this is the person that started this thread
  7. @Matthew Hartman @NX1user You two should collaborate. Your states are next door !
  8. Found this video of bloom Talking about it Figured you'd Dig it.
  9. It seem this RED phone will be the real BMPCC spiritual successor
  10. @IronFilm Ok that FS7 test video has convinced me I've watched it like 6 times.
  11. Prob of no help to you and your current decision... but here anyway This if from a Few years ago this guy was using the URSA MAJOR (the big boy) and those can be had for 2k ish Im in similar situation but on a smaller scale. I got a super cheap BMPCC ($120) a year ago and now that viltrox has released a cheap Active MF3 speedbooster ($150-$200) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077VZN6F8/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_8?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A125U71SFEYM45 I hear it works great on gh5's but no word on BMPCC yet. Im thinking about selling or trading my NX 50-150 S Lens to get my hands on an EF Sigma 18-35 and build up from there. Learn and work with a real raw workflow, get about 3-4 ef Lenses (mostly Sigma) and Ill seemingly have the option to go anywhere as the defacto mount seems to be Canon on all cameras. I get your point about BM cameras sometimes I take the BMPCC with me when shooting on NX1 and just shoot a few sec raw... Then grade that and make a look and use that as a template to match my NX-1 footage too
  12. Bump... Im interested in this also if anybody has any info on this...This would be great... Amazon has a great return policy so I may just try it on my BMPCC in the next month or so https://www.amazon.com/VILTROX-Reducer-Booster-Adapter-Auto-focus/dp/B077VZN6F8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1515810772&sr=8-4&keywords=EF-M2
  13. Geez with all this great low light tech it seems to have created an aesthetic problem for me... Blown out street lights and signs seems you have to try your best to keep light sources out of your shots or strange as it may be ... Use an ND filter @ night ? welcme to the new word
  14. ah indeed I have this very extension tube burred somewhere around here but its fairly flimsy would not trust dangling either S-Lenses off it with out a with out rails and a brace my 30mm, 16mm, 45mm pancakes will do fine. this could be feasible use one section for Low contrast filter... and the other we just have to devise some sort of pseudo Internal adjustable ND Filter The Dream of the NX S-100 (my version of a C-100 type camera) is drawing Near
  15. I have a filter I enjoy using 90% of the time and I started thinking... what if I just cut it perfectly and popped it in front of the sensor (not thinking permanent) I have a NX1- and it seems to have the clearance to do so from the back of my S- lenses to the sensor... (my Rokonon 12mm is not tho the rear glass is bulbous and protrudes out quite a bit Guess its how they made it so wide but still can take a screw on filter) Its seems like it would solve some problems of not flaring as much and I can rock any lens.... I have a NX 10 collecting dust I could use as a test subject this guy did something similar but made his infrared (and said he destroyed its ability to shoot normal) I was just thinking I could put it and remove it with Tweezers http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Permanent-Infrared-DSLR-Camera/ Main worries are if a little piece of sand gets in between them some how it will become sandpaper and grind the sensor and wtf would happen if I triggered the Manual Shutter (could switch to e shutter) I have an INTP personality so im always thinking of crazy shit... any thoughts on this one?
  16. Im not sure but I like the look... My Director friend is always Giving me grief because I don't mega crush the blacks. I guess Ive been hanging out here too long... We go through all that effort to capture as much dynamic range as possible and then throw all the low end away? I Have my blacks just touching zero on most shots. One thing about this Shot is its Normal DR... Perhaps I could get more with GAMMA DR enabled or it could be severe overkill Also this is straight from the H.265 file in resolve Perhaps I could squeeze more quality out if I convert to Prores SQ or HQ As far as a matte box im going to try to snipe one thats worth $150-$250 brand new for around $75 on ebay... patience is key...I have more time than money. Generally I feel January is a buyers market... a lower percentage of people are shopping because most blew their financial wad on holiday spending. My Christmas is just beginning
  17. Hey Thanks im glad it helped you... No to much action anymore here. I come every day to check this forum and this is the first post in like 5 days! If interested here is some video grabs from NX-1+Tiffen Low Light Ultra Contrast Its supposed to be a low light filter but I used it in Noonish sunlight... but check out that MEGA Green cast it puts on it.... This is out of camera Grades nicely though Its a pain using these without a lens hood and or a fullfleged Matte Box Letting it get flared is bad unless that's your artistic choice Im cheap so I found a used one of these https://www.amazon.com/Cinetactics-MB100M-Rugged-protection-carrying/dp/B01GU8MAHG I got mine for $20 but this one is $14 on amazon whats good about it is its light and it folds flat in your bag when you dont need it. it can also hold an 4x4 filter If you have an S-Lens you need a 100mm to 72mm step ring to strap strap it too... Just tightens with velcro like a weight lifting gloves Got my eyes peeled trying to find a cheap Real matte box and getting a 4x4 Filter and be done with screwing on and off filters and rotating your ND filter just to have you cheap Matte Box upside down and have to fix it.
  18. Interesting findings I salute your effort... So buying high end canon gear is like putting your money the bank I don't mind but I think @Kisaha Will be very disappointed you didn't include the NX-1 and NX500 The prices are pretty unbelievable. I think you'll be surprised If you have never heard of it has its own Sub Forum in this very site! (Verry Cool)
  19. Im still rocking POTPlayer for my H265 needs its free google it if intrested
  20. https://www.43rumors.com/new-image-samples-shot-leica-200mm-f-2-8-lens-without-1-4-tc/#disqus_thread what camera is that?
  21. @Matthew Hartman Yes I know... It was strange how much value Samsung brought to the table for such a low price and it was ignored.. That bald dude from Camera Labs completely ignored it... Philip Bloom had one still of it and never looked at it again until he was bored 2 years later and did a auto focus test. I think directly or indirectly the other companies(canon, sony, etc) made it clear to big reviewers that they would not appreciate coverage of Samsung NX1 and maybe they would forget to send you the next product for review or forget to invite you to the next swanky New York sony event.. I see it like the Tucker cars of last century... They made a Superior car in the 40's they were the fist to have windshield wipers, seat belts, etc standard but all the other companies Ford, GM, conspired to take them down. Sony defiantly kicked into high gear when they saw the threat... they released like 4 bodies back to back... I think Samsung forced their hand thats why all their cameras have overheat issues because they weren't quite ready yet. I think we should create some kind of a bounty for incentive to get us some raw video... Ive said it before NX-1 can take 28mp RAW photos @ 15fps = 420mb of information a second If you could some how tell the camera to only record 8mp RAW still(every 4k frame is 8mp) @24 fps = 192mb of information per second You know the hardware could do it! EOSHD was pretty much the epicenter of the NX1 buzz/cult... I was just about to drop $900 bucks on a Canon 70D and then Andy dropped the Lisbon video... Doh! Today only like 6 of us on average post on here weekly. The dream is dead. Or is it?
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