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  1. I had the same thought about cameras being too good the other day when I was watching C200 raw. The video was a wedding trailer, and the closeups showed almost too much detail in makeup.
  2. Nice, this is one of the cameras I had in mind when I was thinking about this. ML has really extended its longterm value, but I know of people who are still using the 5D III without ML as a B cam professionally. I'm still shooting on a MK I C100, and I have the same thoughts about it, even minus ML. It has some serious shortcomings in 2017 (no 60p), but it has a 1080p image that can compete with newer and higher resolution cameras in a lot of other ways.
  3. Hopefully. Honestly, I'd be beyond happy and would pay several thousand dollars if a company just took the guts of the BM Micro Cinema Camera and put them into a more useable form, like a GHX or XC10 or even a C100 body. I don't need or want 4K, but I do want ProRes (for client projects) and raw (for learning and passion projects) and thirteen stops of latitude. I also want a flip out screen and decent battery life. I think even in the age of 4K, an ergonomic and efficient 1080 60p raw shooting camera with built in ND filters and usable audio would sell like crazy. I think the push by
  4. I reran the numbers with eBay completed listing medians. They're rough medians and include Buy it Now and auctions. I didn't go through every camera listing to check its condition and what it was offering. It's a rough eyeball based on the ranges of price. Most cameras didn't make major shifts, but a few are higher or lower than they were in the first graph. Again, lower scores mean value is retained for longer.
  5. Have the NX-1 and NX500 risen in value over time? I haven't kept up with them. I actually looked up the NX-1 for this set of data but could only find bundles for it that included lenses, and I didn't really think it was comparable. I could see how the shutdown of production and then a hack could actually cause a camera to go up in value. Isn't that the situation with the Digital Bolex too, except for the hack? That's a great suggestion. If I have some time in the next few days I'll do that and rerun the numbers. My original thinking was, if I wanted to buy this camera for the low
  6. We all know that cameras are terrible investments. They instantly lose value when you open them and they’re no longer new-in-box, and then they steadily lose value over time. It really only makes sense to think of a camera as an investment if you’re a business buying a camera that will directly impact your ability to get work or if you’re a collector selling rare antiques. Otherwise, you can only plan on losing money on whatever camera that you buy. Buying a camera and expecting it to increase in value is usually really silly. At the same time though, cameras lose values at different
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